The Secret to Mind Blowing Oral Sex!

by Eva Sless - 15 May 2014 - 52 Comments
The Secret to Mind Blowing Oral Sex!

Oral sex is awesome. Whether it's on him or on her or both together at the same time, it's a fantastic way to please your lover and be pleased yourself. In this article I share some simple tips so that you, and the person you're going down on, get the best enjoyment out of it.

Remember Everyone's Different.

What works on one lover may not work on another and, like all aspects of sex, communication is key to getting exactly what you want. I know it can be a bit tricky for some people to vocalise what they want in the bedroom but it doesn't have to be. Sometimes subtle communication, like moving your body to where you want it, and making noises when they get it right, can be all the hints they need.

Oral sex is different to having sex.

Just moving your tongue in and out or bobbing your head up and down and trying to mimic penetrative sex is a waste of the fact that your mouth is a completely different body part. Unlike genitals a mouth can kiss, lick, suck, slurp, make noises and explore new parts AND you can also incorporate your hands and fingers into the play as well.

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

On her: Did you know the clitoris isn't just limited to the little nub? The nerves spread out in a kind of wishbone shape so using your mouth and fingers to squeeze, spread or stroke the outer lips and surrounding area is a great way to maximise sensation and enjoyment. Insert a finger or two into her vagina while your mouth plays. It doesn't have to be too deep at all, and if she wants it deeper she will probably use her body to push down and guide you to where she likes it. Use gentle pushes and finger wiggles, at a different speed to your tongue, and it will send her crazy! Using your fingertips, trace along her inner thighs and the creases where her legs meet her vagina and butt, or if that proves too ticklish (which at the height of arousal it can) use a firmer touch of your hands to squeeze and push in those areas.

On him: A complaint I often hear from guys is how neglected their balls get during oral sex. Seriously, many guys absolutely love you playing with their balls when you're giving a blowjob. Gently stroking or tickling or squeezing them adds to their pleasure as does running your fingers along the perineum (the space between the balls and anus), and playing with their bums too. Gently pushing on the opening can create amazing feelings, and inserting a finger into the anus when giving head, because that's where the male G-Spot is situated, can give guys powerful and intense orgasms like nothing they've ever felt before.

Tongue Tricks

On her: An oldie but a goodie. Using your tongue, trace the letters of the alphabet against her clit. But don't just go through the motions. Change it up, go fast, go slow, use your lips as well as your tongue, trace the letters and make the word shapes with your mouth. The different places your tongue and lips go will stimulate all the various nerve endings (there are around 8000 of them in the clitoris alone!) and have her squirming and moaning and begging for more. Humming or moaning as you trace is another way to get different vibrations happening throughout her body too.

On him: Take long slow licks up and down the shaft, like you're licking an ice cream that's melting but you don't want to eat too fast. Or, hold his cock in your mouth and swirl your tongue around the head and shaft while you hum. Moving a hand up and down the base and around the balls while you do this creates all sorts of different feelings throughout his whole body. Change the shape of your mouth too. Make it tight, make it loose, make it suck, make it slurp. The beauty of your mouth is the control you have over the way it moves, so utilise this and keep it interesting and different.

Enjoy it!

I think one of the biggest turn ons about having any sort of sex is knowing the person you are having sex with is enjoying it as much as you. So if someone is going down on you let them know how good it is! Make noise, move your body, raise your hips, tell them how great it feels. Stroke their head (without pushing too much, unless they like that too), and guide them to where it feels best. In the same vein, giving oral is just as enjoyable as receiving it. Your mouth is an erogenous zone and sensually tasting and licking and kissing your partners genitals should be as much a turn on for you as kissing their mouth. Let them know how much you're enjoying it by moaning into them, telling them how good they feel in your mouth, or how sweet they taste.

Oral sex really can be one of the most enjoyable sex acts you can do, so get in, get down, and get eating! Your partner and your genitals will thank you!


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  1. BBWchoctops

    More than a month ago
    Learn something new every day
  2. pcrews

    More than a month ago
    havent heard the word stiffy for years, thanks for the laughs
  3. thebunjie

    More than a month ago
    always start with soft hands
  4. LadyDragon

    More than a month ago
    It's all in the throat, after the lips have sucked him in... with not much gag reflex, guys seem to enjoy the feeling of the back of the throat "swallowing" (before you NEED to swallow!).
    Smelly balls - yuk! Having my face shoved so I can't breath - no! But LUV to suk! Beware the back teeth though ;-)
    Waiting for my first MFM - it's going to be hard not to bite ,while being fucked from behind!!!
  5. iamhorney333

    More than a month ago
    Yes-Yes-Yes 100% Maybe a little honey will sweeten the food?
  6. Letsenjoymore

    More than a month ago
    I do think if you both can feel comfortable with each other it's the best, I like to talk and ask what the likes are and express my likes other wise we are just going through the motions and never really get the best.
  7. johnbo84

    More than a month ago
    I love to lick clits and push my tongue into the vagina,have also sucked a cock a couple of times while his wife watched and found the most amazing feeling ran through my whole body.
  8. 50shadesoffun66

    More than a month ago
    Just the thought of starting the day with oral sex , puts a big smile in my face :))
  9. mizbhavin4us

    More than a month ago
    To receive is a heaven but to give is more than just the act but the pleasure involved and to watch your partner feel each stoke or lick and know that they want more and enjoy the end result is the reward of oral sex....enjoy xx
  10. Diamond41

    More than a month ago
    sixfoottallguy I totally agree with you. Make me feel wanted & I'm all yours. I love to suck & lick & swallow. I however do not get enough in return.
  11. realtoy

    More than a month ago
    Yes Oral sex is quiet addictive lol and also Yes must be clean after shower... have fun everyone and thanks for the article.
  12. HornyGillie

    More than a month ago
    you forgot to mention 1 important thing - make sure you don't stink first :/
  13. sixftallguy

    More than a month ago
    I couldn't agree more! Giving a woman amazing oral is mind blowing! And a great start to the main course! Most women seem to love creative attentive unselfish sex especially good oral. C'mon guys! If you give more to a woman you get so much more that just fucking!! Woman love feeling valued & worshipped in the bedroom & when they do WOW! They will give you back more of themselves by fucking the pants of you! Amazing oral is a great way to start the process!
    Good luck licking!!
  14. sexyasiankitten

    More than a month ago
    what my lips can do , others cannot :) * linda lovelace
  15. Wishus

    More than a month ago
    So explicit .Way to go. Oral 4 me
  16. blowjobbi

    More than a month ago
    Best is to start slow and work up to a conclusion. Not go fast from the start like in the pornos. Also gently suck on the clitty to. Its just like a small it all
  17. wicked697694

    More than a month ago
    Problem with doing the alphabet is knowing it.
    But pleasing a lady and knowing it by the way she reacts with her body is what pleases me the most
  18. SecretLiasons69

    More than a month ago
    I love oral sex the trouble is only a very small percentage know how to give good head! There is nothing more sexy than good head! C'mon guys read, learn and pick up your act!!!
  19. Specialfriends2

    More than a month ago
    Great, doing most of that, but learnt more. My women will thank you.
  20. TongueWork

    More than a month ago
    My tip have a cup of coffee on hand ( not too hot) a mouth & tongue feels unreal!! ;P
  21. (GREEDY)

    More than a month ago
    I'm pleased to know I'm doing most of this stuff already but every new person is like a new beginning. Oral is awesome, both giving and receiving.
  22. Merman247

    More than a month ago
    I love giving a lady Oral, watching and feel her body react and respond. Nothing like having a ladies body all tense up and shudder with enjoyment as she comes. The only thing better is if she squirts and or wants more.
  23. MarsBar269

    More than a month ago
    The tastes, scents, feelings, the wetness, the sounds all make oral the best sex of it
  24. kinkster88

    More than a month ago
    Overrated in my opinion.
  25. TheWildrider

    More than a month ago
    Know most of that already - tee hee! :-)
  26. happy-boy

    More than a month ago
    I have never had a complaint, it's simple as long as you both enjoy it. I prefer to give than to receive anytime. Sex is an art, just like martial arts, you learn how to use your body & you learn control, then you become a Maestro & they will remember you for the rest of their lives.
  27. surferboyazza

    More than a month ago
    I couldn't agree more. There's nothing better then knowing what your doing is giving her multiple orgasms, I could do it all night if my jaw would let me. Plus in return not only does it get me off, but you then receive the best oral and sex in return! Nothing like putting in the effort and reaping the rewards!!!
  28. United82

    More than a month ago
    To please is the ultimate pleasure.
  29. letscumas3

    More than a month ago
    The other thing is to actually let yourself go and enjoy it, your partner will feel the difference if you are enjoying it or not,,
  30. John45U

    More than a month ago
    Thank you good reminder
  31. ekap3737

    More than a month ago
    Great article. Licking a lady's clit is glorious - making her cum is just as good as cumming yourself
  32. soulkiss808

    More than a month ago
    Great Article - though its a shame we still need instructional manuals but when it "comes" down to it a majority of Men are selfish and unimaginative (and thats not entirely their fault - its Modern Life) and even with a Dom/Sub thing etc its nice to mix it up in the bedroom, because being tied to a bed by a Dom with no imagination gets damn boring :-)
  33. SpankingYou

    More than a month ago
    Prefer being deep throated. Nothing gets me off other then a woman with little to no gag reflex that loves a good face fucking.
  34. MtgShadow

    More than a month ago
    Eating pussy is for me like taking a Viagra lol and for her giving head is awesome she says it is like she has a clitoris in her throat :P
  35. country279

    More than a month ago
    you just dont lick gotto suck that clit and pussy lips nothing better cant get enough...used to give x 3 orgasms to get the ball rolling...
  36. Subfantasies

    More than a month ago
    Fantastic article - my husband needs to read this....
  37. Boobluva108

    More than a month ago
    Love eating pussy and sucking cock. Need lots more
  38. Bartender84

    More than a month ago
    have sucked cock and eaten pussy and ass...the older i get the more i like all of it :)
  39. Friendlyfun069

    More than a month ago
    Much prefer to GIVE than receive. It's the greatest turn on for me!
  40. magsluvsit

    More than a month ago
    Oral ... my favourite, thanks for the tips
  41. NT693rguy

    More than a month ago
    Excellent article
  42. sexmee69

    More than a month ago
    eating pussy is so goooooooooooooooood@
  43. Curvy6

    More than a month ago
    Love oral
  44. flight87

    More than a month ago
    Just got a stiffy reading it'
  45. 99Honey99

    More than a month ago
    Like the idea of tracing the letters of the alphabet! Hope all they guys on here are taking note! So many just lick!
  46. CoffeeMate60

    More than a month ago
  47. maurice4167

    More than a month ago
    eating pussy AND arse is awesome
  48. serg685

    More than a month ago

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