Eva Sless

Eva Sless is an Australian writer who specialises in sex with a focus on education and pleasure. For over fifteen years her words, thoughts, and insights into the amazing world of sex and sexuality have been educating and entertaining audiences from around the world. She was the author of the popular column “Sophie Loves Sex” which ran for 3 years in People Magazine as well as writing many other sex-based articles and reviews for People Magazine, Birdee, Penthouse and Mother and Baby magazine as well as being a regular blogger for the Australian Sex Party and Adult Match Maker. Winner of Best Blogger in the Australian Adult Industry Awards 2016

From sex toy reviews and personal anecdotes to researched advice and education for young women, Eva is often referred to as the Indiana Jones of sex: Wild and exploratory and a little bit silly... With a classroom element.

Articles by Eva Sless

A Labia Tale: The low down on down below

by Eva Sless - 24 September 2016 - 63 Member Comments
Just like you know your burger isn't going to look like the picture on the wall at Maccas, you really need to understand that your genitals won't look like they do in a magazine,and that it's okay that they don't because just like the burger, it's still gonna taste damn good and give you a lot of pleasure!