• younghungbull Photo
    Mrs Smith
    A Fantasy by younghungbull

    I'm in my kitchen, making dinner. I look over and see my neighbor Nora (Mrs Smith) cutting up some vegetables in a large apron, as she turns around i realize.... shes only wearing the apron and some red lace G-string panties, clearly waiting for Mr Smith to come home. Mrs Smith was 37 Blonde, big

  • My desire
    A Fantasy by 1fortwo3or4

    As I lay here Your fast asleep, Up your back Your nightie does creep. Revealing to me No underwear tonight Your hot little ass Is so sexy and tight. You roll over Onto your back You start to rub Your pussies crack I couldnt believe My own eyes As you spread open Your hot as fuck thighs. Two

  • Public blowjob in our car at the shopping centre
    A True Story by Olive1975

    My husband and I went shopping at our local shopping Centre here on the gold coast last march , we shopped for a couple of hours and then went back to the car . We put the shopping away at then sat in the front seats and then I noticed him looking down my top at one of my nipples which was peeking out

  • A Bit of Public Teasing For The Guys at a local Shopping Centre
    A True Story by Olive1975

    It was Melbourne Cup Day here in Australia I was horny and Mick my husband is away so I was alone , So I went to a local Shopping Centre dressed very naughty in a loose mini skirt and a see through G String underneath and a lose fitting singlet top with no bra and my boobs in view with a little wind

  • Wet games at the Nudist Beach
    A True Story by Olive1975

    Last summer my husband and I was at the closest Nudist Beach and while we was sun baking we noticed a guy with a big hard cock close to us , his cock was pretty big and fully erect and he was touching it but trying to not get caught , I could see him perving at me so I rolled over onto my stomach and

  • Fingering myself while driving on the Gold Coast
    A True Story by Olive1975

    During a phone call with my man Mick we was dirty talking to each other which got me so wet and very horny , he was telling me to tease my clit while stopped at the traffic lights which I did he told me to rub all my pussy while I'm driving which I did , he told me to remove my G string and pull up

  • younghungbull Photo
    My Cheeky Neighbor
    A Fantasy by younghungbull

    i come out of the shower all wet and dripping and i realise my pants that im going out to wear are out on the washing line and i rush out in just my towel, still wet and im leaving wet footmarks as my 18yr old legs move as fast as i can. as i get outside i get my pants and turn to run back, im stopped

  • Peeping Tom
    A True Story by larson7

    I was dating this hot lady a few years ago she was single, late 40s I was mid 40s she had no kids and a killer body she lived in the blue Mountains west of Sydney in a nice little cottage on a battle axe block which was quite secluded, her landlord live in the block adjoining but was far enough away

  • Cum as you are.
    A Fantasy by Intimit1

    I have a special request for you Lyn, may I ask you?” “Of course, please go ahead” she replied. “I would like you to do for me what you do in private, I would like you to masturbate for me and perhaps enjoy me doing it with you. Would you like that?” “Yes I would” Lyn replied without even thinking, she

  • DUBVEGAS Photo
    We will return
    A Fantasy by DUBVEGAS

    It was a 40 degree day and being in a mobile trade air conditioning was few and far between. Had a job where the customer had organised for their vehicle to be left at their mothers house as they were from out of town. Arrived around 9.00 and knocked on the door, a woman came out of a side room into

  • cpl50s Photo
    The After Party
    A True Story by cpl50s

    The After Party Following a work Christmas Party, I met my wife Kay who had been at her work function to come home. Amy a work colleague of mine was also with me as we lived in the same general direction and intended to hail a cab to get home. As anyone who knows Sydney trying to hail a cab after

  • First Dogging Adventure
    A True Story by Darwinewbies

    From our first experience for outdoor sex we decided to try dogging, we researched the local dogging spots we went for a drive during the day and also night to get to know the known areas. One night we decided to give it a try I wore a lacy bra and wrap around dress I had some high heels too but took

  • cpl50s Photo
    A morning at Obelisk Beach Sydney Harbour
    A True Story by cpl50s

    A morning at Obelisk Beach Sydney Harbour Many years ago we decided to visit Obelisk beach having visited it a few summers back with Maria a friend of ours on a busy hot weekend. Our friend was not a nudist so enjoyed the scene in her bikini. Kay, my wife had experienced nudist beaches when she

  • Outdoor music festival that got a bit hot and moist
    A True Story by Klifton

    Hot balmy night at a out door music festival...making my way to main stage for final music act positioning myself in front of grassed area centre stage...I'm standing alone when a lady positions herself in front of me...we say hello and talk about the band that's about to play and how crowded it is....the

  • Sleeping Beauties Window
    A Fantasy by Wyldcat78

    PART 1: It's around midnight and I am horny, restless and cant sleep. I'm laying on my bed with my breasts exposed, I begin to rub my breasts and flick my nipples, getting more aroused. I notice there is a gap in my curtains and I cant get the thought out of my head that somebody might be watching me

  • I love my job!
    A True Story by Discrete3000

    My latest mission on the site was to meet a lady for a little fun as I am currently attached. My partner has the 'what he doesn't know, doesn't bother him' attitude he works more than he is ever home. To amuse myself, I freely browse profiles, until one occasionally stands out more than another, and

  • Service with a smile
    A True Story by Hornyduo45

    This event occurred a number of years ago but will never be erased from my memory. My now wife then fiancée were working at the family business (petrol station) doing the grave yard shift, as the night was quiet we became somewhat horny. As we kissed and cuddled my cock began to press hard against

  • The Window
    A Fantasy by JazzCat69

    He watched from the shadows, concealing his presence. Wanting to be seen, but unsure about the response, he remained calm, gently squeezing and releasing his penis in his hand, imagining her leaning over him. If he let his mind wander to feeling her soft hair brush against his cheek while she straddled

  • The Seduction
    A Fantasy by encounters2

    The Prelude “In your dreams” she said as she threw her head back and laughed “Well you wanted to know”, just a fantasy I said, she looked at me and grinned “not gunna happen mister” she replied. Oh dear what am I going to do with you, there’ll be none of that going on I can assure you” “Too old

  • True Story - arranging naked massaged for my wife with guys I find from the Internet
    A True Story by RobertWilling

    I had previously arranged a number of home massage sessions and said that guys I had met at adult education learn to massage classes wanted to meet to practice further and would she be the model. So on over ten occasions, we had these sessions with one or two guys who would come to our home. After