Solo Sex has a Dirty Little Secret: it's good for you!


Masturbation. Fingering. Flicking the Bean. Wanking. Fapping. Double-Clicking the Mouse. Rubbing one Out. Self-Love. Having a Fiddle. Muff Manipulation. Driving the Pink Canoe. Playing with the man in the boat. Taco Tangoing. Strumming the Banjo. Spelunking. Jilling Off. Rubbin' the Nubbin.

(Please note that yes, I am talking about female masturbation here, however nearly ALL these points work for males as well)

How good is having a fiddle? Best way to pass time on a rainy day, or those nights where you just can't get to sleep, or because Greg, the guy who makes your coffee in the morning, looked particularly gorgeous when he handed you your latte and even gave you a wink... Oh my... Excuse me for a minute...

Masturbation is not bad or wrong or dirty. It won't make you blind or undesirable to marry. It certainly won't ruin your bits.

Actually it's the complete opposite of all of that. The biggest and best and often most well kept secret to masturbation is this: It's GOOD for you.

Like actually good. Not just cos it feels good. It's good for all of you. Mind. Body. Spirit. Even if you use different words than my hippy ones up there. It's damn fucking good and can make you healthy in ways you never even knew.

Let's explore some of these perks of plinking.


Stress Relief: Sexual feelings and arousal releases dopamine into your system. Dopamine is a chemical that provides us with a feeling of well-being and comfort. It is a great way to get your head out of the buzzing, everyday stresses that can make us irritable and unhappy.

Feelin'Good: Masturbation releases endorphins into your bloodstream. These endorphins are naturally uplifting and are similar to the ones that are produced when we fall in love, bond with children, laugh with friends. They are your own personal supply of happy-juice and they can leave you feeling happy, content, relaxed and fulfilled.

Makes You Sexy: The more sex we have, the more orgasms we have, the more these positive chemicals are released into our bodies. This helps with all sorts of things like self confidence and the way we look at ourselves. It also helps us to release our own personal pheromones which are the subliminal scents we put out to attract mates, which means you are more likely to find a compatible partner when your pheromones are strong.

Keeps You Sexy: It's also a great way to keep your libido fired up. We all know the term if you don't use it you lose it, and this actually can be a real thing when it comes to sex. To be able to keep ourselves as sexual beings we need a good supply of nitric oxide in our blood, and the more we orgasm the more we maintain it. If we stop having sex and sexual feelings the nitric oxide can wane making it harder for us to become aroused. Don't panic, though! It's not a permanent depletion. It can be built up again over time and masturbation is the perfect way to get started!


Period Pain: The tensing and relaxing of muscles than come with an orgasm can be really good for relieving the pain of menstrual cramps. I know when you're having your period sometimes the last thing you feel is sexy, but it really can help. Also the endorphins released can be great for helping settle down those full on mood swings we can get.

Shiny hair: Did you know that at the end of your hair, where it grows out of your scalp, it is attached to a little blood vessel. When you masturbate you increase blood flow and this can help nourish your hair and make it thicker and shinier.

Insomnia Aide: Having a play and an orgasm before you go to sleep is a great way to help stave off insomnia. Once we have orgasmed our blood pressure lowers and so our bodies become more relaxed and are able to focus our minds and not over-think too much about outside stuff, and that is the perfect mental state to be in when drifting off to sleep.

Avoid UTIs and Bacterial Infections: When women are aroused our cervix opens. This is a practice called “tenting”. This stretches the cervix and increases cervical mucus which in turn helps fluid circulation, which in turn helps flush out unwanted bacteria which are the leading causes in UTIs and infections such as thrush.


Self Connectivity: Getting to know yourself, your body, your likes and dislikes. Becoming in tune with yourself as a whole is something that I believe everyone needs to do. When we know ourselves and are connected to our base levels, I think it makes us better humans. We are more compassionate, more sympathetic, more willing to put ourselves in the shoes of others and still know who we are ourselves. Masturbation is one of the best ways to learn all about yourself and get in touch with your deeper self.

Seriously, I reckon if everyone had the ability to masturbate without fear of invisible retributions and mythological wrath, the world would be a much happier place.

Fap for World Peace. It should be a thing.


More than a month ago
Funnily enough, although I was completely unaware that today was a 'Day' dedicated to Masturbation, I woke up about 6.30am, went for a pee, crawled back under the Doona & had a wank.
Must've needed it as I didn't wake up again until 10.15am!
Cheers Mike D
More than a month ago
Ill be doing all sorts this weekend. My new girl comes while she touches my arse lols. So i am going to let her do what she wants. She looks so hot coming by touching me, just wow wee. She loves watching me touch my cock and she just goes wild. Hottest sex ever with some masturbating. ??
More than a month ago
Seriously, I reckon if everyone had the ability to masturbate without fear of invisible retributions and mythological wrath, the world would be a much happier place.
Perhaps should be more people exercising in the art of masturbation in order to have a much happier world.
More than a month ago
Here's a conversation starter how many times a day does everyone do it? And how many times is too much? Bordering on addiction?
More than a month ago
We actually asked questions about Masturbation in our Under the Covers survey so watch the blog because we'll be releasing the results before the end of May. We can tell you exactly how often it's been done ... and where ... and with whom!
More than a month ago
Hi Paul, I simlpy had to comment on ur firstcomment. Because I used to think if my partner was masturbating, then I must not be doing my job. But it's not that at all. My suggestion to you is during your next session with ur lover touch urself while she is already playing with you. I never really got this, but touching yourself with your partner puts touching urself into a different light. You may be very suprised, and it goes both ways. When you fuck her lean back while ur inside and ask her to play with her clit. These small acts, changed my entire mindset about masturbation. Muah
More than a month ago
I don't care whether is good,married,single ,wanker or whatever I don't give a shit I masturbate for as long I feel happy and above all ENJOY IT!!and if a few times a day?even better I feel relaxed good then I accomplish what my body or mind wanted,,rest my case guys!!
More than a month ago
If you want the job done right do it your self Girls lol you need to know what you need from your man before you ask for it.
More than a month ago
I feel that i am somewhat of an authority on this subject as i am frequently called a wanker...
It clears the mind!
More than a month ago
Love all the additional perks beyond the obvious *wink*
More than a month ago
Dear people,
Who have responded to my comments about masturbation.
All of your differentiating comments make logical sense.
Thanks for your genuine and honest responses.
Kind Regards to all of you.

More than a month ago
if is good for me?then I must be the healthiest man alive,,my right hand may not think the same way thou
More than a month ago
Paul847 - Sweetheart, this is not the 1950s. Masturbation (whether it's independent or together) is a big part of sex within a "stable" relationship. Your partner shouldn't have to be entirely reliant on you to give he or she all the sexual pleasure they want.
More than a month ago
Hmmm..crowded tram - tricky….but doable !

More than a month ago
Oh Paul847!
Hubby & I have the most stable of relationships (35 years stable, actually!). Wow - mutual, together or independent pleasuring - all have added to and nurtured our life together.
Mmmm ! Sorry would love to chat more - got to go - things to do :) Special, fun time things …….he.he…...
More than a month ago
Not true at all Paul847
Masturbation is a healthy part of life, relationships or not. It's never inappropriate... Unless, you know... You're doing it on a crowded tram or in the food court of the mall or something... :)
More than a month ago
It might be appropriate for some people. But for those who have a stable relationship with a partner, it does not seem to be necessary.
More than a month ago
The freedom to pleasure and please one's self when and where we desire is something that every woman should treasure. After all, we are the one's who know our bodies intimately. The ability to achieve orgasm upon one's self creates a feeling of independence, contentment, and the knowledge that men are not the be all to end all. Please don't get me wrong. A sexual liaison with an amazing man is bliss. In reality, it just doesn't happen all that often.
More than a month ago
No questions, all very true
More than a month ago
That last part made my day haha :). I've come to noticed that the amount of confidence and self esteem a person has is proportionate to the amount of times he/she plays with their wedding tackle. Sure it's not the only factor that attributes to this but is a factor nonetheless. The more open you are with your sexuality and yourself for that matter: will go on to show how comfortable you are with you and others.
More than a month ago
I don't quite see it that way. Depends if you mean the ones that do it, or like to say they do it. There is a slight bit of difference.
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