Our Sexperts share their thoughts on Self Love


Eva Sless, resident AMM Sexpert

One of the best things to do for yourself is masturbate. Seriously. It's amazing. The endorphins and chemicals you release when horny and climaxing do you so much good! They make your hair shiny, your skin glow, and gets your heart rate up which in turn helps speed up your metabolism. It gives you feelings of contentment and boosts your energy at the same time and can help with all sorts of ailments including headaches, period pain, insomnia and depression.

Wanking is a wonderful drug!! Completely free and accessible anywhere! Do it for your health. Trust me. I'm a sexpert!

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Martina Hughes, Tantric Blossoming

Becoming intimate with your vagina or penis is essential to your wellbeing as well as for deeper connections with others. True intimacy with yourself includes slowing down and breathing deeply, switching off the fantasy in the mind, and allowing yourself to feel the level of sensation that moves through the body. Be exploratory with your touch - notice which touch creates higher levels of arousal. Experiment with holding more sensation in the body without striving to climax.

Through this type of self loving practice, you will feel deeper inner connection, leading to an enhanced sense of aliveness and wellbeing. This type of intimacy brings heightened sensations and sensitivity to your genitals so that when you are with a partner, a deeper level of sexual union can emerge. A highly sensitized vagina or penis energetically learns how to read their partner, and will instinctively know how to make love for greater pleasure.

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Chantelle Austin, Relationship Designer & Lifestyle Expert

Here are a couple of reasons why I am pro-masturbation! 1. Masturbation is an important part of connecting to our own sexuality and becoming familiar with our own bodies, sometimes exploring it for the first time on ourselves is a good way to break the ice, so to speak. 2. It makes it easier to get to the amazing orgasmic sex quicker when you can teach your partner what works best to turn you on and how to increase the pleasure intensity for you every time. 3. And when you can’t get to sleep or having trouble waking up, a quick orgasm is an efficient and pleasurable way to solve the issue that doesn’t require waking or disturbing your partner, or even that a partner be there. Masturbation means orgasms on demand and you can't beat that

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Mistress Jane, BDSM Educator & Blogger

I really had to think outside of the box “so to speak” when deciding what I could contribute by way of my particular expertise when it came to Masturbation Month - BDSM is after all, not something you would normally practise solo. You may be surprised however just how much masturbation you can actually incorporate in your play if you want to get creative! My favourite game would be the following - Directed Masturbation - by your Dom.

Next time you are out of town, leave very specific instructions for your partner to follow to the letter. Make it as elaborate as you like - start with a request that they go out and buy some brand new underwear, that they bring it home and light a specific number of candles, let them know exactly where they should sit or lie, which toy in particular (if any) they are permitted to use, what time they should commence - and so on. Then proceed to tell them a few things you would like them to visualise whilst they perform a little self love as you have directed. Make your scenario detailed and super HOT. Insist that the now soiled underwear be presented to you on your return. And be sure to bring back a suitable reward for such obedience.

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Max Black, Sydney's finest Adult Store

Masturbation, solo-play, self-lovin', whatever you want to call it the art of self-pleasure should be whatever feels good to YOU. From a quick flick of the wrist in the morning to some devoted sexploration over a glass of wine, how, when and where you please yourself should empower you as much as it satisfies you. It's time alone honouring you, your desires and your needs, so make time for your well-being by making time for a good play.

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  • EroticTouch2017
    More than a month ago

    Edging is an amazing way to heighten the sensual power of masturbation. Guys, grab a cock ring and play for hours....then when it's time release that amazing load....the rush is AMAZING. It will not only make you better in bed and last longer, the buzz is wild!

    Add some spice and have someone watch you......who knows what might happen!

  • weusnco
    More than a month ago

    Thank you all for your input. We knew all these things, but were never conscious of them....It makes a great difference to the "body, mind and soul" connection when you can focus on your own self completely - with or without partner.

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