9 Crazy Places to have a Quick Shag

by Adult Match Maker - 01 June 2016 - 75 Comments

Sex is pretty versatile. There are so many ways you can do it. There are hundreds of different positions and combinations of people you can include. There's toys and accessories to add to the mix, and all sorts of  ways you can perform it. From slow and sensual lovemaking, to rough and hardcore biting and scratching and everything in between. It's good for your health and your inner well-being and, as well as all that, it's pretty much completely mobile! 

Taking it out of the bedroom and into the world can be an amazing and exhilarating experience. Yes there are certain risks and responsibilities that come with it. Getting caught can actually lead to criminal prosecutions and other charges, and you really do have the responsibility to not offend the general public. But if you do it right, it can be one of the most exciting experiences you can have.

Here are some tips on some of our favourite places to play outside.

Join the Mile High Club

Joining the “Mile High Club” is a rite of passage all travellers should experience! It doesn't even have to be as obvious as trying to sneak two people into the cramped little toilet space. A discreet blanket over your laps... Some wandering, tickling fingers... A challenge to keep it quiet so no-one notices. Oh yes, you should probably start planning your next trip now.

Back Of a Cab - Can you beat the meter?

Speaking of challenges, this is one I've done with partners and it's pretty damn hot. The challenge is to get your partner (I'd suggest the female, more because of messes in cabs and clean up fees and trying not get caught) to come before you reach your destination. But without the cabbie noticing that anything is happening. It's not only horny and a complete turn on, it's also exhilarating and a little bit funny too.


Got a home with a balcony? Or staying in a hotel with one? Getting outside and enjoying each other in the fresh air of a private balcony is a simple way to spice things up without too much worry of getting busted. I mean sure, there's always a little bit of risk, but that's what makes it fun! And the excitement of being up high, and watching the glittery lights below can whisk you away to a movie-like fantasy where you're the main stars.

Music Festival

One of the best things about music festivals is the stomping around in the mud and dancing on the grass in bare feet and all the amazing musical acts you get to see in the one place. They're also super fun places to have a bit of sneaky play action too! I've seen people getting it on in mosh pits (ouch), in the techno tents (doof), and just out on the grass while the main acts play. It's definitely an experience to orgasm to the loud bass or guitar sounds of your favourite band live on stage!

Famous Landmark

Come on, who hasn't wanted to do it on the Statue of Liberty or Niagara Falls? It's a great little boost to your holiday and a delicious memory that will pop up every time you see the spot on TV. Almost every city and town in Australia has something “Big” or a famous landmark to have some fun at. I will suggest however, that you don't do this at places like war memorials and indigenous sacred sites. It's just super disrespectful and can incur the wrath of the entire nation if you happen to get caught.

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! 

Cheering your team to victory as you watch them on the field is an Aussie tradition and one we take very seriously. Beer in one hand, hot pie in the other... It's awesome! You know what's even better? Cheering them on while your hands and fingers play with a different sort of hot pie! Taking a blanket to the footy is fine... just drape it over your legs and enjoy the game!

Sex in the Office 

How hot is an office affair! Sneaky glances across the water cooler, timing your trips to the photocopier room together, finding time to pass little notes. But you don't even need to have an affair. Office fun can be super hot with your partner! Take them into your office one night after hours, do the dramatic sweep of everything off your desk and go like rabbits on the surface. Just be aware that offices have big windows and people across the way may be able to see your antics.

Are you going down?

As Aerosmith famously sang “Love in an elevator... Living it up when you're going down” having fun in the lifts is hot and so much fun. You could press the emergency stop button (although that can often automatically send rescue helpers out and you don't want to waste their time) or just risk it floor to floor and hope that you get a good run between stops.

New House

Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you go through. Packing and cleaning and sorting and shifting... It's exhausting! Something you can do to make the whole experience a lot more fun is to have an orgasm in every room of your new house. Christen them with sexy times and leave the residual energy of your passion and fun in your new home. If you're the sort of person who goes in for that Feng Shui energy stuff, then this could really set you up for fortune and frivolity for your future in your new home. Even better if you get the keys to take some "measurements" before settlement.

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  1. 2DarkBull

    More than a month ago
    - Office
    - Behind a vending machine.
    - Hotel room with door upon.
    - Outside hotel room door.
    - In an open for business coffee shop
    - In an open for businesses Subways
    - Hotel swimming pool (after hours break-in)
    - Cinema
    - Car parks, multi-storeys and basements.
    - Someone's maintenance shop
    - Elevator
    - Motorway slip road
    - Outside her house while her husband is inside
    - Restaurants and Bars
    ...the list goes on.


    More than a month ago
    Well aren't you a show off! LOVE IT!


    More than two weeks ago
    Well look who a star xxx lmao
  2. DatewithDestiny

    More than a month ago
    I find Myer or Target change rooms are another hot spot for a quickie.
  3. nativxxx

    More than a month ago
    in the fork of a tree prettee awsum xause tree holds contour of ur bodees nd styles nd branches provyde leverage nd funni wen u phall out onto the road nd fraxture ur wrist the spontanaietee is key another place is the rooftop of ur house underfull moon ambience is surreal nd sounds are axousexxtic nd echo thru the hood they wer rare nd unusal locales inn mi sexperience of livinn woopwoop??????
  4. Bigmac26

    More than a month ago
    Melbourne airport view point was the best
    Coburg dr in , 5pm in side of West gate bridge ppl followed by head while driving
  5. Sweetkiss502

    More than a month ago
    In the lagoon at a nudist beach and we knew we were being watched the biggest turn on we also got caught my man was fingering me the best day .


    More than a month ago
    It was a fantastic day.
  6. summer.r

    More than a month ago
    Vicky point Cineplex was one of my best ff experiences
  7. Fellator2145

    More than a month ago
    We had sex on a trampoline in a backyard once and once the rhythm and bounce were co-ordinated it was fantastic not to mention the neighbours possibly seeing us.


    More than a month ago
    Done that with the wife and the mozzies had a good time biting my bare bum lol but yeah the rhythm is pretty good
  8. DM9999

    More than a month ago
    When I lived in London got a BJ and the big 'O' driving across London Bridge and then in Sydney same deal, different partner, on the Harbour Bridge...........
  9. DeliciousDuo73

    More than a month ago
    Before my partner and I moved we thought we would have a little fun on his bosses desk ?? We had been thinking about it and thought what the hell. It was awesome, and my partner in the last few weeks before leaving would look at his bosses desk and his boss would ask why he's smiling and he would just say nothing and keep smiling. One of the best quickies we had.
  10. rocknrolll

    More than a month ago
    I've done it in the flight and beaches. But most interesting location for me was at movies.... And we'll it was pretty full.... Public transportation at night...
  11. wildone76

    More than a month ago
    Had a shag (Which ended up as an affair) with a collegue in the cold room at my workplace. Despite the 4 degree temperatures inside the cold room having some hot sex with a MILF was a great experience.
  12. Sextraordinary

    More than a month ago
    Birdie Beach - on the beach, not in the bush - with others wanking around/over us; end of Cobblers Beach; bush track in Hornsby; stream near Bucketty; in the water along Bobbin Head walking track; balcony overlooking Newcastle Harbour & walkway... all such fun!
    But nothing beats basking in the hot sun in the sand hills... on a large towel of course ;-)


    More than a month ago
    Where on bribie can you do this
  13. allen59

    More than a month ago
    I did with my first wife on a beach under the window of a seafood restaurant, then went to football oval and fucked endlessly on the stand , actually the biggest turn on was on my aunty's lounge while she went to make coffee the wife and i fuck she blew so many times it made me cum big time . That was one for the books
  14. 2inBrisbane

    More than a month ago
    Most interesting location... Helipad on the top of a building...
    Got to love after hours access :)
  15. Intimit1

    More than a month ago
    Hmmm, one of life's little pleasures, being naughty in the great outdoors!
    In the loo's at local Greek restaurant, in the Domain, Sydney, on a balcony on the Central Coast, overlooked by a high-rise, on the deck of a yacht on Pittwater, against the changing rooms at the local football park, many more & still with many to go!
  16. cumwithme10

    More than a month ago
    in the toilet at the berowra chinese restaurant,we got some smiles and winks on the way out,,the cricket pitch in the middle of Kogarah Jubilee oval..botanical gardens in Sydney. the bridge over the creek at cresent head a few times,,the balcany of the fishos club at Coffs Harbour and gave oral to a lady on the grass outside the fishos club Coffs as people were walking past,,a few girls looked jealous lol,,and used to have sex in my p/van outside Kogarah police station on numerous occassions as it was safe there and the cops didn`t have a clue,,amongst other places,,too many to mention. Nothing like fun outdoors
  17. shortncute

    More than a month ago
    I had sex with a guy ( not from here) we did it in a park not to far where i lived & we were making to much noise at night, so someone called the Cops

    they rocked up & spoke to us both separately BUT this officer used my full name and I was packing bricks as this officer new my dad & to this day he has never told him


    More than a month ago
    Ah yes lost my virginity in the parklands of North Adelaide so wonderful to go at it all night under a blanket.
  18. Sweetascandy78

    More than a month ago
    What a very very sexi post hmmmm now to find someone to experience All of the below hmmmmm
  19. bluesail4u

    More than a month ago
    On the green of a golf course, whitehaven beach in the surf with planes and helicopters flying past, on the lawn of the Sydney Botanical gardens over looking the Opera house with people all around us, in the coolroom of a commercial kitchen with a waitress.
  20. CharlyandDavy

    More than a month ago
    On the balcony, in an electrical storeroom in a shopping centre a couple of different times with different tradies, in a vacant office during work hours, out near a creek, at the battlements in Sydney, the front seat of a car on Sydney City. On my office desk....... cant temember any others
  21. Milana09

    More than a month ago
    One particularly happy memory was in the back row of a movie theatre. Middle of the day so not many people. Bouncing reverse cowgirl with my elbows resting on the chair in front....the guy sitting underneath did miss a bit of the movie though..
    Account Closed

    Account Closed

    More than a month ago
    Got to admit Milano the movies during the day is the best place for a good shag no one around your bringing back memory's I have done it a few times was the best time I've had
  22. AshyMan

    More than a month ago
    Daytime in a cemetery in SA under a tree in the back of a van
    If the vans rockin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. justascasual

    More than a month ago
    Archie's night club in Bondi Junction for those that remember it... Over the bar on a Wednesday night, dollar drink night while waiting for service.... :)
  24. beachboy45

    More than a month ago
    On sunnyside nudist
    beach with another couple nearby who after watching did the same
  25. 1plusyou

    More than a month ago
    On the Manly Ferry in the Ladies loo, I must say we did get some very funny looks when we came out of the loo
  26. CN65779

    More than a month ago
    I would love to get a head whilst driving a car ( yes i had tried it whilst driving a car in private property and love it). I'm always horny 24/7 so any place, anytime is fine with me.
  27. justloocing

    More than a month ago
    In the middle of the Indian Ocean out is of land's sight on the cold steel deck of my yacht...... and while at the helm sailing her :))


    More than a month ago
    Nice JL... ?? I've done something similar in the pacific.. ;))
  28. Looklustlick

    More than a month ago
    I have been lucky enough to experience most of these but the balcony with the voyeur tendency in me just remains a favourite
  29. Glen007

    More than a month ago
    All fun exciting places to have an encounter. Two crazy places I've been fortunate to encounter were; 1- 10 meters underwater, SCUBA diving out on the solitary islands off Coffs Harbour... Vaseline worked a treat. 2- while white water rafting in NZ with the tour guide and her partner. A bumpy but exhilarating ride down the river to the lake.
    the noises underwater are wow loud and such a turn on.
  30. Lap.rides

    More than a month ago
    Amongst the trees at the side of the road with another member here was memorable, in the change rooms of a female clothing store with the store assistant, a park bench at the beach and in the back of the car at a beach car park are all right up there. My favourite though was in the shallows at a surf beach being straddled as I knelt on the sand, sun out, other people all around and with the waves lapping up and giving her an extra thrust onto me for good measure.
  31. Misterious1

    More than a month ago
    In the car at Melbourne Airport carpark Sunbury end at night, pouring down rain. Planes landing overhead and my girl riding me good in the back. Windows all fogged up and cars either side of us. Also same at the Coburg drive ins.
  32. Kinkeelady

    More than a month ago
    3sum on the golf course and the sauna at the gym .


    More than a month ago
    That would be great
  33. Gen.Guy

    More than a month ago
    Great ideas there.....new house? Im usually exhausted after all the moving lol
  34. Sb455t

    More than a month ago
    Back seat with her parents in the front driving, in the back of an armoured personnel carrier, trampoline in the back yard, every room in the house, Sydney Opera house, does it really matter where, it's all good!
  35. Cactus874

    More than a month ago
    Seams to be very exciting, Iook like I have to find someone soon.....
  36. KinkyGirl101

    More than a month ago
    Lunchtime mid week in the Botanic Gardens was a lot of fun, up against a window in Governor Macquarie Tower in Sydney while it was under construction with security doing the rounds, almost got sprung in a Sydney office by security doing rounds, stairwells but too many cameras now to risk it.
  37. Hornybitch780

    More than a month ago
    When I was younger I did the bus driver twice at the train station while waiting for the train also done it in the disabled toilets on the beach in back of a police car at 15 in car park also done it in a park the bush in my back yard


    More than a month ago
    Your naughty, mmm I like naughty
  38. sydneystorm

    More than a month ago
    Done it in a cemetary.
    Account Closed

    Account Closed

    More than a month ago
    Nice :)
  39. DeliciousEva

    More than a month ago
    Loving all your comments!!
    Some awesome experiences.
    Great stuff!
  40. allinmymind

    More than a month ago
    When we were talking about it yesterday in a state room, even though I get excited about it, the way it was presented here and there yesterday put me off, go figure. Something is missing.

    Anyone tried fisting in public, the getting caught factor was not something that made me giggle, I offered fisting to cut the noise down. How many would do it if the rebellion factor was taken out?
  41. SassySandy

    More than a month ago
    MMMMMMM.....Toooooo many to mention, most recent on the beach.....YUM!!!!
  42. Edeninchaos

    More than a month ago
    Well it is all great idea but some would not work any more like the elevator, most of them got security cam and the staff is most likely to call the police when they spot you, know that for sure now...:)
  43. warm1

    More than a month ago
    Brisbane CBD 6:30pm peak hour Friday in a doorway wearing a long coat wrapped around her. Hundreds of people walking past on their way home. Was very hot.
  44. ClitCleaner

    More than a month ago
    We did it at Uluru, on a Sydney Ferry, a melbourne tram, st kilda pier, in a confessions booth and on top of a high rise. Fn awesome!!
    Account Closed

    Account Closed

    More than a month ago
    Confessions booth? Thank you for the hint. On my list now. :))
  45. donkeykong2011

    More than a month ago
    Australia day in cairns was living in apartment block and everyone was in the pool drinking and partying....the woman I was with at the time was hot for some action so had my cock out the side of my shorts and her bikini bottom pulled to 1 side and we fucked right there in a crowded pool thrusting slowly so no one would notice. Even had peoe talking to us while we were doing it totally unaware.
    Account Closed

    Account Closed

    More than a month ago
    Well no wonder! You're completely hung :p


    More than a month ago
    well done, had a similar situation happen to m....was a blast
  46. krentin

    More than a month ago
    Forget the new house. On the road a couple of years back, I saw a house for sale just off the highway. Upon inspection it was vacant ( and unlocked) and within moments my partner at the time were fucking in the kitchen and eventually on the grass in the private backyard. This was after head jobs whilst driving,couple of roots actually in rest stops, on the bonnet etc on the way down. Travelling with her was never dull! Shame she could not handle debt and had to be ditched for purely financial reasons.
  47. FunSexyCple

    More than a month ago
    A dark alleyway in the city after dinner on a warm summer evening. The excitement of discovery, cool rough bricks on your back.
  48. wildone76

    More than a month ago
    Love having a shag with either a colleague or one of the employees of the co-tenants that share our building. Done it several times.
  49. horny4803

    More than a month ago
    I had a quick encounter with a potential older landlady, when I was younger. i didn't take up the residency, but enjoyed many visits thereafter. i never did discover whether she let that tenancy out.
  50. Tobnaughty01

    More than a month ago
    Back of North Sydney oval behind the bowling club on the grassed area overlooking the freeway and water views.
    Beautiful spot for that lunchtime shag.


    More than a month ago
    would be a great spot next time I am in town
  51. Justme19687

    More than a month ago
    I had sex in the Lift , disable toillets , u fer a bridge , near a river , at the BeAch :-) And o the rock S near a Beach
  52. OrgasmsMultiple

    More than a month ago
    Observatory Hill in Sydney overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge straddled over the cannon. The only thing missing were the Sydney fireworks.


    More than a month ago
    did it there on the grass with a dero asleep on a bench nearby snoring his head off!!
  53. Sweetangelic3

    More than a month ago
    Love these... and more.. if you're out of a night time for dinner or ... try the back corner if parking lot, public lookouts in the car.. the excitement of maybe being caught... mmm yummy fun
  54. buxombunny90

    More than a month ago
    loved the blog was honestly an amazing read. 9-10


    More than a month ago
    was indeed a good read
    Account Closed

    Account Closed

    More than a month ago
    Happy to help out buxom if any of these take your fancy ;)
  55. Dave1613

    More than a month ago
    That's all on my bucket list, a few complete but looking forward to completing the rest of them when the opertunity arises.

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