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I must admit that, to begin with, this is a rather confusing toy. It takes a little bit of practice to work it all out but, when you do, it's definitely worth it. From what I can gather it has two separate uses, one of which is a sex toy, and the other which acts as a pelvic floor strengthener. The latter is definitely the better feature, but we will get to that.

As with all the Swan products it comes with the “lock” feature which means to turn it on you need to unlock it. Although the instruction booklet tells you how to do it, it can be rather tricky to figure out so give yourself a bit of time to look through the book and play around with the buttons. I'm still not 100% sure I've figured it out. Sometimes it seems to take longer to start than others and sometimes it seems like it just switches straight on. The point of the lock feature is basically so you can have the toy ready to use anywhere and any time, without the embarrassing moment when you drop your bag and it turns the toy on or it being on without you knowing it and the battery running out.

When it comes on it has a mild continuous buzz which can feel nice against your clitoris, but to be honest, for me personally, I don't really think it has the power behind it to be a clitoral toy. Actually, I don't think it's really designed for external use at all and this is proven by the addition of the newest feature by the Swan people called “squeeze technology” which works by you using your pelvic floor muscles.

The toy is in that double-balled snowman shape, like some Ben Wa balls, with the smaller bobble on top and, although the vibration is felt in the top part, the on/off/lock button and “squeeze technology” sensor is on the bottom one.

When you first turn it on, wrap your fist around the larger end and squeeze. It's pretty remarkable how strong the buzz gets. Release your fist and the buzz goes back to the low one. The main issue with this, and my first thought when trying it was, as strong as my kegel muscles are, I don't know if I could actually squeeze them not only that hard, but for as long as needed to get stimulation from it. And I was right. It really takes a lot of energy and concentration, so much so that, because you are concentrating so hard on getting it to buzz, you forget you're also trying to get it to stimulate you. However this is not necessarily a bad thing.

See, when it comes to good sex and even better orgasms the best thing a woman can do is have a strong pelvic floor. The stronger the kegel muscles, the more powerful the orgasm she is going to have, so think of this toy as an “orgasm enhancer” or a “training device” and use it separately to when you're playing for pleasure. You don't have to spend too much time on it, but try and get at least five or so minutes of use from it every other day. The thing that sets this apart from other Ben-Wa type balls is the fact that as you squeeze it it vibrates so you not only get to feel exactly how hard you are squeezing, you also get the reward of the buzz.

As a former sex worker, a professional toy tester and someone who has a lot of sex (a lot) I think am definitely in a position to say I have strong pelvic floor muscles. It's the little things I can do that I know a lot of my friends my age who also have kids can't do, like jumping on a trampoline or having a good hearty belly laugh without worrying about bladder leakage, and the fact that I can quite often make a man orgasm without doing much at all but using those particular muscles.

As well as having a lot of sex, I am fairly consistent with pelvic floor exercises. I do them when I'm sitting in my car, when I'm watching tv, whenever I have a moment of just sitting really (it's an offshoot from pregnancy when I was told that giving birth could loosen the muscles and I was afraid of losing my sex-ability) so I decided to see if the training of pelvic floor muscles was improved by this toy, rather than just basic muscle exercises done on my own. Luckily I have my lovely husband to help me test that theory. I used it for at least five minutes a day just on my own and used my muscles to try and get longer buzzes each time. It was rather exhausting I will admit, but when it came to crunch time it really was worth it.

I'll admit I was dubious as to whether it would make any difference but, according to the man who has sex with me more than anyone else, he says he could definitely notice a change in the way my body moved, felt and squeezed. And he wasn't complaining at all.

I really think this toy is amazing for what it can do, but I will reiterate again that I prefer it more as a strengthener than as a stimulator. I think the average, everyday woman will get better use out of it if she looks at it that way too and her body and orgasms will thank her. For a sex toy I give the Swan Clutch a 5, but as a pelvic floor muscle enhancer it's up there in the 9s. I definitely recommend it and would be really interested in any feedback to see if it worked for you in things like bladder control and orgasm strength.

Happy buzzing, my friends!

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