Love Thy Partner


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That might sound obvious, of course you should love your partner. But do you really? And if you so, how do you express that love? Are you treating your partner like your lover? Or are you treating them as your spouse/co-parent/boss/subordinate/flat-mate/carer/dependant/provider/nurturer…?

There are only two true feelings in life: love and fear. All the negative emotions are essentially some expression of fear. Anger comes from fear: so if you are narky or nagging or irritated or downright furious with your partner, you are expressing fear. Oppression comes from fear; so if you are controlling your partner, or allowing yourself to be controlled by them, you are expressing fear. And boredom comes from fear; so if you are allowing yourself to become stuck in a rut and not seek enjoyment in life, then you are expressing fear.

That fear comes from within. You are projecting your fear onto your partner in the form of anger, oppression/being oppressed and/or boredom. It comes from you.

To turn that around and allow yourself to truly love your partner, requires you to transform your fear into love. You have to own your fear and your expression of that fear, and then let it go. Allow the love in to yourself and allow it to flow out of yourself.

True love, not love based on fear, which many people mistake for love, is both strong and gentle. It’s forgiving and accepting and all-encompassing. As the fear goes the love fills up the space and the world becomes a different place.

The world really does need love, yet the media and the politicians and even the most well-meaning of people project fear out into the world, which only increases the negative. So it’s up to us to do the work on ourselves and in our closest relationships. That includes family and friends and colleagues, but most importantly it means that most primary of connections, your partner in life. This is the person with whom you have the extraordinary gift of being able to be completely open with, to the extent of sharing sexual intimacy. Nothing is as raw and vulnerable and truly open as real sexual intimacy (which is why so few people can experience it without a lot of application). Nothing else requires such a removal of fear and replacement with love. Your bedroom is the practice ground for love. Allow it there and transform the world.

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