How to have Public Sex without getting caught!

by Adult Match Maker - 11 August 2015 - 22 Comments

Public sex is a common fantasy and one that can add a whole lot of flavour to your sex life. 

Unfortunately it’s illegal in Australia and pretty much everywhere around the world.

In fact recently two Aussie tourists were caught having sex on a park bench near Florence’s famous Ponte Vecchio bridge. Shocked passers-by gathered around them but the pair were unfazed and only stopped when police officers arrived on the scene. Italy is a popular destination for romantic holidays but public sex will definitely get you arrested.

Of course, that’s not to say you can’t have sex in public at all. You’ve just got to be smart about it. Here are our suggestions for getting back to nature or exploring your inner exhibitionist without ending up behind bars. 

Your Home

We're not talking about stripping off and doing the do on your front nature strip but open the doors, open the blinds and get a taste of public sex without the risk.  Obviously you need to show respect towards your neighbours and their domestic situation. The idea of getting caught might be a turn on but it's not worth traumatising some poor person who really doesn't want to see you bumping uglies through their kitchen window. But a quickie up against the wall leading out to your balcony mid week while kids are at school and neighbours are at work will certainly give you a taste for naughty ventures. Even better if you have a private roof deck which can hide you from the world below. 

At a controlled venue

Fulfil all your sexual fantasies without a police officer in sight at a venue where everyone involved is there for the same reason.  In most states this will mean either a venue licensed for adult fun (sex on premises Swingers Club) or a party at a private residence. Of course if you live in Victoria the laws are a little different and some parties, such as Saints & Sinners Ball, hold their parties in clubs where pink bits and sexual activity are permitted.

Remember that just because you’re headed to a sex party doesn’t mean you have to have sex with people there - you can simply enjoy being watched, watching others, or knowing that someone could walk in on you and your partner any second. For nervous newbies we suggest reading the article written by our lifestyle expert Chantelle about attending your first swingers party.

Alternatively, host a sex party in your own home. You decide the rules and the guests, and you get the comforts of home without any of the privacy issues. 

On the web

As much as we thank the Internet gods every day for helping us find sexy adults all around Australia, there’s even more to be thankful for. 

Putting your sex life on tape, or streaming it live, is a seriously provocative act that will have you embracing your inner porn star. For tips on how to totally nail this artform, check out our guide to making your own sex tape.  Of course, it’s important to remember that anything you upload onto the internet is there forever - so making a sex tape is something you should think long and hard about before going forward.

And of course, our members need no encouragement when it comes to the Adult Match Maker Webcam Chat Room.  If you like the idea of being watched then logon and let your exhibitionism run wild! 

A private space

If nothing but a fresh breeze and the feel of the sun on your back will do, you can still take it outside. Think about private spaces you know are perfectly safe from prying eyes, such as your back garden, or on the deck of a private boat (far from the eyes of any nearby boaties). 

Don’t have one of your own? Take a look at holiday homes you can rent that don’t have any neighbours close enough to check out what’s happening in the spa or the gazebo.  Or perhaps hire a hotel suite, throw those curtains open, and indulge in a little exhibitionism.  After all, it's often not so much about the location but the fact that someone might see you. We recommend you check if the windows are tinted and consider who might be in adjoining buildings.  

Remember the Christchurch co-workers whose steamy sexual office encounter was watched, and filmed, by onlookers at a nearby pub.  Although not strictly "outdoor" the well lit windows served up some entertainment that pub patrons were not expecting. So scope out your locations thoughtfully and consider buildings which oversee your location as well as those adjacent.

Of course if money isn't an issue, you can always holiday on your own deserted island, hire a luxury yacht or google exotic holiday locations around the world where the laws are more relaxed but on Aussie soil it's just not on.

There’s only one way getting arrested for public sex can be a bad thing, and that’s if the officer clicking your handcuffs in place is actually a real police officer. Keep it kinky while keeping it legal and you can do it as often as you like, because the only thing better than public sex, is regular public sex. 

So we want to know, have you ever had sex in public?


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  1. trusted8

    More than a month ago
    Years ago, my girlfriend was always horny, so at lunchtime I would pick her up and take her to an industrial location in Richmond (not so romantic) and she would mount me in the passenger seat (face to face) with her on her knees. Often, depending on the timing, the factory workers would be on their way back from the food shops as they passed my car and clap and cheer, acknowledging our antics. It was always a reason to smile and have reason to do it again. She, felt like a porn star.
  2. jimel14

    More than a month ago
    You'd see in our interests list "bush sex" - we really enjoy bushland settings - (in warmer weather, here in Vict)
    Sometimes people could see us from afar, we've been mostly cautious and secretive - hoping some random bushwalkers might start of the path and engage a bit.
    Bush sex has quite animalistic and wild connotations for us......
    Next warmer weather we think we might get more bold and hang out near some paths and see who comes down the path -- mind you last time we had this in mind a troop of 30 or so young scouts emerged from round the bend - they were noisy enough that we had some warning!!
    We are fascinated to think that a couple might see what's going and respond similarly... (we are open to suggestions about this from genuine people)
  3. wildone76

    More than a month ago
    Had outdoor sex with a friend many years ago on the River Torrens riverbank near the Zoo. It was totally unplanned and it was convenient she was wearing a skirt and a G-String for easy access. I was pretty much naked for by the time we were finished and we didn't get caught.
  4. Handyman1943

    More than a month ago
    Gr8 Fun have done it in day light several times on a blanket on a riverbank in country Victoria stripped off and played and fucked about an hour in all, One time a car went past sure they saw us made lady friend cum so gr8 I came hard inside her 2.
  5. SassySandy

    More than a month ago
    Did it just last week in broad day light on a quiet beach...(NOT BEHIND BUSHES) on an open beach, then a few months ago on another beach on a dune.....was lotsa fun......a bit quick tho in order NOT to get caught....who can resist the cocktail of, sun, sand, oil, water and COCK!!!!! MMMMMMM
  6. Zamboon

    More than a month ago
    Often in a carpark at Mt Cootha, and then driving around the mountain cct was quite good after offering the lady in question a lift home from work - her husband was quite appreciative of my courtesy...
  7. HotwifeB

    More than a month ago
    On a warm tropical beach, but a long walk from the nearest carpark.

    Police are lazy :)
  8. theplayground69

    More than a month ago
    Not many people seem to know about Cap d'Agde in South France. It is a nudist village by the beach and is legal and allowed on the beach especially during broad daylight. Many swingers clubs in the village to continue your sexual activities during the night. There are many videos posted on the it and enjoy! Btw the village is visited by 40k people a day during high season...:D
    Account Closed

    Account Closed

    More than a month ago
    Yes Cap d'Agde is on my bucket list. What a crazy place ;)
  9. Marceline

    More than a month ago
    We've been caught out a few times in remote locations, just had a giggle and packed up...
    The best however was a french couple catching us out in the open at roadside camping ground during the night and they decided to put on a show of their own after they realized we knew they where watching. Naughty little backpackers :)
  10. 1DoorMan

    More than a month ago
    In a lift was good no cameras in those days. its all about the act and not getting caught.
  11. beachboy45

    More than a month ago
    have often had sex at sunnyside beach in melb When you are naked with a lady it happens and it happens a lot down there Had a fuck there one day with a lady friend with another couple next to us who were very intrigued watching
  12. mauricegerard

    More than a month ago
    share outdoors sex with a regular casual partner weekly...even driving whilst getting head...being careful of is also a thrill to have the girl sucking as you go thru the drive thru and or our fav is a local chicken place where we indulge in head while we are eating in and the waitress brings our order...waiting for "that" one waitress to join us


    More than a month ago
    I am confused who is getting the head sounds like just u. She must b very understanding and accommodating one lucky guy I would say


    More than a month ago
    Yeah we did that too............ driving home at night she would get my cock out and give me head, very hard to concentrate but lol
  13. sweet.dreams2

    More than a month ago
    Thank you, very helpful. I'll rock on attempting to great locations around Canberra. Maybe other Canberrians could help me out with suggestions ;)


    More than a month ago
    I found a winery off Majura Road was the perfect place. One day after tasting a few wines with some lovely antipasta and cheeses we were feeling amorous so we put on the required gumboots and trekked up the hill in the vineyard. We started off by taking some naughty pictures posing trying to make gum boots look sexy lol, which ended in great out door sex. At the time Majura Road was being worked on by heaps of workmen below made it even more exciting.
  14. msviolet

    More than a month ago
    Yes I hv many times in my younger days, hving sex anywhere other than bed is public to me. it is something different and challenging.
    i was seeing this Irish backpacker, we went to a party as they do house full of people watching some kind of sport. We.decided to go downstairs in.the shared was kind of dark. It was fun best part I remember he piggy backed me.all the way upstairs see the look on everyones face. The balcony overlooked the outside laundry, yep they had.a free show and we got.lots of drinks nd cheers. Young and stupid i still remember that day very clearly because I am such a reserved person in public.
    oh yes, i was dating the same guy, met him at central st after work one evening he came running from other end of country platform hugged md kissed me all everyone watched on lol like sumthing from romantic girly movie..we went to.his pl. Yep hundreds of house so he took the mattress, blanket middle.of winter nd bottle of wine to the roof top for privacy. We lay on.the mattress watched the stars was soo beautiful and on the roof top. Umm I never thought I could do it in public. As i said young and stupid.
    i dont think I could do that these days.maybe if I had a spontaneous and bone to the bone partner in crime I might consider it.
  15. Robnsw2005

    More than a month ago
    I fuck my girlfriend on a park bench at lunch time once in uk.
    she was wearing a skirt, I got my cock out and she sat on it, as people walk past on the close pathway I stopped, then started again when it was clear, I did cum in her and then we stopped, but really was GREAT
  16. Dogginginmelb

    More than a month ago
    Playing with people who do this regularly is the key.
    Random attempts are usually a disaster


    More than a month ago
    Very true


    More than a month ago
    Not always :))

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