What if My Partner Breaks the Rules!

This article goes into some of the reasons why a partner might break the rules, and the best ways to handle it, recover and move forward together. It’s not an easy topic to talk about regardless of if you are the one who broke the rules or the one who didn’t.

Vanilla Etiquette

04 January 2017
Is it OK to openly flirt with playmates in public when you’re out with vanilla friends? This article explores acceptable behaviour when you're out with your non-swinging or non-kinky friends.

How do you Know if You're Ready to Swing?

How do you know it’s time to strip off naked and join in the swinging fun? While there are many signs that let you know your relationship is ready to join in the fun at the swinging playground, there are a few that stand out as essential ingredients to ensure the success of your vanilla-to-swinger transition.