LELO Tiani Couples’ Massager with SenseMotion


I have to admit I was excited when my latest review product turned up and it was the brand spanking new LELO Insignia Tiani – a couple’s toy powered by remote control.

LELO is probably the sex toy brand I am asked about the most but, up until this one turned up on my doorstep, I'd never actually had the opportunity to try one before. Considering its reputation, and remembering the fun I've had in the past with remote control vibes I was definitely eager to try it out.

The toy itself is beautifully designed. The shape is similar to the We-Vibe, although slightly smaller, and the silicone covering is smoother than anything I've ever touched. Seriously, it's like velvet.

It comes in a little black box which includes the toy, the remote control, a charger for the vibe, a glossy user manual, a silky pouch to keep the toy in, a key to unlock the remote (more on that later) and a cute little gold brooch in the shape of the LELO logo. I'm not really sure why they include the brooch, maybe it's the sex toy equivalent of the Jesus fish; You know, a way to recognise fellow users without being thrown to the lions? Whatever the reason, the little sparkle of gold in the box just adds to the classy look of the whole package. It also comes with a one year warranty and a ten year quality guarantee which is something I've not seen in sex toys before.

Unfortunately I was not as impressed as I was hoping I would be. Even though there are some really good things about the Tiani and only a couple of bad things, the bad ones are kind of important and for me they overtake the positive.

The remote control is made of the same smooth material, fits snugly in the palm of your (or your partner's) hand and has three easy-to-push buttons. It works in a couple of different ways using brand new technology.

The main issue I had was with the wireless connectivity from the remote to the toy. Once it is fully charged you just need to hold the two close together, press the wireless button for a few seconds and away you go. Sort of... I found with the remote is if you're not holding it really close to the device it cuts out, so just putting your hands up over your head is too far for the sensor to pick up. At one stage I had it just off to the side which was great, until I moved my leg and my thigh got in the way of the signal, cutting it off again.

When the remote is switched on it vibrates and LELO uses this as a selling point but I found it distracting having something buzzing away on my palm while trying to concentrate on the buzzes happening elsewhere. My partner also found the buzzes annoying when he was in control of it. After a bit of a search through the manual we found it was able to be switched off, but it did take a bit of time working out which button turned which bit on and off.

I think the buzzing remote might be a good thing if it could actually be used (like it says in the manual) on other parts of the body (nipples for example) however, as previously mentioned, the signal is totally lost when the remote is moved away from the toy or something gets in the way. Also the buzzing in the remote is really loud, but you can't “hide” it under the covers or pillow because, yep, it loses connectivity.

The next bit of whizz-bang technology used is the not-seen-before SenseMotion modes. Basically, the vibrations in the toy (or pleasure object as LELO like to call it) can be controlled by the way the remote is held. Mode 1 works by tipping it up and back, and Mode 2 works by moving it in circles. Each different motion and angle creates different sensations and buzzing intensities through the inserted part, and the buttons on the remote can be pushed to change pulses and speeds.

It can be tricky to work out and control and I will definitely need more practice to figure out which angle does what, and the most effective way to use it. I found that even at its highest settings, the buzzes are not as intense as I would personally have liked them to be. However, as there are so many different modes and pulses and combinations, maybe I just haven't found the right one yet.

Please take note that the funny little plastic thing that falls out of the box and looks like it was put in there by mistake is the key and you will need it to open and close the battery cover properly. It slips into the little groove on the back of the remote and a neat little twist will both lock and unlock it. This would have been handy to know prior to almost throwing the box across the room in frustration. Yes, it's written in the manual, but I wonder if there is a more immediate way of letting people know.

I was really was a bit disappointed that my first taste of LELO was a product that had a few issues which needed to be resolved. I really hope they figure out how to make the wireless signal stronger because the potential for deliciousness is there, it really is!

I am going to give the LELO Tiani a six out of ten. The material and the bits that do work gave it that extra little boost and I can't be too harsh on something that makes me orgasm.

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