An Honest Look at the Risks of Swinging


There are a few angles to that question so I’ll be looking at your physical, health and relationship safety in this article.

What are the risks to your relationship?

Now when it comes to your relationship, is it safe in the swinging scene? Many couples find that it only brings them closer together because they are sharing new experiences, and they already have a solid relationship to begin with.

Other couples come unstuck through swinging because their relationship really didn’t have all the right foundations. The hard part is that some couples don’t realise they have issues to worry about until they get into swinging and that’s because swinging will magnify any issues you have. Mature couples stop, work on their relationship and then come back stronger than ever. Others who keep going then run the risk of destroying their relationship.

Also those who don’t play by the rules they set together, run a higher risk of it affecting their relationship in a negative way, but then how many normal couples end up cheating because they don’t express their desire to swing?

Ultimately your relationship is not in any more danger whether you swing or not, but what I have found is that many couples who do swing and have the right foundations, gain far more from the experiences than they ever expected to.

So at the end of the day is swinging safe? It’s not really any more dangerous than being a normal person in the normal world. While it’s still possible to be harmed, get an STI/STD or damage your relationship in the swinging scene, you can just as easily do the same outside it but it’s no where near as much fun

Are there any potential health risks?

The only really serious thing you need to be wary of in the swinging scene is Sexually Transmitted Infections or Diseases. That said, a large percentage of people who engage in swinging also play safe by using condoms, some couples don’t even swap for penetration. Many also get regularly tested to be sure they are disease free. We do and I highly recommend that you do too.

When it comes to STI’s, the only way to remain completely safe is not to engage in any sex at all. It’s also the foolproof way to make sure you don’t get pregnant… but how much fun is that? I know couples that have been swinging for 9 – 30 years and none of them have had any diseases. That’s not to say that it can’t happen, but if you play safe then you severely limit the chances.

Using condoms for all penetrative sex is a very good start and regular checks are important to be able to treat anything early if somehow you do catch something. More often than not, anything you could catch is treatable if you are responsible enough to be checked regularly. And don’t just do this for your sake, but for the sake of your partner and those you play with.

Could there be any physical risks?

I have had people email me saying that they were considering it but after finding out about Rockafeller, they felt that perhaps it wasn’t safe to engage in. It has made a few people very nervous. I was interviewed by Today Tonight and will tell you what I told them…

There have been 2 murders in the past 10 years that were linked to the swinging scene but how many other murders have occurred in between that weren’t linked to swinging? Thousands! How many of those murderers were parents? Does that mean that we should be wary of those with children? You’d better watch out for me then, I’m a swinger and a parent!

Realistically your chances of coming across violent people in the swinging scene are no different to your chances of coming across them out in the normal world. The majority of people in the scene are just every day people; including professionals, parents, business owners etc. Most are pretty “normal” but with a sense of fun, adventure and a desire for new sexual experiences.

When it comes to your personal safety, you are more than likely going to pick up a “not comfortable” vibe with them way before you end up naked together. So the best thing you can do is to give yourself a good amount of get-to-know-you time; talk to them on the phone and chat on MSN before you meet in person, and if at any time you get a vibe/gut feeling that makes you uncomfortable with them, walk away.

In all seriousness, you’ve heard it before but a bus could hit you while you’re walking across the road and you’d end up just as injured or dead. Engaging in swinging doesn’t increase your chances of being harmed in any way, but it does have the potential to supercharge your sex life and create a deeper connection with your partner.

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    Whilst you say " More often than not, anything you could catch is treatable" how is genital herpes treatable, once you have it you always do. This can be given to a person thru oral sex and a simple cold sore. Using a Glyde Dam will help prevent this and tastes fine. Nothing like a condom and a woman still get's as much pleasure with it. Why these are not provided at swinging parties and spoken of more often I have no idea.

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