How to Captivate a Man Forever


Unfortunately for women, most research suggests that men are not naturally monogamous. In fact, unless they are living in a cave, one hundred percent of men are either physical or mental adulterers. Believe me – when they are watching that porn movie or see a hot girl on the street they are not thinking about having sex with you. That means they are committing infidelity every day, sometimes every hour, perhaps even every minute.

However, it is not men’s fault that they are supposed to ‘spread their seed’. Every hormone and gene in their bodies is screaming at them to reproduce and his ‘wandering eye’ is merely nature triumphing over nurture.

That means if you want to captivate a man forever, you must – above all – be unfaithful to him. This does not mean cheating or deceit – rather, it means constantly reinforcing to him what a valuable commodity you are. If you are sitting at home watching the dinner burn while he’s out with his mates you are not going to win yourself any of his favours. In fact, it’s quite likely that all you’ll achieve is a hissy fit or a knock-down-drag-out-argument.

Instead, be popular. It doesn’t matter whether it’s with your workmates, your siblings or your friends, if you’re suddenly not-so-available; he’s suddenly going to take more interest. It’s common sense when you think about it – if someone is at home 24 x 7 and another person is only available a couple of evenings a week – which one is he going to make time for?

Likewise, if one person seems ‘valued’ by the people surrounding her and another is surrounded by none, which person is he going to be more attracted to? Why do we go to the busy restaurant and ignore the empty one beside it?

So if you want to catch or keep a partner for the long term, the worst thing you can do is be too available. The instant you dedicate yourself – and your time – to them exclusively is the instant you become less valued. Instead, be unfaithful – even flirt in front of him if you can get away with it – and you will bring out his competitive instincts and he’ll want you even more.

Fight human nature with nature – not nurture! Whether for good or for ill – human nature suggests there’s nothing more unattractive than someone (or something!) that no-one else wants. As long as you are ‘unfaithful’, he will covet you forever.


  • nifty48
    More than a month ago

    mmmm well I recon most men and woman have more then on partner at once we all have that tendency in life it if you are honest with yourself also to others that may be involved as it would course jealousy as well as anger and violence in life if people tend to hide who they are then all sought of crap can happen just have fun be honest with who you are and never be sorry for who u are stay safe xxxxxxxxx

  • Coral31 Photo
    More than a month ago

    I don't think monogamy comes natural to humans. Unfortunately useless emotions such as jealousy have evolved within us! An irrational fear that creates the majority of violence, depression etc. Cure jealousy & psych disorders will halve!!!
    Sorry for the slightly abstract post lol

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