What type of lube should we be using?


Q: My partner and I are interested in starting to use lube, but when we went to find one, there were all these different types. How do we know which type of lube is the right one for us?

A: Lubricant can transform your sex life! I know that's a bold statement but these tubes of gloriously slick gel should be a bedroom essential and buying the right one can make all the difference. 

Most people think of lubricant as "fixing" a problem - that it's all about functionality. But it's so much more than that.

In a study from the Center of Health Promotion at Indiana University, the use of lubricant was found to increase females’ pleasure during sex and masturbation, and almost half of all users said it made it easier to achieve orgasm. It can also be used to help make sex last longer, and as a massage oil for a little sensual touching. 

So how to decide?

There are three types of lube: water-based, silicone-based and oil-based.

Water-based lubricants are a favourite for many people as they are less sticky and messy. They create a fantastically smooth and slick experience, and as they are water-soluble, your skin will absorb the lube and any excess can be rinsed off with a little warm soapy water. The other great benefit is that water-based lubricants are perfect for use with condoms, as they don’t interfere with latex. The only real downsides of water-based lubes are that you may need to reapply occasionally (as your skin absorbs it), and that some of these products include glycerin to help make them slippery, which can promote infections in women. 

Silicone-based lubricants are a popular choice and they are as slippery as they are sensual. Because the body absorbs them slower than other kinds, silicone lubes will last much longer and are perfect for play with a partner. They're also condom-friendly and can be used to shine your latex gear or even as a massage oil. But be careful, many silicone lubricants can stain white sheets and they should never be used on sex toys or accessories made from silicone as they can have negative effects on silicone toys over time.

Oil-based lubricants are not very common and aren’t particularly popular, but you might see them around, so be sure to know what they are before you pick them up from the shelf. They are generally only used for male masturbation, as they corrode the latex in condoms and can be unhealthy for the vagina. 

Once you’ve figured out which ‘base’ you’d like in your lube, you’ll need to consider the next range of options. There are flavoured lubes, tingling ones for extra sensation, natural and organic ones for those concerned about chemicals, moisturising lubes, and products designed specifically for use with sex toys. For these decisions, it will largely be a case of picking your favourite as if you were deciding which flavour of ice cream to buy. 

What you can’t use as lube during sex

When we say ‘any kind’ of lube, we mean any kind of lube that is designed to be lube. It’s inadvisable to pick up any old oily substance from the kitchen cupboard to use during sex (see the note on oil-based lubes). Petroleum based products are best avoided as they may cause irritation by changing the pH of the vagina which can lead to yeast infections. If you don’t have any lube at hand, stick to the ol’ saliva technique and be sure to pick up some of the real stuff at the next chance you get. 


  • chesswiseagain Photo
    More than a month ago

    I have found almond oil on my lady friends is excellent and no side effects...

  • Account closed
    More than a month ago

    I had a friend who taught me something years ago, and it has made the whole difference to the lubes/gels. He used Ansell lubricant, if I am allowed to mention the name. Anyway, he told me to get a glass of water next to the bed, and when you put the lube on your body, dip you hand into the water and apply to the lube, and it comes out so slippery and wet and soapy. It makes the lube 100 times more better than without the added water. I have since taught this trick to many men who had no idea.

  • transfusion Photo
    More than a month ago

    i prefer the silicon its nice on the skin like a long term moisturiser and no probs on the clothes or sheet

  • Loki.i Photo
    More than a month ago

    Personally, I couldn't recommend Coconut oil enough! My partner and I, iPlay4u switched to coconut oil and haven't looked back. Just make sure you get the organic one, available from Woolies :-)

    • JustUsPair Photo
      More than a month ago

      Just don't use it with condoms. It will corrode the latex and make them completely unsafe and useless.

    • Profile invisible
      More than a month ago

      It's edible... So I'd use it above any store variety. Silicone feels awesome. Slickest, smoothest... But coconut oil is always available in my house... Massage oil, lube, hair, skin, the dog, cooking... Lube... Everything!

    • Account closed
      Account Closed
      More than a month ago

      I hear coconut oil is not good for internal use.

  • am84fun
    More than a month ago

    WATER BASED LUBES: These also come in a different range of consistencies, and with lots of different additives. I use "Wet Stuff Light when having sex, as it doesn't have all the extra additives that cause my skin discomfort, and while it may require more frequent application, less irritation, even with a tear, due to the lack of other additives. Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E are in some lubes, and found to have been the cause of my burning sensations, internal, or external. Also the anus doesn't self lubricate like the vagina, and being considered such a taboo, people don't talk about it, but damage can be permanent, so be sure to use lots of lube. I use Latex disposable gloves to prevent nails or rough skin causing any "tears" where I may insert fingers in any orifice. Clean up is the best of all and so easy to wash everything A huge favorite of mine is water based flavors. You can suck, or lick, and both parties receive much more heightened pleasure with a flavor, ( perfect for those who dont like sucking, try the salted caramel, chocolate, or kiwi fruit and be surprised) and it washes off with ease. It spices up your fun, big time. SILICONE LUBES . Great for long lasting at a spa party but the whole spa becomes a slippery dip, and the cleanup is a nightmare. Silicone capsules are also now available for insertion to ensure you are properly lubed deep inside, so if your going out for a sure thing, you can be pre lubed in the vagina or anus.

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