A Penis is for Connection not Penetration


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Think about electrical sockets. You have a masculine socket and a feminine socket. Bringing them together enables the energy to flow.

One socket is not more dominant than the other, one is not more important than the other, one does not have greater needs than the other. They are equally important, they have different but equal roles to play. The masculine socket enters the feminine socket; the feminine socket receives and holds the masculine socket. Then the energy can flow.

It’s the same with intercourse. It’s not about the penis penetrating a passive vagina. That’s such an aggressive concept. It’s about the penis entering the vagina and the vagina accepting and holding the penis. The vagina needs and wants the penis as much as the penis needs and wants the vagina. Then, and only then, can the energy flow.

Different but equal. Different but complementary. Each needs the other, each matches the other, the combination makes the energy flow.

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  • G00dVibez Photo
    More than a month ago

    Dammit Jacqueline I hope I meet a woman with your concept on sexuality. I've read a few of your articles now and they really speak to me.

    It just so hard to find someone who will let go and let it be more than just sex but a connection. A connection that sometimes makes you want to melt into one another. Those rare moments when sex becomes spiritual is sooo fulfilling but fleeting. Lol but the search continues! One more hill to climb and behind that hill is another woman!

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