The Bottom Line on Anal Sex Taboos

by Eva Sless - 27 January 2015 - 32 Member Comments
The Bottom Line on Anal Sex Taboos

It's funny isn't it... In this modern world of sex sex sex, with half naked pop stars riding on giant wrecking balls, TV shows where people have actual sex in a box in front of a live studio audience, and a highly graphic story of BDSM becoming an international bestseller, that we still find it “taboo” and “naughty” to talk about anal sex. I find this particularly interesting because, according to the Adult Match Maker Under the Covers Sex Survey, in which over seven thousand people responded, fantasising about anal sex was almost right up the top. Ahead of porn, ahead of swinging and role play, and on absolute par with sex toys, and almost half of all women respondents admitted to enjoying it.

But, in spite of this, for some reason there just seems to be something inherently “bad” about it and talking about it, or admitting you do it and like it, is just not done.

Well screw that! Regardless of whether or not you have done it, want to do it, enjoy it or don't there is absolutely nothing weird or freaky or wrong about it at all. Okay, so it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but then neither is a cup of tea and you don't get people calling you a kinky weirdo if you prefer coffee.

Anal sex is just as normal, and can be just as enjoyable, as any sex act. It's about the individual's choice and personal preferences. Male or female, straight, gay, bi whatever. It has nothing to do with being gay. Nothing to do with being strange. Nothing to do with anything but the enjoyment of a sexual act that makes you feel good. And it really can feel good!

There are hundreds of nerve endings in the anus that can be aroused during anal sex. The tightness of the fit and the angle in which you're penetrated can also stimulate nerve endings and areas inside the vagina. The male prostate, which is located inside the anus, is a treasure trove of pleasure and sexual enjoyment for a guy and, yes I'll admit it, the whole taboo side of it, as much as it is unnecessary and unwarranted, can be a very powerful aphrodisiac indeed.

We've all heard the horror stories. The pain, the mess, the susceptibility of STIs and yes, these things aren't made up boogyman stories, they're true... But they aren't the be all and end all, and there are ways to prevent these things from ruining your experience.

Take it slow, like really really slow. Use lots of lube. Start small with fingers or toys. Work yourself up to full penetration. Play around with angles and positions. If one feels too tight or uncomfortable, try something else.

Empty your bowels beforehand and have a shower to clean around the entrance. A healthy person will rarely have poo left in the anal cavity after it's been expelled but, if you're really worried, you can douche the area to ease your mind.

Always wear a condom and remember, when swapping between anal and vaginal sex the condom must be changed. Getting bacteria from the anus into the vagina is a huge health risk and can cause all sorts of problems. And make sure any toys you use are cleaned with a proper toy cleaner.

There is so much more we could go into but my articles aren't a detailed "how to" guide, I just want to make your toes tingle and I love writing about these topics which just don't get talked about enough.

Honestly, it's time to take away the taboo, the embarrassment, the shame. If it's something you're into then go ahead! Do it! Enjoy it! Revel in it! Don't let anyone else dictate to you what is sexy or enjoyable. It's your sex life, your orgasm... No buts about it!

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32 Member Comments

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  1. WellhungGuySyd.

    More than a month ago
    I really enjoy giving anal sex, from experience I find that if the other person is more relaxed, uses lots of lube and has their ass teased and worked over gently before hand, that can make a huge difference.
    I also have a lady friend that always makes herself cum while I'm giving her anal, with her on her back, ass on the end of the bed/ table / chair , legs spread and her rubbing herself with her hand and sometimes with a vibrating dildo. She says the combined feeling is amazing.
  2. Rockyman1960

    More than a month ago
    A few women I have known have not been keen initially but generally because they believed they shouldn't admit to the intrigue. I have never had anal sex with a woman who hasn't at least enjoyed it and occasionally preferred it. I agree that you need to go slow and stretch gently - tongue, fingers, lube, maybe toy before cock ... but then fees so good for both - unfortunately I still can't last very long once my cock is deep inside that tight, yummy cavity!!
  3. iamhorney333

    More than a month ago
    anal sex has been practiced in Europe and especially in the middle east when a girl wants to keep her boyfriend and still be a virgin on her wedding day for her husband
  4. Leolady727

    More than a month ago
    I really enjoy anal, but don't put it on my list of interests. This is because I once had a message from a guy saying "So, will I be wiping sh*t off my dick" - I found this extremely revolting and disrespectful. Some men on this site should stick to cheap hookers - that's all they deserve.
  5. DeliciousEva

    More than a month ago
    For 4Erioed

    Normalising is such a loaded word. Because it lends itself to the idea that it is otherwise "abnormal" and that's simply not the case.

    You know, people used to carry on about "normalising" pre-marital sex or homosexuality or other sexual practices that are deemed "taboo".
    The key issue in any sexual contact and experience is consent. If the people you are meeting/sleeping with are not respecting you enough to ask or discuss or realise that everyone's preferences are different, my suggestion is to find new people to have sex with.
    There is nothing "abnormal" about anal sex. There are just different people with different tastes.
    Not being into it is as normal and okay as wanting to do it every time you have sex... Like I said, it's about consent and communication.


  6. arthur28453

    More than a month ago
    I find its not all its cracked up to be.
  7. Farmer30s

    More than a month ago
    if it feels good go for it!
    its very sexy licking a girls arse and having it in return. also fingers and toys are fun to play with, should not be taboo! its just a very sensitive and sexual area to enjoy! go for it. :)
  8. 4Erioed

    More than a month ago
    The problem with normalising anal sex and saying it is just like normal sex is I find 99.9% of guys expect it. Not ask about, not talk about it, but just expect to get it and act like you're weird if you don't want it. I'm not saying it's good or bad depending on people's preferences, but keep in mind the more popular it becomes, the more weird and strange girls who don't want it are treated :(
  9. BiReciever14

    More than a month ago
    Nothing like Receiving anal sex i Love it just wishes i could Land more cock in my arse Mmmm. Oh yes and I'm male and Orgasm from my arse....
  10. PleaseMrSirr

    More than a month ago
    OMG.... Face down ass up, that is all i have to say
  11. Funnyone1

    More than a month ago
    Anal is like nothing else give or receive I love anal
  12. Bothways72

    More than a month ago
    I agree 100% with CaptainSCK, and with myself being bi, I can truely sympathise with a lot of women whom have had previous bad, forced, anal experiences with 'Mr Average', who seem to have no idea what the meaning of slowly/gently is:-/
    ....hmmmm, i can honestly agree with the time old women's saying's of-'pathetic male's', and 'simple male's'!!! ....even more so when aroused, and there brain certainly does indeed seem to shift from the head on their shoulder's, down to the one that when's hard, seems to half their mental IQ! Lol!
    And as for 'buxombitch's' comment...all i can say are one truely lucky bitch havin an 11 incher at your mercy!!!!!
  13. enak79

    More than a month ago
    Anal...Love it,giving and receiving.Girls,guys and Transgender. Being "pegged" yes. Like Buxsomb..It is for me a real turn on seeing and feeling your cock disappearing up a tight hot holes barred 3 or moresomes....ecstacy!
  14. buxombitch

    More than a month ago
    I love anal sex. When im seriously turned on I can take my husbands mate whom is 11" balls deep & i orgasm. Trick is to get seriously turned on first.
  15. Merman247

    More than a month ago
    Nothing better!! My ex loved it, I've had a lubed finger which is very nice and I would allow a lady to peg me if she was slow and gentle with me.
  16. Buzz1960

    More than a month ago
    No taboo around here. If it brings orgasms, squirting and smiles, get to it!

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