• IamNew329 Photo
    A True Story by IamNew329

    A friend and I who do a class together are challenging each other on who can flash the biggest camel toe when we do our presentations in front of the class. Well I know I can be very naughty but what my friend did was purely outrageous. She wore some silky white tights and trust me she was hiding nothing.

  • greg's massage
    A True Story by countryboy88

    On Friday night my wife told me that Greg was coming for a massage, he did this regularly. I said I’ll slip down to the shops for a few things. When I returned Greg had arrived and my wife had commenced the massage. The room had a curtain at the door and thru the semi-darkened I could see into the room.

  • staff training
    A True Story by countryboy88

    On the weekend we were invited to attend a staff weekend at a leading hotel, this was to be training on Saturday morning and then the rest of the weekend was just for relaxing. The morning was full on and the in the afternoon my girlfriend and I went to the movies. A great evening meal was included and

  • greg two
    A True Story by countryboy88

    On Friday night my wife told me that Greg was coming for a massage, he did this regularly. I said I’ll slip down to the shops for a few things. When I returned Greg had arrive and my wife had commenced the massage. The room had a curtain at the door and thru the semi darkened I could see into the room.

  • Blinky69r Photo
    A Fantasy by Blinky69r

    I'd have you bent over in front of my car with you hands tied to the bull bar. Tweaking your nipples with one hand and teasing you clit I'd build you close to cuming before stopping and letting you be to settle down... doing this 2 or 3 more times denying you orgasm before moving in behind you, Grabbing

  • bleuspice4u Photo
    national park day in the sun
    A True Story by bleuspice4u

    The National Park is a popular place for people to go walking, jogging, mountainbiking, and some of the trees in places are magnificent, and its is a place that never seems to be crowded. Its so vaste. We decided to do a bit of a hike into one of the more remote trails looking for some elusive spot

  • bleuspice4u Photo
    hot day at the beach...
    A True Story by bleuspice4u

    One hot sunny day we decided to go to the beach, and you decided to dress in a tight hot pink Bikini, accentuating your nipples and lovely figure, i was hard in an instant, and i think you could see that through my Boardies. It was hard to concentrate on the road on the drive to the beach. When we

  • I no touch you
    A True Story by Slowjoe4u

    There's a woman in our town, says she's 33 years old, who advertises that she's 'a cuddle queen' and will cuddle you for a few dollars, in her underwear, for an hour if you're a lonely man who doesn't want to pay for all-out sex. She's BBw and very soft. I went to see her and she took me to her

  • Birdie Beach fun
    A True Story by wileycoyote01

    I was heading south and planned to spend a couple of days camping at Freeman campsite near Birdie beach. I have always had a great time at Birdie the closer i got the more excited i became. By the time I arrived i skipped setting up the tent and went to the beach. I shed clothes the moment I passed

  • Secret Jacuzzi Time
    A Fantasy by sshdonttellany1

    I had friends over and we were hanging out friends and drinking. It was to celebrate surviving one stressful week we all needed to let off steam. While everyone was hanging out next to the hot tub at the table and chairs myself and my guy friend were hanging in the jacuzzi. Talking to everyone from there.

  • Zamboon Photo
    Dirty Thoughts
    A True Story by Zamboon

    I hadn't heard from her for a few months - things going on at home she said , so I waited - I know her very well but even I was surprised when out of the blue I got an email "my dirty thoughts were when I was having my pussy licked by Joe and he was squeezing my nipples quite hard at the same time.

  • Watch me stroke
    A Fantasy by hungboytoy

    You walk in, your shocked face says it all. you see me laying their in bed, my naked body and my flaccid cock were waiting for you to come home. as you stare at my cock, it begins to grow inch by inch, centremetre by centremetre it lengthens and becomes thicker by second. as it reaches about 3/4,

  • Mrs Smith
    A Fantasy by hungboytoy

    I'm in my kitchen, making dinner. I look over and see my neighbor Nora (Mrs Smith) cutting up some vegetables in a large apron, as she turns around i realize.... shes only wearing the apron and some red lace G-string panties, clearly waiting for Mr Smith to come home. Mrs Smith was 37 Blonde, big

  • My desire
    A Fantasy by 1fortwo3or4

    As I lay here Your fast asleep, Up your back Your nightie does creep. Revealing to me No underwear tonight Your hot little ass Is so sexy and tight. You roll over Onto your back You start to rub Your pussies crack I couldnt believe My own eyes As you spread open Your hot as fuck thighs. Two

  • Public blowjob in our car at the shopping centre
    A True Story by Olive1975

    My husband and I went shopping at our local shopping Centre here on the gold coast last march , we shopped for a couple of hours and then went back to the car . We put the shopping away at then sat in the front seats and then I noticed him looking down my top at one of my nipples which was peeking out

  • A Bit of Public Teasing For The Guys at a local Shopping Centre
    A True Story by Olive1975

    It was Melbourne Cup Day here in Australia I was horny and Mick my husband is away so I was alone , So I went to a local Shopping Centre dressed very naughty in a loose mini skirt and a see through G String underneath and a lose fitting singlet top with no bra and my boobs in view with a little wind

  • Wet games at the Nudist Beach
    A True Story by Olive1975

    Last summer my husband and I was at the closest Nudist Beach and while we was sun baking we noticed a guy with a big hard cock close to us , his cock was pretty big and fully erect and he was touching it but trying to not get caught , I could see him perving at me so I rolled over onto my stomach and

  • Fingering myself while driving on the Gold Coast
    A True Story by Olive1975

    During a phone call with my man Mick we was dirty talking to each other which got me so wet and very horny , he was telling me to tease my clit while stopped at the traffic lights which I did he told me to rub all my pussy while I'm driving which I did , he told me to remove my G string and pull up

  • My Cheeky Neighbor
    A Fantasy by hungboytoy

    i come out of the shower all wet and dripping and i realise my pants that im going out to wear are out on the washing line and i rush out in just my towel, still wet and im leaving wet footmarks as my 18yr old legs move as fast as i can. as i get outside i get my pants and turn to run back, im stopped

  • Peeping Tom
    A True Story by larson7

    I was dating this hot lady a few years ago she was single, late 40s I was mid 40s she had no kids and a killer body she lived in the blue Mountains west of Sydney in a nice little cottage on a battle axe block which was quite secluded, her landlord live in the block adjoining but was far enough away