Who is your celebrity hall pass?


In school a hall pass is something that lets you get away with straying from the classroom. In life a hall pass is something that lets you get away with straying from your significant other. 

A celebrity hall pass, therefore, is not just a hall pass that lets you sleep with a stranger, but one that essentially says, should you ever come across this celebrity "you have your partner’s consent to have sex with them without any repercussions". 

While some couples will have an agreement about more than one celeb - perhaps a "Top 3" - most of us have just one name in mind waiting for that very special moment. 

Even if you haven’t discussed it out loud, we’re willing to put good money on the fact that you already have a name in mind. Whether it's Daniel Craig winning the war against evil as James Bond 007, super sweet and gorgeous inside and out Miranda Kerr, god-like Chris Hemsworth as Thor or Margot Robbie for ... well, just being herself really.

Of course, we’re just going to go ahead and assume that if we actually met one of these famous 10s, they would be more than willing for a night of wild sex. Although, we’ve no doubt many of our kinky AMM members could teach them a thing or two. 

We’re curious to know which celebrities our AMM members might be dreaming about for their very own hall pass. Our Poll was created using the top picks from our AMM Support Staff so make sure you let us know if your favourite made the cut.  If your celebrity hall pass isn’t mentioned in our extended list below, please let us know below in the comments.

Chris Hemsworth
Hugh Jackman
Kit Harrington
Daniel Craig
Joe Manganiello
Channing Tatum
Alexander Skarsgård
George Clooney
Matthew McConaughey
Ryan Gosling
David Beckham
Liam Hemsworth
Ryan Kwanten
Leonardo DiCaprio
Sam Worthington
Joel Edgerton

Mila Kunis
Miranda Kerr
Margot Robbie
Sofia Vergara 
Jessica Alba
Scarlett Johannson
Katy Perry
Blake Lively
Kylie Minogue
Megan Gale
Jennifer Hawkins
Emma Watson
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Lawrence


  • Donna1969
    More than a month ago

    Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) Lead Singer. That (pitch) black hair. Those (vibrant) hazel eyes outlined in heavy dark makeup. Definitely wouldn't have to ask me twice.

  • Sb455t
    More than a month ago

    Sandra Bullock, just does it for me! Catherine Zeta Jones, womanly! And Georgie Parker, just because!

  • soreadytogo
    More than a month ago

    madonna would be wild

  • wildone76
    More than a month ago

    Scarlett Johannson, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift would be my three now and back when I was teenager Michelle Pfeiffer was the lady to dream of.

  • Firmyoungman
    More than a month ago

    Rosie O'donnell!!! Would love to pound that!!

  • indigopearl
    More than a month ago

    I've always had a hankering to spank Elle McFeast.

  • GenGuy73
    More than a month ago

    Megan Fox - I'm surprised she didn't make it on the list.

  • ceegee69
    More than a month ago

    Jennifer Anniston

  • embouchre Photo
    More than a month ago

    Julie Christie and Grace Slick

  • bladerunner65 Photo
    More than a month ago

    Jamie lee Curtis or Rachael welsh or susan day

  • krisxxx
    More than a month ago

    Can't go past the Rock

  • MelbCplLookin
    More than a month ago

    Sarah Michelle Gellar for hubby loved Buffy and George for the wife, :)

  • Leolady727 Photo
    More than a month ago

    Being a big music fan, mine was always Eric Clapton.

    • embouchre Photo
      More than a month ago

      Does he really have a "slowhand"?

  • ComputrSezNo
    More than a month ago

    John Cusack

  • shysuzy
    More than a month ago

    Kit Harrington !! So sexy and hot would love to get my hands and other parts on him

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