How to Shave your Balls

Two hairy coconuts which have not been dehusked as a visualisation of men's hairy balls

Manscaping is a personal choice but the trend was fuelled by the media and the idea that the desirability and cleanliness of genitals is enhanced by hair removal.  And while women are getting lasered and waxed most men opt for a more hands-on approach done in the privacy of their own bathroom when it comes to the family jewels.

But putting a razor against thin skin and saggy balls can instill fear in the most manly of men. A 3 year study in the US found that of the 65% of men who said they groomed their junk, 23.7% reported grooming related injuries. And another study in the US found ERs recorded 12,000 grooming injuries from 2002 to 2010. 

Before you reach for the razor, we’ve found out what women said they prefer, asked blokes for their input, and done our own research so we can share our advice on how to shave your balls. 

Do women prefer men to manscape?

The Manscaped website looked at several polls and here’s what they found:

  • 10-20% of women prefer guy’s pubic hair to be au-natural
  • 80-90% of women prefer some manscaping
  • 20% of women won’t go back for seconds if they’re not happy with the pubic hair situation
  • 12-16% of women prefer a total shaved look.

So you’re never going to pick a look and please everyone but we guess the safest choice is keeping your pubes trimmed but not shaved.  So let’s start there. 

Body trimmer vs razor

Body trimmers, as opposed to beard trimmers, are by far a safer option if you’re just trimming your pubic hair and it means you’re using the right tool for the job. You’ll avoid the prep involved with a razor like lathering on messy shaving cream, and it will reduce the risk of razor burn and, dare we say, laceration. The best trimmers have rounded teeth guards above the razors which prevent you from clipping the skin by accident. The final result will result in a very fine stubble but with less chance of injury it might be the best option. 

Similar to mowing your lawn or getting your hair cut, go for a higher guard setting to start especially if manscaping isn’t part of your weekly routine. And take it slow until you get used to the pressure you need to apply to get the best results. You will find you should be able to glide over the skin until it’s a uniform length.

Now is also the time to mention DO NOT shave or use a trimmer on your butt. If this is something you want to do this is where a waxing professional is your best option, or use a depilatory cream (remember to test on another area of skin first in case you get an allergic reaction). 

Taking it all off! 

If you really want to remove all your pubic hair but don’t want to laser then don’t just dive into shaving your junk. The skin on your balls is not like the skin on your face and you have a couple of moving parts which need to be manipulated into place. So preparation is key to a smooth, incident free result.

  • Stand on one leg with the other leg resting on a chair or the side of the bath to give you access to those tricky bits.
  • Use one hand to hold the skin taut while you carefully trim the hair before you shave. If you’ve ever tried to shave a full beard you know what we’re talking about. And although the hair on your scrotum is fairly sparse this is the essential first step. 
  • A warm shower (not hot) will help soften the remaining stubble and help your balls relax and loosen to make them easier to manipulate while you shave.
  • Apply a small amount of a gentle shaving cream or gel. Don’t apply a pile of lather, just enough gel to help the razor move smoothly and to give you a clear visual of what you’re shaving. Avoid menthols and look for natural ingredients. 
  • Prop one leg up like before and use one hand to pull the skin taut while you use slow strokes and gentle pressure to shave in the direction the hair grows.
  • Rinse with warm water (not hot) and pat dry.
  • You can then apply a balm or gel. 

Common shaving issues

Even after a smooth shave there can be some post-shave issues you might have to deal with. After all razors can harbour bacteria and cause skin abrasions. 

  • Razor burn, itching or redness will usually resolve within a week, but if not see your chemist for an over the counter cream. 
  • Ingrown hairs can be an issue but you can buy products such as Ingrow Go.
  • Pimples or blisters could be a sign of folliculitis which can easily be treated with an anti-biotic cream, see your chemist. 
  • If you do cut yourself rinse with warm water and dab with a clean gauze. Minor cuts usually heal quickly and without any issues. 

Is pubic hair important?

I’ve always read that pubic hair is a necessary human trait. It’s there to protect delicate skin from friction when you’re having sex and keeps dirt and pathogens away from our genitals.  But we all know that genitals (yep, both men and women) can get sweaty and having hair down there doesn’t help. So even a simple trim can leave you feeling fresher and, based on the research, more appealing to your sexual partner/s. 

If, after reading this, you prefer au naturel then dude high five. There is nothing wrong with furry nuts. You spent 3mins reading advice you’ll never need but hey it might be a good convo starter at the pub this Friday. “So, do you guys shave your junk?” 


  • Campbelltown1


    4 days ago

    My late wife shaved me once and was ok for a few days till it got itchy.

    My partner never wanted to do that .

    So i now have now have a " friend" who Trims my pubic hair and balls because thats how she likes it and is a turn on for her doing it, and i shave her bush almost bald as thats what she likes.
    My partner has commented on my "trimmed bush and is neither here or there about it

  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    I have been doing this since my wife done it for me before I left for Thailand & if I was the wether man there I would say we are changing seasons because believe me it was approximately 10 degrees cooler down there it felt great .im no longer with my wife but let me tell you no woman have complained yet they love it ive never had a bad report yet & there's been quite a few past my balls so to speak since I left wifey.

  • Darkstud


    More than a month ago

    I like to trim my pubic hair around the groin area and shave my balls. Maintaining pubic hair speaks a lot about the man and his keenness to be hygienic and well groomed.

  • BellaMio


    More than a month ago

    I used to see a bloke to shave his pubic hair. He’d sit on a chair & id apply shaving cream on the area rubbing it in a little to heighten the experience & then very carefully shave him. He’d get very excited, which made it easier to do the job. Holding a stiff cock is easier in my opinion. . He’d also get a great blow job finishing off with me sitting on his stiff smooth cock. Win win!

  • nudge1955


    More than a month ago

    I use Nads for men down under which works a treat and then remove any that are left by shaving. A long time lover of mine loved it when she first discovered I was smooth and went on to give the best oral ever

  • Langie12


    More than a month ago

    A caviate first - I have no general body hair (chest, back etc) and generally fine hair elsewhere. I've been removing the hair on my balls all of my adult life with tweezers (and, no it doesn't hurt). It's a daily job but only a few minutes a day. I trimmed my pubes to keep things tidy.
    Three years ago a fwb decided she'd wax me. She does this every 10 days or so to keep things perfectly smooth. My tweezering has extended to my pubes now. It's still a simple job. My friend just waxes the areas that are harder to access.
    I'll never go back. I love the look and feel. My lady friends are all smooth, why shouldn't I be. They also love it.

  • Annandalesparky


    More than a month ago

    I give the bush a trim every now and then, otherwise it ends up looking like a Wookiees armpit!

  • SexyLexie7887


    More than a month ago

    Veet spray-on hair removal cream does a top notch job

  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    I've tried waxing,shaving and hair removal cream. I've found hair removal cream to be the most effective,I use it twice a week and I'm smooth as silk without rash or ingrown hairs.

  • countrytouch82


    More than a month ago

    Depending on the time between new playdates which might be months, if I'm going clean shaven, I will either trim most of the hair length with a pencil trimmer or clippers (assuming a hedge trimmer is not required haha), but then go to smooth with the Cleancut shaver (which is also repackaged and sold as the Pussy shaver). Feels very safe and almost never pulls at any single hair.

  • Sevart1954


    More than a month ago

    I have been shaved for years …. I use hair removal cream around my ass but for everything else …. Warm shower as advised above but I use hair conditioner … it helps soften the hair on pubis and scrotum making a NEW blade slice of the hair and not the flesh 👍👍. I use coconut oil after mmm

  • GeorgeNMildred
    Online icon


    More than a month ago

    Some gentle soapy scrubbing with a loofa-type cloth in the shower, followed by a little dab of Cetaphil after drying keeps the shaving rash away.

  • CuriousGuy4Play
    Online icon


    More than a month ago

    Without fail!

    Feels fresh!

    Smooth is best!

    So much more sensitive.. feel everything.. nice to the touch.. either playing solo or with a partner!

    And as the saying goes.. ‘A trimmed bush makes the deck look bigger’ 😈 If that matters of course… 🤪

  • Photos in private gallery


    More than a month ago

    i use a sharp disposable razor, been doing it for 25/30 years never any problem no pubic hair at all in that area totally smooth love it

  • Privacy101


    More than a month ago

    Have been waxed, used nair type products, and am currently shaving, the warm shower and a little shave cream or bodywash does the trick, do the same around the back as well.
    And it is take your time and relax whilst doing it,

  • badthoughts63


    More than a month ago

    I’ve been shaving my balls all of my adult life. At first it was awkward but now it’s easy peasy. Don’t rush is my advice.

  • Fuckudeep129


    More than a month ago

    interesting article, i always use a razer to shave my cock and balls, and around that area

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