When it comes to facials, are there health risks?

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20 April 2017
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I’m a bit curious about facials, you know, the sex kind where he comes on your face, but I’m also a bit concerned. Are there health risks? Is it degrading? Any help or advice would be great, thanks!

Do female arousal gels work?

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07 March 2017
Our latest Q&A article talks about female arousal gels and if they work, how they work and what’s available in Australia.

How do I keep my vagina healthy?

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11 August 2016
Your vagina is an amazing machine that can do all sorts of wonderful things to keep itself healthy! In fact, your vagina basically does all the work for you! That's how incredible it is.

What do you do with an uncircumcised penis?

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23 June 2016
It can be quite daunting not only jumping into the world of dating and sex after a long relationship, but also navigating bodies we're not used to, regardless of specific differences like foreskins or not.

Why can't I cum from a blow job?

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23 February 2016
Can’t come from a blow job? Don’t stress. It’s more common than you’d think and there are a few techniques you can try to help you come when the time is right.