Your guide to gorgeous feet for the foot fetishist

Woman's feet with a pale pink pedicure and open toed fashion sandles

The days are getting warmer and we can’t wait to be barefoot or slip our feet into some sexy, open-toed sandals. But lockdown and winter have possibly put foot care on the back foot (yep, pun intended). Whether you love your feet being pampered, massaged or worshipped or you are a well-heeled foot fetishist, read our essential guide to a salon quality pedicure to make your feet look gorgeous and feel fabulous.

Our guide to the perfect salon style pedicure at home 

The first step is to make your pedicure feel like a spa experience rather than a chore, so gather everything you’re going to need, light some candles or perhaps an oil infuser, pour a glass of wine, turn on some music and let’s get started. And of course if you love pampering your partner’s or playmate’s feet this is also a great guide. 

Step 1: Prep your nails 
Lockdown has meant trips to the beauty salon have been put on hold so start by getting rid of any polish from your last pedi. Soak a cotton pad in acetone-free nail polish remover, hold it on the nail for a few seconds and then swipe firmly away from the cuticle.
Step 2: Soak your feet
Fill up a large bowl or bath with warm water with some bath salts added and let your feet soak for at least 10 minutes. 
Step 3: Exfoliate
Pat your feet dry and use a pumice stone, foot file or scrub to remove dead skin. Use a soft, circular motion and focus on heels and calluses but don’t overdo it.
Step 4: Cut & Shape your Nails
Classic nail clippers are best to trim your nails and once they’re the perfect length smooth the edges and shape the corners with a nail file. Experts recommend a glass file rather than a paper file which can cut the skin. 
Step 5: Cuticles
Experts advise not to attempt to cut your cuticles yourself, but rather push them back gently with an orange stick or even a toothbrush, and you can always use a cuticle softener. Finish by working in a few drops of cuticle oil. 
Step 6: Massage your Feet
Use a foot cream or body lotion to massage your toes, feet and calves. The skin on your feet is seven times thicker than on the face so massaging regularly is recommended. Pinch problem areas to try to help the skin regain elasticity. If you are prepping for a meet up with a foot fetishist opt for an organic coconut oil which won’t leave an oily residue during a foot massage. 
Step 7: Nail Prep
Use a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of each nail and remove any oily residue. At this stage you can choose to buff or apply a base coat.
Step 8: Polish
Depending on whether this is self maintenance or for a meet up, your play partner may request to paint your toenails so this final step is at your discretion. Gel polish has become very popular and lasts the longest without chipping but I’m sure you will have your favourite brand of polish handy. Choose fashion colours, colours to match the season or your outfit or perhaps cater to your foot fetishists preference. Of course if your submissive doesn’t do a good job of painting it’s the perfect time for some punishment *wink*. After all your pedi needs to be perfection. 

How to give a foot massage

While we’re on the topic of feet we wanted to include some hints about giving an amazing foot massage!  Our feet deserve a lot of love because they carry us through life, literally. There’s something about caring for or massaging someone’s feet which can be so intimate and sexy. And if your partner likes to see you wear high heels then it’s only fair they return the favour with a loving foot massage.

There are some basic techniques but it does depend on personal preferences. Soak your feet prior to the massage, pat dry and have them resting on a towel and cover them in massage oil before you begin. During the massage:

  • Pay attention to the areas that feel good
  • Focus on one foot at a time
  • Maintain a firm pressure so it doesn’t feel like tickling (unless you’re into that!), and
  • Avoid injuring your own hands and particularly your thumbs by exerting too much pressure.

Don’t forget you can use knuckles, elbows and fists as well as thumbs to massage and incorporate warmup twists, pressure points and squeezes as well as toe bends and arch rubbing. You can also buy those little wooden reflexology tools that are used in Thai foot massage. Gentle pressure to the ends of toes with these can feel amazing!

We have over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot, so a foot massage can be very relaxing or you can take it up a notch and make it extremely erotic and the prelude to some amazing sex or even a foot job. 

Why do we love feet so much?

What is it about feet? Foot fetish is a very individual taste and there are a myriad of ways to indulge. It could be as simple as toe sucking, a foot massage, footing (think fisting in case you didn’t work it out), pampering, worshipping or more extreme play such as trampling or bastinado. If you haven’t already read it, MisKnickers talked about our fascination for feet in her blog post Dipping your Toes into the World of Foot Fetish. We recently analysed our member’s Sexual Interests and feet, foot massages, stockings and high heels were some of the most common kinks our members listed. And if it’s something you enjoy make sure it’s on your list of Sexual Interests so you can attract like-minded members.

Adult Match Maker members have shared what they love about feet and toes.

I get so turned on when someone who sucks my toes knows exactly what they're doing and get off on it too. Feeling their hot sticky cum shoot all over my pretty toes and then it being lapped up, is sooo freaking hot!!! ~ DDdelite

A foot has an amazing effect on me and I enjoy massaging , kissing licking, taking the toes in my mouth. I fuck their feet with the help of moisturiser or oil and there is nothing sexier than seeing my cum on the red painted nails. And there is a fascination with seeing that lovely foot stepping on a cream cake and seeing the cream and icing squeezing up between their toes - ready for me to eat. ~ Zamboon 

Men like toe nail color and smoothness and something to suck on, apparantly my toes are wild to them and simply gives them a hard on and the rest left to the imagination, ie want me to put my toe in their anal passage... ~ ynot70today

Feet can be so sexy when presented in the right way. Nice looked after nails painted beautiful look so sexy in opened toed heels, in some ways they can open the door to women’s sexuality. Many women like their feet kissed touched rubbed in a man’s genital area. ~ Feetplease

I absolutely love kissing soles of feet, and licking and sucking toes. It’s just so intimate, and it usually really turns women on. Many have never had their toes sucked. It’s a great way to move things up a notch. ~ FunTogether22

I have a huge foot fetish, I love having my toes sucked, my feet licked. I find it so erotic. Rubbing a guys cock whilst wearing stockings is so sensual and feels so good. ~ Kinkykitten101 

Flimsy sandals and red-painted toenails do it for me every time. No matter the other clothing she is wearing - or not, as the case may be - they are the icing on the cake. ~ KairfraDuet

I love sucking toes, nicely painted is even more of a turn on, before and during sex and even love her watching cum over them. ~ stevo4u

If you are a foot lover we’d love to see your comments below. 


  • cumslut47


    More than a month ago

    I always paint my toes and wear anklets and toe rings to get guys attention, I love showing off my toes in thongs and strappy heels ,I'm in the nude now painting my toes pink xxx

  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    I love woman’s feet there are amazing nothing turns me on more then beautiful painted toes with lovely high arches there just amazing in heels and thongs ...

  • Lovers4ever


    More than a month ago

    Take a look at my feet definitely need to be worshipped.

    • Photos in private gallery


      More than a month ago

      Yes your right them toes need to be sucked like a lollipop,I can take them now

  • Mrunique20


    More than a month ago

    Would love to meet someone who wants their feet worshipped

  • Joeydsyd


    More than a month ago


  • Goingforth2020


    More than a month ago

    Feet rock

    You are lying naked on my bed
    As my ten toenails painted red
    Dance tantalising around your erect cock
    Rather like the pendulum of a clock
    Tick tick tick tick
    warm oil dribbled over your cock
    Tick tick tick tock
    In and out slippery sliding
    Tick tock tick tock
    Your Percy is gliding
    Tick tock tick tock
    Your member looks ever so sweet
    Glistening between my two feet
    Tick tock tick tock
    It sends tingles to my twat
    Cause guess what ?
    Feeling the silky satin smoothness of your weapon between my feet
    Makes me tingle with desire
    My body is on fire
    Why feet are so so neglected has me beat
    Tick tock tick tock
    Feet rock! they rock !rock !rock ! rock !

  • ynot70today


    More than a month ago

    Yes indeed foot play makes most of us go into a dream mode of fantasy and erotic dreams xxx Opens up many doors of foreplay & not just a massage but a massage with a cherry on top!

  • friskypuz


    More than a month ago

    Love foot play when I'm really hot and horny, I like to ride toes in my cunt as I suck your cock, or when fucking and my feet are on your shoulders suck and bite my toes so awesome, just don't tickle them.

    • Photos in private gallery


      More than a month ago

      That's exactly what I love doing,getting aroused no thinking about it,I'm here if you want them sucked

  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    the women in the video enjoys the foot fetish

  • meltonchook


    More than a month ago

    i love kissing feet in stockings its a real turn on .

  • tantrictim


    More than a month ago

    In my remedial massage practice (my day job) I used to have a female client who let’s just say really really enjoyed foot massages. (Like she would orgasm multiple times and there was absolutely no genital touch or even tantric element to the massage in a sterile clinical environment ) I find it fascinating that it can be that errogenous to some people that it would elicit just as much( if not more) or a response as the obvious sexual massages I have preformed

  • Dirtykinkynice


    More than a month ago

    Feet are gross.

    • AMM.Editor


      More than a month ago

      Kinksters and bdsm lifestylers normally work under this premise - YKNMKTOK - so while you may find feet gross you would respectfully acknowledge that it's a kink many people enjoy.

    • Dirtykinkynice

      Account Closed

      More than a month ago

      I never put anyone down for it. Just stated my opinion.

  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    Luv sucking toes while pulling myself,it gets me off do quick,then when I'm coming on them I spread them apart a bit and let the cum run through

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