Mistress Servalan is a professional Dominatrix who has been practicing BDSM both personally and professionally for over 20 years. She has travelled extensively and taught internationally for many years. Originally coming from a conservative, corporate background, she has created a unique practice based on intense experiences tempered with mutual respect. Her glamorous open plan playspace in Sydney’s Inner West holds well over $100,000 worth of toys and equipment from the world’s leading BDSM artisans including major pieces from Fetters UK, Mr S SF, Stockroom LA and Leatherman NYC that she has curated to create a unique environment for her submissives to explore. 

“I believe that non-sexual BDSM play is a way for us to connect with our core archetypes and power dynamics in a safe and negotiated environment. While I do see selected new slaves and enjoy introducing novices to the world of FemDom, many of my clients have been seeing me for many years and feel safe to reveal their strengths and vulnerabilities under my care.”