Shocking new treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


Since Viagra was "accidentally" created by scientists at Pfizer Laboratories in 1998 it has helped over 35 million men worldwide with erectile dysfunction (and, of course, given a boost to those men who want to perform better in a party environment).  

But are the little blue pill's days numbered?

Viagra works by increasing blood flow to your penis and the major disadvantage was planning when you took the drug but researchers believe they have come up with a shocking alternative (yes, pun intended).

What does the new treatment involve?

Trials have been conducted using low intensity extra-corporeal shock-wave therapy treatment (LI-ESWT). It's similar to what's used by some physiotherapists - a non-invasive probe is applied to the skin and an electric charge creates an energy wave. It's believed that the shock wave causes inflammation which encourages the body to heal and repair itself. Low intensity shock waves to the heart can help grow new blood vessels so doctors wondered if low intensity shock waves delivered to the penis would help vessels regenerate and alleviate the restricted blood flow which causes ED. 

Now while shock waves delivered directly to the shaft of your penis doesn't sound like it would be much fun there is apparently no pain and minimal side effects. And of course pills and injections only treat the symptoms whilst this treatment attempts to cure the problem (at least for a period of time) so you can experience natural and spontaneous erections. It also appears the treatment can offer help to those men who don't respond well to traditional drugs.  

Can I ditch the Viagra?

It's still early stages of clinical trials but the studies to date are promising. Don't throw out your Viagra prescription just yet but we love the sound of this non-invasive, drug free alternative. 

So until this treatment is widely available in Australia make sure you read our article 7 Simple Health Tips for Stronger Erections with some smart habits to protect your erection and obviously seek the advice of a medical professional if you want to find out more about ED treatments.

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  • Fellator2145 Photo
    More than a month ago

    I have tried one of these. It was pretty cheap and off the net it did create stimulation and kept my cock hard and a bit longer with regular use. It is like a tens machine that physiotherapists use but much simpler. Rubber rings are used around the penis to create the stimulation.

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