G, A & Ohhh Spots


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You might not be quite sure where it is, but you’ve probably heard of the G-spot. Are you aware that there are other ‘spots’ in the vagina too?

It’s good to know the geography of your own or your partner’s vagina - there are some good spots in there! The G-spot is the one that gets all the press these days, there are whole books written about it. To be honest though, it’s not the favourite part of my vagina. It’s good, but for me the O-spot is better, and the A-spot is best of all! So where are these spots?

Ok, let’s start with some basic navigation of the vagina. Start with you or your partner lying on her back. Then insert your middle finger into the vagina. You’ll notice that on the tummy side of the vagina it feels like there is a corrugated ridge running from the entrance back into the vagina along the front wall. This is the urethral sponge, the engorging material that surrounds the urethra. As a woman becomes more aroused the urethral sponge engorges with blood and protrudes further into the vagina.

From now on, unless you’re very flexible, I’ll give the instructions for the person who’s inserting their finger into someone else’s vagina. If you’re doing it on your own, you may be able to reach these spots if you’ve got a short vagina and/or long fingers. Otherwise use a dildo for your explorations.


Follow the ridge of urethral sponge back into your vagina to the point where it disappears and hook your finger onto the edge. This is the famous G-spot. (As I’ve explained in another post, the whole urethral sponge is sometimes called the G-spot, and while pressure on the whole ridge feels good, the actual ‘spot’ is at the far end.) So, with your finger hooked so the pad of the first knuckle faces back towards the vaginal opening, press and pull.

A-Spot (also called the AFE-spot)

Still with your finger hooked to touch the G-spot, straighten your finger and insert deeper into the vagina, angled in and up so as to touch the front wall of the vagina a little further in than the G-spot, and a little to her left. It’s in front of the cervix in the soft tissue there. (The cervix is the knob-like protuberance with a dimple in the middle that you can feel at the end of the vagina). It’s a very arousing spot, which you’ll find with focused prodding.


From the A-spot, turn your hand around so it’s facing down and move your finger around the cervix until you’re on the other, with your fingertip touching the back side of the vagina. It’s opposite the A-spot. This area feels like an open cul-de-sac as this part of the vagina balloons open when a woman is aroused. Poke around there (in a sensual and loving way) and you may well find a good spot there as well.

Every woman is different, so get to know your or your partner’s vagina well. Start by locating the various good spots (and she may have others as yet uncharted).

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