Mr. and Mrs. SR are a creative duo of veteran theatre-makers using their talents to promote awareness and understanding of ethical non-monogamous relationships, sexual positivity, consent, and identity. Their events and performances create erotic and dignified representations of ethically non-monogamous relationships. By incorporating lived experiences into their writing and performing, they are able to create intimate and sophisticated plays that truly represent the highs, lows, and excitement of non-monogamy.

Both Mr & Mrs SR are career performing artists, each with over 35 years in the industry. They have performed in theatre, TV, and film, run companies, published plays and directed award-winning productions that have toured both Australia and the world across commercial businesses, international festivals, governments and local councils. After discovering the lifestyle (after nearly 35 years together) they decided to apply their experience to represent the virtues of ethical non-monogamy, non-hetero-normative relationships, and all the sex positivity the lifestyle has to offer. 

"We want to make work that has meaning for people. It's our cultural contribution to raising awareness of 'lifestyle'-based relationships as worthwhile and shame-free