Beyond 50 Shades: Erotic authors you should read

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Sales of erotica are up 30% on previous years.  This is partly due to the 50 Shades phenomenon and also the accessibility to download to your Kindle or iPad from the comfort of your bedroom. For anyone who has ever read a decent erotic novel, they know what a shame it is that 50 Shades of Grey was the one to make it big.

When you read a truly great piece of erotic fiction it can be just as much of a turn on as porn - it might even get you even more hot and wet. And better yet, you can read it on the bus or in a café while making sexy eyes at the hotties around you. 

A scientific study by Harold Leitenberg, a researcher at The Journal of Sex Research, found that women who read romance or erotic novels have an astounding 74% more sex with their partners than those who don’t.

There's even a scientific term for it - bibliotherapy - which is used to describe the incredibly beneficial mind/body reactions that occur when reading erotica. And in fact some sex therapists are recommending it to their female patients.  After all good sex is a combination of intimacy and a little imagination. 

Erotica can even open you up to a whole new world of turn ons. One thing we can’t fault 50 Shades on, is what it’s done for couples everywhere in exploring their wilder sides. Many adult shops report that BDSM stock has been selling at two or three times the rate it used to, and all we can say to that is – welcome to the club! 

Nikki Gemmell, Australian author of the The Bride Stripped Bare, says "Every generation has had their erotic book. In the past, it might have been Fear Of Flying or Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Women have always enjoyed reading these types of books. They are transporting. They help us to feel. They are powerful and they take us to another world." 

Dr. Laura Berma, a world renowned sex and relationship expert and best-selling author says "Erotic reading is an excellent way to get your sensual juices flowing. It puts sex squarely on your brain and gives the imagination a boost, too. It's perfect for getting in the mood before sex (with yourself or your partner)."

So, sorry 50 Shades, but let’s talk about some awesome erotic authors who really know how to light a fire with their words.

Indigo Bloome

Indigo Bloome is a talented Aussie local and author of the Avalon Trilogy. 

The first book, Destined to Play, follows the story of Dr. Alexandra Blake, an intelligent married mother with a doctorate in workplace psychology. When she meets and spends the night with Jeremy Quinn, old flame and medical researcher, Dr. Blake is offered a proposition. She is asked to spend another 48 hours with him, in which she cannot ask questions and will be blindfolded for the entire time. In return, he promises the most intensely sexual experience of her life. 

Holly Hill

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without Holly Hill, Sydney’s rising star in the literary erotica scene. She got her start in 2007 and 2008, when Random House Australia published her steamy and fascinating memoirs. 

Unlike some of the other authors on this list, her erotica isn’t just based in reality – it is her reality. All three of her popular books, Toyboy, Sugarbabe, and her most recent, The Velvet Pouch, touch on her experiences with love, sex, and everything in between. We suspect the latter will resonate particularly well with members of our community – The Velvet Pouch is about what happens when Holly decided to open up her relationship with a new boyfriend.

Laura Antoniou

American Laura Antoniou first published The Marketplace in 1993, and has since sold more than 600,000 books in six languages, including four more novels in the Marketplace series, and a handful of other BDSM-inspired books. 

She’s a popular speaker in kink communities and has even won a lifetime achievement award from the National Leather Association – this is one author who definitely knows what she’s talking about. The sixth book in the Marketplace series is due out this year, and she has already said it won’t be the last. 

BB Reid

BB Reid – or Bebe – began reading erotic fiction when she found her mother’s Susan Johnson novels. And we’re glad she did – her first novel, Fear Me is no vanilla introduction to kinked sex. There’s plenty of strong graphic content, harsh language, a little violence and blackmail… just the way we like it. 

BB’s second book, Fear You, is the second in the Broken Love series, and was only published in May 2015. 

Natasha Walker

Natasha Walker is another local making us proud. She’s the author of The Secret Lives of Emma trilogy, the first of which – Beginnings – introduces us to somewhat bored housewife Emma. Emma is a little more adventurous than her white-picket-fence life would have everyone believe, and when she meets an 18-year-old neighbour, she finds new and exciting ways to pass the time.

And by pass the time, we mean insanely hot sex scenes that will have you attempting to turn the page with one hand. 

Kathryn O’Halloran

Kathryn O’Halloran grew up in Tasmania, now lives in Melbourne, and focuses on exploring sexual boundaries in her erotic novels. Not so much by just writing more sex, but more about “the experience of desire, the build up and anticipation” – that’s a novel we can get on board with. 

Her work includes short stories published in anthologies such as Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission, and her own books, such as The Bad Girls’ Club. You’ll thank us later. 

Even if you’ve never been into watching porn – especially if you’ve never been into watching porn – give an erotic novel a shot. The only thing hotter than erotica is real life sexploits.  So if you're looking for some extra short stories in between the novels, or even if you want to get your own fantasies down in story form, check out our seriously sexy Erotica section that’s literally dripping with sexual prowess.


So who have we missed on our list? Who is your favourite erotic author?


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  • embouchure


    More than a month ago

    John Boase - for erotica in a different form try his Erotic Muse-Sonnets About Sex (there are 1,200 of them!). He also has short stories - Threesome and Other Tales of Sex in the Real World.

  • embouchure


    More than a month ago

    Tobsha Learner - three wonderful collections of short stories - Quiver, Tremble and Yearn.

  • BloodSlut


    More than a month ago

    Souls in Chains by kim Debron (who with her Master) runs Chains that is advertised on here :)

    • AMM.Editor


      More than a month ago

      I agree, it's awesome and on my bookshelf. But I wouldn't class it as erotica, to me it was more of a bdsm journey.

  • seaflower


    More than a month ago

    the crossfire series by Sylvia Day



    More than a month ago

    Try " DIRTY " by Megan Hart OR
    " Asking for trouble " by Kristina Lloyd ??

  • iPlaywithLoki


    More than a month ago

    You cannot go past French author Anne Desclos who wrote "The Story of O" under the pen name Pauline Réage. A truly brilliant erotic novel that delves deep into the world of true BDSM and shaped me, as a young 13 year old reading it the first time, for life.

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