High Libido Women Keep Their Water Energy Simmering


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As I’ve described before, the masculine sexual energy is like fire, it comes on quickly, burns brightly and extinguishes quickly. The feminine sexual energy is like water: it takes longer to warm up, but once it’s hot it will boil and boil and boil.

The warmer the woman’s water energy is, the more open and ready she is for sex. If she enters the sex act with icy cold water energy, even frozen, then it’s going to take an awful lot of work to warm it up. She’ll either be averse to having sex or it will take so long to heat her up that one or both of them will give up before she gets anywhere.

So the common scenario of a busy modern couple, hard at work all day, occupied with kids/housework/work brought home/etc in the evening &/or vedging out in front of the TV for hours watching people being murdered and cut up on mortuary tables, getting into bed late at night and then thinking about sex…. Well, it’s not surprising that she’s not interested, her water energy is stone cold. (In fact, this scenario also causes many men to be unable to ignite their fire energy, but that’s another story.)

My feeling is that when women have high libidos, it’s not because they have a masculine fire energy, it’s because they keep their water energy simmering. (Although there are some people who have predominantly the opposite sexual energy.) What ‘keeping her water energy simmering’ means is that a woman and her partner do things to keep her open and receptive to sex.

Too many people think that a woman’s libido should be like a man’s. They feel that desire should somehow just descend upon her and she’ll be ready and gagging for it. But women are not like men, women’s sexuality complements men’s sexuality. Equal but different. The two work together to create something new and wonderful.

In the early days of a relationship women do generally feel more desirous. This is simply because all the conditions are there to keep her water energy on the boil! There’s so much anticipation, always thinking about her man, he’s on his best behaviour, treating her well, they pay attention to the way they look, what they say, what they do.

But as time passes, they get complacent. There’s no anticipation, there’s no going out of their way to make themselves special to the other. The masculine fire energy might continue to work under those conditions, but it’s rare that the feminine water energy will.

A woman’s desire is contextual, it’s not simply a biological urge. It depends enormously on how she fees and what’s going on around her.

What a woman needs to ‘keep her water simmering’ is fourfold:

  • She can’t be too tired, tiredness kills a woman’s ability to get in the mood;
  • She needs to be a pleasant environment, somewhere that makes her feel warm, safe and sensual;
  • She needs to be feeling good about herself, attractive and desirable; and
  • She needs to be getting on well with her partner.

Some of these elements she can focus on herself, and others depend on the interaction between her and her partner.

The good news is that it’s a positive feedback loop - the more these four elements are improved, the better the sexual desire and the better the sexual response, and therefore the more life improves and the sex improves!

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  • breezylouisy
    More than a month ago

    I always find you so insightful and on my wave length. I just wish these issues were more out in the open. Especially in need are so many of my acquaintances who remain divorced and very single for years, with low self image and uptight notions about their bodies. Thank god that's not me....however people are also so judgemental. So many negative anxieties surrounding sexuality for women over 40.

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