The Ultimate Sexual Bucket List

by Eva Sless - 10 March 2015 - 44 Comments

The Ultimate Sexual Bucket List

Ever since the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson people have been getting on the Bucket List bandwagon and I for one am happy to budge up and make room for others on this trend. I love them! Whether it's something awe-inspiring like climbing Everest or a silly personal goal like eating every single flavour of Tim Tam ever made, creating a list of things you want to do before you die is a great way to set future goals and work out what and where you want to be in life. Or just have some awesome fun that you probably normally wouldn't in your everyday life.

I reckon, though, everyone needs a few different lists. One for your career, one for your experiences of once-in-a-life-time things and, probably my favourite, one for your sex life.

Let's face it, sex is awesome. Expanding your mind and discovering new sexy things to do is even more awesome and I truly believe there are some sexy things everyone should try at least once in their life. Adult Match Maker's recent Sex Survey found that Aussies have an extensive list of sexual fantasies.

So here it is, my sexy bucket list suggestions that will open your eyes and your world to some of the most amazing sexual experiences you'll ever have.

Go to a Sex Club

Whether it's a swinger's party or a BDSM club or a live sex show, there's nothing more exciting than being in a room full of erotically charged people. Find an event in your area (the Adult Match Maker Events Section is the best place to start searching) and find one that suits your needs and curiosity. There are all sorts of different nights and parties to suit all tastes and experience levels (yes, there are even events that cater for single guys). Find a beginners night or ones that encourage first-timers if you're a bit nervous about being thrown in the deep end, and go experience something new!

Have a Same-Sex Experience

I kissed a girl and I liked it. In fact, I liked it so much I do it as often as I can and encourage everyone (yes, everyone, boys too) to see what it's like to indulge in the sensuality of a person who shares your gender. You don't have to even fuck them. It could just be a threesome or group play session. Be comfortable with your sexuality! It won't make you gay. It won't send you blind. It won't cause the world to end... But it may just cause you to open up a whole new world and dimension to your sex life.

Play Outside

Now I don't necessarily mean boning away in the middle of the street, I mean not only is that illegal but you do have to remember we live in a society and not everyone wants to see you bumping uglies in the marketplace, but there are ways and means of “getting off in public” that can be so subtly done no-one but you and your partner will ever know. Having your partner rub their hands between your legs while you sit in the back booth of an inner-city cafe, sneaking into the airplane loos to join the Mile-High Club, hiding behind the sand dunes at the beach. You won't believe the rush you get from the exciting risk of getting spotted and the intimate sharing of a secret that no-one else is aware of.

Play a Sex Game

You can buy specialised sex games at heaps of adult shops or you could make up your own version like strip monopoly or naked hide and seek. Play with food, and ropes and blindfolds. Getting sexy while playing and having fun is awesome. Laughing and sex go hand in hand and you find so many of your inhibitions go out the window. Give it a go!

Have a Faceless Sexual Experience

I don't mean necessarily literally, like in a dark room or wearing masks. Go out and have a one night stand. Pick up a person in a club or on an online site with the sole purpose of having a one-off experience. No strings. No names. No phone numbers. Just go for it. Liberate yourself!! (But remember to be safe!)

Go to a Sex Ed Class

Learn the art of Tantra or take a course in shibari rope tying. There are classes and workshops you can take on how to spank, how to learn how to squirt, the art of strip-tease, pole-dance, burlesque. I have seen information sessions on sex toys and anal sex. There are always new things to learn and taking a class run by a professional who knows their stuff is a great way to learn all about them.

There are so many new and exciting experiences out there to indulge in, and we only live one life, so get out there! You could even combine some of them. Like having a faceless experience in a BDSM club with a person of the same sex. Orgasmify your world with an experience like no other and start ticking things off your sexual bucket list!

Do you have a story you'd like to share with other members about crossing something off your bucket list? We'd love to read all about it in our Member Stories


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  1. JessicaLou

    More than a month ago
    Personally i like to call mine a 'fucket' list
  2. HoildayinSyd26

    More than a month ago
    Yeah that was very basic. You have to be kidding right?
  3. kinkeykink

    More than a month ago
    Gee I thought I was going to read something new and exciting.
  4. tacokisses

    More than a month ago
    Nice. Done them all and would love to try them again :)
  5. Whenwemeet

    More than a month ago
    I didn't know that all excisted I will try it all at 84 I have to hurry any one that can help me,very much appreciated.
  6. bigasia

    More than a month ago
    Love hard xxx
  7. AMM.Events

    More than a month ago
    @pleasingcple check the Events section for Tantra workshops and there is another article by Eva about Squirting which you can read.
  8. pleasingcple

    More than a month ago
    Would luv to do tantra. Squirt. Orgasm freely. Where do u get info on there.
  9. pleasingcple

    More than a month ago
    I'd like to try d p. Woman fuck me with a strap on. Sex on a train. Sex party. Gang bang. Two woman fighting over me and pleasing me while I lap it up. Plus lots more.
  10. bingbang45

    More than a month ago
    Do ladyboys in Thailand count as same sex?!!! It's a starting point on what should be an amazing journey but you only find out by going out and trying it.
  11. Brisbanelion69

    More than a month ago
    Likewise....all the above... Even in an outdoor hot tub in the arctic forest...!

    More than a month ago
    That's a fairly basic bucket list. There are so many other amazing things to do. I think this one is aimed at people not already on this website.
  13. serg685

    More than a month ago
    bucket list?get real,,i enjoy life as I go who cares whether I do it or not is all in your mind,,enjoy what you have got and while you do yeah?
  14. thepervs40

    More than a month ago
    how about cuckolding ?
  15. katkat1

    More than a month ago
    Cert on my to do list .
    The sex club and tantra classes.
    A faceless stranger nice nice nice
  16. Mr.Austin

    More than a month ago
    yep, all bar same sex experience which is in the pipe line...
  17. sweetcheeks111

    More than a month ago
    I agree with most other comments. That is a very common list of sexual desires. Most sexual ppl like myself would have done most or all of them.
    Some fantantic memories...
  18. freshmeatxxx

    More than a month ago
    check, check and all check :)
  19. Daddydom66

    More than a month ago
    All done.
    Have my own more sinister sexual list im currently working through.
  20. Biker67

    More than a month ago
    damn done all that already its not very exciting really, oh well it was an interesting read
  21. Blondiebaby

    More than a month ago
    Mmmmmm bbc Gang bang !!!

  22. Leolady727

    More than a month ago
    I still have ONE thing on my bucket list - a DP


    More than a month ago
    And what still on your list
  23. Mindmatters

    More than a month ago
    DeliciousEva luck has little to do with any of those experiences. Drive, curiosity and action has much more to do with it. We all can have the exact same opportunities like everybody else if you only realize your challenges and educate yourself so that you can surround yourself with opportunities to explore or creating those opportunities yourself.

  24. Muzza139

    More than a month ago
    Great list and great aspirations...satisfying I achieved what I aspired to experience and it just happened so now a bigger list is needed.. enjoy your sexuality folks and remember 'If it feels good - Just do it' The world is a wonderful place!
  25. DeliciousEva

    More than a month ago
    You're very lucky, MissPandora.
    you and me and many other people have had the awesome luxury of being able to explore and indulge in some amazingly awesome experiences.

    But, as you can see from many of the comments, not everyone has been that lucky, due to a myriad of factors...

    This list is for them. For the timid, the nervous, the don't-wanna-be-vanilla-anymore-but-not-sure-where-to-start members of the world.

    To a billionaire a ride on a private jet to a private island might get boring... But to the majority of the world, just getting on a red-eye flight to a new city can be an experience of a lifetime.

    We're the lucky billionaires. Be grateful! And kind.


  26. Sultry78

    More than a month ago
    Done all of this, never realised it was some people's bucket list...
  27. bardot262

    More than a month ago
    Anal sex receiving & group sex& gang bang only thing left for me
  28. andy0071

    More than a month ago
    I can't even get my bucket list started well got married had kids it's started but with a shelter life I just want too get out and do everything that I possibly can before I am to old and fat as some already think I am
  29. tallong

    More than a month ago
    Get in now and do it all, because beleive me, when you get up in years, everyone seems to go of the boil. Im 76 and still want to do it outside, but partners are very scarce.
  30. misspandora101

    More than a month ago
    Well is that all. .boring bucket list... Maybe that's why I call mine the fuckit list...done all of mine except fuck on famous landmarks around the world have to sell my house to afford that fantasy
  31. jinxee999

    More than a month ago
    Your bucket list is only limited by your imagination and the size of your bucket....thank god for a active and fertile imagination
  32. DeliciousEva

    More than a month ago
    Luv181 Yeah absolutely start it slow and comfortable for you. You don't need to go jumping in to anything. It's not necessarily even about the sex with them, but about the broadening your sexual horizons and becoming as comfortable and in tune with your own sexuality as you can possibly be.
    Enjoy the ride!
  33. DeliciousEva

    More than a month ago
    When you've tried them all you can't start making up new combinations!
    Endless fun!
    Add toys. And other people. And whipped cream.
    Ooh... There's so much fun to be had out there!

  34. aussieboy200355

    More than a month ago
    all except the same sex ... not my cup of tea ... but there is a couple of fantasies id like to try with a woman who can squirt
  35. iluv2play4fun64

    More than a month ago
    I am looking to try the same sex thing,but I would a female present too I think.
  36. reefexplorer1

    More than a month ago
    Wow this sounds like lots of fun. Playing outside is always fun. Maybe I should try the same sex thing as well?
  37. funtwo13

    More than a month ago
    Wheewww. Nearly there!
    Where does one find contact details for the sex ed classes (those a bit more than mainstream)?
  38. PabsJustPabs

    More than a month ago
    Good article.. but like wanting to & naughty .. Need a new list.
  39. mkyguy38

    More than a month ago
    Sounds like a plan. although have done a lot of them I'd like to do them again.

    More than a month ago
    Looks like I need a bigger bucket list, as I have done all of them already ??????


    More than a month ago
    Hahahaa agreed
  41. wantingtoplay40

    More than a month ago
    well thats the bucket list for me all done :-( now to find new stuff to add

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