Are Yogasms the Latest Sex Craze?

Man and a woman in a seated yoga stance

Tantric sex, or even sex with a slightly more esoteric component, has been around well before pop culture had a chance to make it into a trending topic.

In fact, yoga has been practiced for thousands of years before it caught on in mainstream Western cultures. But the word on the street is that there's a perk that, with a little practice, could see women flocking to gyms around the country in search of a yogasm. Yep, we were sceptical, but apparently it's a thing! There are people out there having yoga-induced orgasms, or "yogasms".

When undergoing yogasm, yoga devotees experience "orgasmic effect" through a combination of cross-legged Lotus position and Paranayma, the deep-breathing technique involving rapid breaths. Some practitioners report an intense side-dish of emotional side effects too - like tears!

To be clear, the yogasm isn't so much a genital orgasm as it is a massive release of energy that sends ripples throughout the body. Most often achieved through Kundalini yoga, an especially meditative and spiritual type of yoga, the yogasm involves a heavier dose of the energy and breath component, although traditional genital orgasms are certainly not unheard of.

This tells us that orgasms are much less about direct physical stimulation than we think. Rather, there's a lot going on behind the scenes with our breath and other various stimuli.

Of course, this can have far-reaching implications for the bedroom as well. Aside from the obvious lusty benefits of reaching a state of euphoria within your body and mind, yoga and sex go together like peas in a pod for other reasons as well.

Sometimes, simply being still together and focusing on each other's breath can generate an immense amount of intimacy and arousal. To experience this yourself, try entering your partner and remaining still, concentrating on the initial connection for a while before you get to the thrusting.

The key to a tantric connection during sex is the same as the key to a yogasm. It's all about the breath. The idea is to bring your mind to the present moment - using your breath as an anchor - and to spread the sexual energy you're feeling to your whole body. You can even just sit for a while, facing your partner, gazing into each other's eyes, exhaling as they inhale (and vice versa). You will eventually feel as though you're trading breath (and sexual energy).

Some yoga poses have also been singled out for their ability to double as great sex positions. Think child's pose, happy baby, downward dog, the reclining angel, and even a shoulder stand if you're feeling extra adventurous.

Of course, the one hidden danger here is that you'll forgo having a partner altogether. Have you ever thought about having an illicit affair with your yoga mat?

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