Ms Naughty is an Australian writer, editor, webmistress, filmmaker and blogger who has been making and curating porn online since 2000. 

In her pre-porn past she worked as a librarian and then as a freelance journalist, particularly writing for Australian Women’s Forum (AWF), a magazine that explored women’s sexuality and rejected the Cosmopolitan model of fashion and diets. In 2000 she started creating online adult content for women when she discovered the lack of decent women’s porn online. She was the inspiration behind For The Girls, an online magazine-based site for hetero women, followed by the Ms Naughty website. In 2008 she began her film making career under the name Louise Lush until she launched Bright Desire labelled as smart sex for smart people in 2012. Since then her films have screened at numerous international film festivals including Cinekink in New York, East Bay Briefs, Good Vibrations Quickies in San Francisco, The Sexy International Film Festival in Melbourne and the Berlin Porn Film Festival, among others. In 2017 she was named Indie Porn Icon by the Toronto International Porn Festival (formerly the Feminist Porn Awards). In October 2017 she received the PorYes European Feminist Porn Award + Audience Choice Award in Berlin.