Lux LX4 Male Stimulator


Because I am (obviously) a woman, I didn't feel it right that I review the Lux LX4 cockring on my own. So I enlisted the help of my very willing (and should I say lucky) partner, Jman to test, trial and review it for you.

Before I pass over to him, I will say I noticed everything that he mentions below, including the extra hardness and girth that this toy creates.

If I have one change I would change the direction of the bullet so it sits vertically rather than horizontally for better clitoral stimulation but really, that's only a small thing compared to all the goodness this toy brings.

And now, to Jman...

I have used plenty of adult toys and love what they can do to enhance play-time. Most however are designed to ramp up the Female's stimulation. I do like these toys but the LX4 is one in the range of Power-Bullet Stimulators designed to assist Men's pleasure at play-time.

The LX4 comes in a classy big strong black box with high density foam with cut outs for the LX4 and charger hardware. The instructions are simple (I did the man thing and put them aside till I had worked most of it out anyway), charging is a breeze and the function button easy to find and straight forward to cycle through the modes. The lock feature is genius but I am not so, I did have to check the instructions to sus it out, but have it sorted now. This lets you charge LX4 up and stash it in your pocket, briefcase or overnight bag without the embarrassing buzzing moments on the train or getting to playtime and finding it flat.

The buzz felt pretty good in my hand at first, then after holding the button down for a second or two it got better and stronger till all I could think about was grabbing my lover and giving a real world test. I had to wait but it was worth it.

When it came to play time I was amazed at the sensation of having such a strong buzz constantly attached to the base of my cock. I could feel it in my pelvis and up to my ribs. This powerful vibration had me moaning, thrusting, twitching and shuddering nearly instantly. Due to this unrelenting core vibration, I thought it was going to be all over pretty quickly but the broad constricting band helped me control, delay and achieve the kind of orgasm that you wish you had all the time.

I have used vibrating cockrings before and was not that impressed, so I will admit I did not think it was going to be as good as it was. Now here is an aide that can enhance and prolong sex and that's what most men want isn't it.

Positives =Two in one; vibrator and constrictor, good at both; buzzing and controlling, good for both; you and your partner.

Negatives= A smaller size or adjustable ring may be beneficial for smaller guys or those who want to be squeezed really tight.

Overall very impressed with form and function of LX4

J man

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