Explore cross dressing on our sex positive adult website

Cross dresser in makeup, wig and little black dress admiring reflection in mirror

Whatever your reason for frocking up, you will find Adult Match Maker a welcoming sex positive adult website for cross dressers to express themselves. Whether it’s to chat to like-minded members, explore your sexuality, or the desire to feel accepted and part of a broader, more open-minded sex-positive community, Adult Match Maker offers all this and more to our cross dressing members.

What is cross dressing?

A cross dresser is anyone who wears clothes gendered opposite to the biological sex they were born with, and the best way to describe it is an outward expression of an inner feeling. Our resident sexpert MisKnickers has written about it extensively on her blog article Welcome to the World of the Cross Dresser. She explains in her article that it’s usually either a form of gender expression or for sexual gratification of a fetish.

Cross dressers express in many ways: some wear female lingerie under their normal male clothes: some prefer adding individual pieces of androgenous clothing; some opt for an extremely feminized look that also includes make-up and wigs. Men wearing women’s lingerie is also a quite common kink and generated member discussion on another blog article. But for many putting on a frock or makeup is only done in private. Joining an online adult dating website that caters for cross dressers is often their first opportunity to express their feminine side whilst still retaining their anonymity.

Cross dressing isn’t about drag queens or drag kings who dress as the opposite sex for entertainment purposes, although they are also welcome on Adult Match Maker. It has nothing to do with gender, although some of our cross dressers will identify as non binary. It has nothing to do with transvestism – a term avoided these days as it was used to medically and psychologically categorize someone whose gender or appearance differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. Thankfully the medical profession has moved on from these beliefs, and terms like ‘transgender’, ‘non binary’ and ‘gender diverse’ are now more appropriate terms commonly used for those members who don’t identify as cisgender. Adult Match Maker offers our members a wide range of gender descriptors so that you can express yourself in terms you are comfortable with.

Forced feminisation and sissification

The kink community is often where cross dressers will initially find their tribe. For many the need to cross dress is either a kink or a fetish so there is a logical fit with the bdsm community. For those cross dressers who need to sissify in order to be sexually aroused, many will be turned on by forced sissy, kink scenes involving humiliation or sissy maid training. For others their cross dressing may cross over into other kinks such as wearing a chastity cage, cuckold, power exchange in a D/s relationship, and the giving up of control to an alpha female or just purely for sissy sex. So the act of putting on a frock is a very individual and complex act.

How can I express my cross dressing on Adult Match Maker

On Adult Match Maker you will find a sex positive community welcoming to both our gender diverse and cross-dressing members. So if you were born a cis gendered man but you like wearing more feminine garments, that’s ok. You can add “cross dressing” as an interest so like-minded members will find you when they search. We also value your privacy and Adult Match Maker has features which allow you to browse discreetly.

  • You can register with a unique email address, we don't ask for your real name, you don't have to download an app on your mobile device and you can switch off all site notifications.
  • There are options to display your location or just a location distance to protect your anonymity.
  • You can control access to your photos & videos by uploading them to a Private Gallery and you're not forced to upload a public photo to use the site. Photos uploaded can also be watermarked uniquely with your profile name.
  • You can make your profile Invisible while you continue to browse the site or choose not to notify members when you come online.
  • If you recognise another member on the site from your private life you can Block them from viewing your profile.
  • We have both webcam and text chat rooms and you can chat for free every night as a standard member whilst Premium members have 24/7 access.
  • Our Sex & Relationship Blog offers advice on a broad range of subjects including transgenderism and cross dressing.
  • You will find some very raunchy sex stories about forced sissifiction and men dressed as women in our Erotica section. Or you can write your own erotic story.

We’re very proud of the inclusive community we’ve created on Adult Match Maker and the opportunity the site offers for cross dressers to step out publicly from the safety of your own home. We hope to see you online soon.