Saints & Sinners Ball - Australia's raunchiest party!

Two women wearing masks attending Saints & Sinners Ball, a swingers party in Australia

A Nightclub Party With A Sexy Difference You Need To See To Believe

Imagine a three-level nightclub with flashy lights, music and dancing, full service bar and an open rooftop. So what? I hear you say. There's plenty of them around the place, nothin' spesh.

Well, that's true. But now imagine the club full of people in corsets and lingerie and half naked. Imagine kissing and touching and sex and BDSM performances. Imagine a club full of happy, horny, excited and delicious people all enjoying themselves and respecting each other and coming together (no pun intended) to share in the erotic, sensual and sexy delight that is Australia's only full sex nightclub swingers party. That, my friends, is Saints and Sinners and it really is a party that needs to be seen and experienced to fully appreciate just how spectacular it can be.

I get asked a lot of questions about the ball by people who have never been and so I have collated some of the more common ones here to give a bit of an insight into the what, when, who, why, where and hows of probably the best party Australia has ever seen.

Can Anyone Go?

Apart from one restriction, yes. If you are over 18 you are welcome to attend the party. The one restriction is NO SINGLE GUYS. This is for the simple reason of keeping numbers more equal and stopping the inevitable sausage fest that can happen when single males are allowed to go to events like this. I have often had single guys remark to me that this is unfair and discriminatory. My answer usually is, suck it up, Buttercup. Sorry, but from my experience (as well as the experience from other party goers and the organisers) single males in an environment such as this do not behave well and, as this is a party built on the foundations of respect and consent, the more you can do to minimise sleaze and maximise enjoyment the better. There are parties around that allow single males, so find one of them.

What Do I Wear?

In this case, less is definitely more. The rules state that you must be in erotic wear with a side note stating that if you would wear the outfit to a normal nightclub it is unacceptable to wear to Saints and Sinners. Erotic wear is everything from corsets and fishnet stockings, to bare-cheeked chaps, to body-stockings, to complete nudity... And trust me, you will see all this and more at the event. Guys often have a tricky time working out what to wear but, if in doubt, a pair of fresh, tight mini boxer shorts and a bare chest will be more than perfect. Every ball has its own theme (past ones have included Sci Fi, Masquerade, Jungle Fever and Luminosity) and dressing to fit in with the theme is a great way of getting involved and taking the stress out of “what am I gonna wear!?”

Am I Too Fat, Too Thin, Too Old, Too Hairy?

No. No you are not. Saints is a celebration of sexuality and every person in the world has the right and reason to be and feel sexy. At the balls you will see every body type, every age group and every nationality all wrapped up in confident, body-loving awesomeness.

Do I Have To Have Sex?

Again no. You do not. The great thing about Saints is you can be as involved as you want to be. There is no pressure at all. If someone asks to play with you and you don't want to all you have to say is “No, thank you.” and they will not bother you any more. Similarly, if you want to play with someone and they do not want to you must respect their answer and find someone else to enjoy.

What Are The Highlights?

Apart from the overall atmosphere of the event, there are some things you should definitely check out when you go to Saints and Sinners. The live stage shows are always fantastic. Male and female strippers, burlesque-type shows, best dressed competitions hosted by the always gorgeous Polly Filla (One of Melbourne's most fabulous drag queens), and there are heaps of prize give-aways and audience participation. Then there's the BDSM stage where you can watch or join in with spankings, whippings, cuffs and stocks. There's the Grope-Box which is a large wooden box with curtained holes in it where you can reach in and feel what is happening inside or you can stand in and wait for the searching hands to find you. The basement, where a DJ  spins sexy-arsed beats, is where heaps of the down n dirty action happens with booths and beanbags and bodies all writhing together in uninhibited glory and the professional roving photographers and camera operators will record your evening of pleasure and debauchery. Don't worry though, if you don't want them to film or photograph you, just hold your hand up or say “No, thanks” and, in the same vein of respect and consent, they will make sure you're not captured on film.

All in all Saints and Sinners is an event that every open-minded, swinging and sexy couple and single female should experience at least once in their lifetime. But I can almost guarantee you, go once, and you will be waiting with baited breath and squirming eagerness for the next one to come around.

For more information on Saints & Sinners next scheduled party CLICK HERE

If you join their Sinner's Club you get access to discounted tickets, photos and videos from the events and all the inside goss.

While you're waiting for the next ball to come around, check out this fantastic YouTube clip of the night to get a real sense of the party atmosphere and the gorgeous sexiness and sultriness that is Saints and Sinner Ball Melbourne.

Happy Sinning, my friends!


  • 1DoorMan


    More than a month ago

    I/we have been going for at least 12 years / and my Kittens 3rd party. We look forward to meeting many old friends and some new ones . Its the biggest best party in town for those that want to party like no tomorrow Music sexy couples jaw dropping dressed Women ,enjoyment had all around had by all.See yous all there.

  • Melody2973


    More than a month ago

    I went with a friend and his female friend came along as well. It was interesting but not my cup of tea. I won't be going again :),

  • Bigheartedgirl


    More than a month ago

    What Is it like never been before

    • AMM.Editor


      More than a month ago

      Well they've held almost 100 parties and it's still going strong with over 1200 people at their biggest nights. The article really tells you what it's like for newbies.

  • Kinkeelady


    More than a month ago

    Will be attending my first saints & sinners in October .
    Looking forward making new naughty friends xxxx

  • ynot70today


    More than a month ago

    We went to the last one im a transexual with my male partner, are we welcomed to this one as well...We totally loved the last one.

    • Saints.And.Sinners.Ball


      More than a month ago

      Absolutely you are. S&S has been a very trans-friendly event since the early days - hell, most of our recent MCs have been TS's or drag queens. The only stipulation is that the TS/TG partner must be fully made up and dressed, as we're not interested in single guys dressing up as 'cocks in frocks' and trying to sneak in.

  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    This october will be our 4th ball and it is something I look forward to and can't wait for it:) I feel more comfortable here than any normal night club. We also love the dress up themes they make it a lot of fun, worth dressing down for.

  • Waiting2tryu


    More than a month ago

    I've been a number of times to S&S, always have had a fantastic time, it ends up being a very late night.
    Always dress for the theme.
    We have never played there with anybody else, we have however had lots of fun together while others watched.
    You can do as little or as much as you want, there is no pressure.
    The party goers are very respectful.
    It is well organised and safe, although having the police walk through, while reassuring it is at first off putting but they don't linger.
    It is something that you should do more than once!
    BTW we've purchased our tickets for the October event.
    Ian & Sophie

  • DynamicCouple


    More than a month ago

    We have been twice and do admit that the atmosphere is really fun, the dancing, the music, the shows.... But we won't play there.

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