7 Ways To Get Kinky In Public

22 June 2017
Are you ready to take your kink off the leash and let it out of the bedroom? Although some would argue there’s no practical way to play consensually in a public space there are activities that can be incorporated into some public fun.

How Do You Finger a Woman?

15 June 2017
The vagina and all its bits are a curious and delicate system of folds and nerves and skin and deliciousness and requires far more care than a bit of rough poking! Here are our sexpert’s tips on how to best finger a woman.

A Day in the Life of a Pro Domme

Adult Match Maker
02 June 2017
Welcome to our new blog series “Chicks in Charge” where we chat to women who have carved a successful niche in the adult industry. First in our series is Mistress Servalan, one of Australia’s most respected, and successful Pro Dommes

How to Survive a Sex Drought

Let’s get real, sex droughts are common in long-term relationships - indeed they’re normal. And anyone who tells you differently is lying and/or selling something. The good news is you can stoke those fires of passion once more if you’re prepared to work at it.

Spice Up Your playtime with Role Play

15 April 2017
Spicing up your playtime with role-play can be a great way to add variety and horniness to your sex life, and you don't even have to spend a lot or be an international Cosplay star to do it properly, all you really need is imagination and the desire to have fun!

Making you orgasm makes a man feel manly

Adult Match Maker
29 March 2017
High five if you gave your partner an orgasm? A new study has revealed that men who think sexually pleasuring their partner is important may, in fact, be doing it to boost their own ego.