25 Crazy Sex Laws Around the World

by Adult Match Maker - 14 January 2017 - 4 Member Comments
You would assume that what you do behind closed doors with another consenting adult (within reason) is your own business. Read the 25 craziest sex laws we discovered and be very grateful you live in Australia.

BDSM Basics: The Kink Dictionary

by MisKnickers - 06 January 2017 - 7 Member Comments
Language is constantly growing and changing, and even more so in the kink community, as it finds some mainstream acceptance. This is a fairly comprehensive beginner’s guide to the 100 most common words in a kink conversation.

How to navigate your Lovemap

by Adult Match Maker - 28 December 2016 - 7 Member Comments
When you are aware of your lovemap it gives you an element of control to make more educated decisions about romantic or sexual partners and your sexual desire.

BDSM Basics: Impact Play

by MisKnickers - 06 December 2016 - 18 Member Comments
Impact play is simply mutual gratification (sexual or otherwise) from repetitive contact to the body. It’s about loving the sensation of the hits, swats, lashes, spanks, floggings, whippings, wallops, smacks, whacks, thumps and slaps, the high it can elicit and the marks it leaves.