How do I keep my vagina healthy?

by Adult Match Maker - 11 August 2016 - 13 Member Comments

Q: I'm really self conscious about how clean and smelly my vagina is when it comes to oral and sex. I prefer to have a shower before sex, but sometimes, that can't always happen. I'm always concerned about what the other party is thinking while "down there". Am I normal in this concern? Do you have any tips on keeping clean and fresh? Does it make any difference if I am hairy or waxed? Any advice would be great.

I have always referred to the vagina as a self-cleaning oven because really, in the grand scheme of things, it is. It's very, very efficient in looking after itself and making sure it's fresh and healthy. It does this mostly by use of discharge. You know, that white and sometimes slimy stuff that can get on your knickers? Depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle, the discharge can change from a see-through viscous substance, all the way to a sort of lumpy white substance that looks a bit like the glue paste you used to use in primary school. Discharge should not have a strong, unpleasant odour to it and, if it does, is usually an underlying sign of infection or illness and should be seen by a doctor. In saying that, however, certain foods you eat can definitely change the smell of your vagina, and there will always be scents coming from it, but those strong smells of bad fish? They are not normal and really should have it checked out.

Washing your bits should be as simple as wetting a sponge or flannel in the shower and wiping her like you do when you go to the toilet. Strong soaps can dry it out and cause the pH balances to go a bit out of whack, so it's always a good idea to use a soap free shower gel or pH balanced soap. Never, under ANY circumstances, should you clean the inside of your vagina, and this absolutely includes douching! Douching is the practice of pushing water up into the vagina (usually by way of  a pump) and there are so many things that are bad about it it can even, in extreme cases, lead to infertility and death. Your vagina is a finely tuned machine that has all the bits and bobs in it to keep it safe and healthy, flushing all those things out of it can cause infections, thrush and other bacterial issues, and all the foreign microscopic bacteria and nasties that you are introducing in there by way of the water, can pass through the cervix, into your uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries and really really fuck them up. For a super-quick clean, if you're really worried and don't have time for a shower, use an unscented baby wipe to give yourself a speedy clean.

Always wipe front to back when you've gone to the toilet to avoid any bacteria from your anus getting inside, and try and wear mostly cotton underwear so you allow her to breathe. Constantly wearing satin and nylon (yes even stockings) can stifle the airflow in that area and lead to things like thrush.

It's a really good idea to avoid things like sugar getting in there so make sure if you use flavoured lubricants etc, that they are sugar-free, and, if you're into food play, be aware that introducing foreign particles into the vagina can be dangerous to her health.

If you wanna shave, wax, trim or whatever, that's entirely your choice. Pubic hair can aid in helping to stop bacteria and other dust bits get inside, and can also help trap pheromones that can help us attract compatible mates, but overall, hair or not, as long as you make sure you wash and wipe correctly she should be fine. And, if you do groom, try and make sure you don't use too many soaps or oils down there as they can have a detrimental effect.

All in all, if someone is down there and enjoying themselves, you can be assured she is in perfect health. And never forget, your vag is your best girlfriend, so look after her, treat her well, and she will thank you with orgasms and sexiness for a very long time.

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  1. bi4bi6969

    More than a month ago
    Wondering after all this. What could cause a bitter taste in a female. My GF has this and has had gyno investigate and he has tested and tested., he says only use water. and never Douche but she douches once a week now with 1/4 tsp bi carb and water and gets her vagina tasting squeaky clean. She puts it down to age and bodies changing. Gyno strongly recommends no douching but if it makes you taste better why wouldn't you is what we say. sweet is much nicer over sour. I would be interested in others comments on this, I know I frequently make sure I taste sweet. What else were toys for . :)


    More than a month ago
    What DynamicCouple said.
    It's super super bad for her to be douching. Not only for the reasons stated in the above comment but for reasons I wrote in the piece... It can actually lead to internal problems, infertility, even death in an extreme case.
    If her doctor has not found anything wrong then it is most likely (as said in above comment) a dietary thing.

    If you're still worried about taste, go buy some flavoured lubes. There are some brilliant ones that are so good you could put on ice cream!
    Try the Wicked flavoured range.

    No. More. Douching!!!


    More than a month ago
    The vagina needs to be at an optimal PH to function well and not have any nasty smells & bitter tastes.

    Douching with bicarb is going to make it more alkaline which is not a good thing.

    If she has tested negative for UTI's, Yeast infections, then the bitterness could be as a result of what she is eating (her diet might make her system acidic,), it could be as a result of smoking or medications or even her health.

    Get her to wash externally with MultiGyn wash and then for 5 days insert MultiGyn flora plus, at night before bed. This will promote the lactic acid flora that have to be in the vagina. The bicarb would have killed them off .

    No more bicarb !!
  2. DynamicCouple

    More than a month ago
    And for the males that stick your tongue in the woman's anus and from there into the vagina, this is no no , and a sure way to cause a UTI


    More than a month ago
    Agree, and also fingers. I have met men who think they can put a finger in the anus and then back in the vagina. NO.
  3. SassySandy

    More than a month ago
    HAHA!!!!! Always done the "Apple cider vinegar" wash, it does wonders!!!!


    More than a month ago
    my doctor used to tell me to use a dash of vinegar in water and flannel to wash. I never use soaps.


    More than a month ago
    Thanks for the tip :))

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