We-Vibe III: Sharing the Buzz


It's no secret that I am a fan of the We-Vibe range. A beautifully designed toy created specifically for sharing with your partner during intercourse. It's a great product. It's sleek and smooth, made of medical grade silicone, and has a really powerful range of buzzes and pulses to get both you and your partner tingling. In fact, after the release of the We-Vibe II, I was pretty sure they had hit their peak and couldn't do much more to improve it.

Well, I was wrong. The We-Vibe III is the next evolution and I have to say I was mighty impressed.

It doesn't look much different at all, a slim, curled up “C” shape that fits perfectly inside your vagina and against your Gspot (while leaving enough room for your partner's penis to slide in next to it) while the other end rests nicely against your clitoris and does what a good clitoral vibe should do, but the things they have changed are pretty damn good and make it even easier to use and enjoy.

Firstly there is the way it is charged. Instead of the charger connecting directly to the toy, it now comes with a great little charging container. It's a very discreet white box (it sort of looks like those automatic air freshener units) which the vibe sits in and the charger connects to that. This function means that this time, instead of just being water resistant, the We-Vibe III is fully waterproof.

The next awesome change is the way you use and go through the vibration settings. With the We-Vibe II there was that little button on the end which, when all lubed up, could get rather slippery and tricky to push down on and made me a little frustrated at times. The button feature is still there, but you don't really need to use it at all anymore because the We-Vibe III comes with a cute, easy to press, remote control.

Now, I have used remote control vibes before and am always left a little disappointed by the range in which the receiver will pick up. Usually the remote needs to be in direct sight of the toy or at least no more than a few feet away, but the We-Vibe remote is mostly amazing. I say mostly because there were a few times when it seemed to not pick up the connection, but with a bit of a shift, or another press, it usually worked again.

To test it out I tried using it with the remote behind my head, under the pillow and away to the side, and my partner even took it to the opposite side of the room and out the door to the hallway, and it pretty much worked every time. It really is an impressive little device. The next test is to take it to the supermarket and see how it goes in the aisles... But that's a whole other blog post.

It has two vibrating motors which deliver up to 40% more power than the other We-Vibe couples toys and although it has reduced the number of vibration settings from nine to six, it's kept the best ones there so I didn't feel like anything was lacking.

Like all We-Vibe products, it comes in a range of three different colours, is super easy to clean with just soap and water and comes with a one year warranty. Also, don't forget to use a water-based lube with it, because a silicone-based one will damage the silicone it is made from.

I happily give this toy a very high 8.5 out of 10 and definitely recommend it for couples.

Happy buzzing, my friends!

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