• AsianDomina Photo
    Cuckold exposure
    A True Story by AsianDomina

    Following is an example of the "casual tryst" I enjoyed with guy who introduced himself to me here on AMM & the interlude written by my cuckold sub for the interest of any siuitable straight male who may come along here again.. Enjoy the read ; In late November last year Madam did welcome an

  • gategreen Photo
    Touch Down
    A True Story by gategreen

    Long haul flights can be testing. Especially if your budget doesn't reach to the front of the plane! But cattle class can have it's benefits - especially if, like me, you're seated at the rear of the plane next to one of the horniest couples you could ever hope to meet. It was a late take off out of

  • Curiousgawler83 Photo
    The first Male
    A True Story by Curiousgawler83

    A few years ago upon us joining adult matchmaker me and my wife it's about some guidelines and some things we wanted to achieve obviously one of those was meeting up with a female regulator have some passionate sex meeting up with a couple to have same room sex and my wife to try her first male experience

  • The kink
    A True Story by Rainstick

    I knew it would please you. I knew I would get to stare straight back at you. I knew the surprise of seeing me sucking cock In front of you would scare you just enough. I knew it would excite you. I enjoyed seeing the fright in your eyes as you walked past the open bedroom door. How many times

  • My Swedish Lover
    A True Story by hotsunday1

    A hot summers day on a NSW nude beach, and nude we were. After setting up our wind shield in the hot sand we hopped in for a nice cool nude swim together in the clean crisp ocean. As midday was upon us, we decided "the bar was open", head back to our beach spot and proceeded to tuck into a bottle of

  • Curiousgawler83 Photo
    Public sex
    A Fantasy by Curiousgawler83

    After messaging my wife throughout the morning as we were both at work we agreed that on our breaks we would meet up as we happen to Work close to each other I had mentioned to her since we had just bought a new car and it being the SUV that maybe we should pop the back and try having a little bit

  • Openforit78 Photo
    Night time Quicky
    A True Story by Openforit78

    This is a true story. So we were Child free for the evening. We decided to go out for dinner and enjoy a drink. So we decided to have showers and get dressed for dinner whilst Mrs Open was blow drying her hair I decided to find her butt plug. It’s only a little one and she is wanting to try anal

  • PD1969 Photo
    Going to town
    A True Story by PD1969

    This is a true story, not a dolled up exadurated bit of fiction. It may not be as exciting as a fantasy peace but its honest. Hope you enjoy reading. Please rate it for what it is. One Saturday night, myself and hubby decided to catch a train into Brisbane, to go night clubbing at Southbank. We

  • smilingfaces Photo
    Sit back and enjoy Part Two
    A True Story by smilingfaces

    I text her Sunday afternoon , saying I was having the next day, Monday off and I would be at most of the day. She text back, kids were going to and hubby was going to work, she had to go out shopping that she had bought a new one piece swimmer and she didn't try it on in store, when she put it on at

  • smilingfaces Photo
    Sit back and enjoy Part One
    A True Story by smilingfaces

    I first saw her at a party she hosted, friends of friends, so no real connection, I did not know her or her family, she looked really good, being host I think she went all out, she was 5'5 5'6 very curvy , she wore a dress, a summer one, in at the waist buttons on the front, long to nearly her ankles

  • Thick.n.uncut Photo
    Outdoor fun
    A Fantasy by Thick.n.uncut

    I met up with a girl who's an occasional fuck buddy to explore a walking track in Darwin. I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt and she's in leggings and a baggy t-shirt, I can see a slight camel toe between her legs as she gets out of the car. It's the usual hot and humid weather of Darwin's Wet Season

  • IamNew329 Photo
    A True Story by IamNew329

    A friend and I who do a class together are challenging each other on who can flash the biggest camel toe when we do our presentations in front of the class. Well I know I can be very naughty but what my friend did was purely outrageous. She wore some silky white tights and trust me she was hiding nothing.

  • greg's massage
    A True Story by countryboy88

    On Friday night my wife told me that Greg was coming for a massage, he did this regularly. I said I’ll slip down to the shops for a few things. When I returned Greg had arrived and my wife had commenced the massage. The room had a curtain at the door and thru the semi-darkened I could see into the room.

  • staff training
    A True Story by countryboy88

    On the weekend we were invited to attend a staff weekend at a leading hotel, this was to be training on Saturday morning and then the rest of the weekend was just for relaxing. The morning was full on and the in the afternoon my girlfriend and I went to the movies. A great evening meal was included and

  • greg two
    A True Story by countryboy88

    On Friday night my wife told me that Greg was coming for a massage, he did this regularly. I said I’ll slip down to the shops for a few things. When I returned Greg had arrive and my wife had commenced the massage. The room had a curtain at the door and thru the semi darkened I could see into the room.

  • Restrained
    A Fantasy by Blinky69r

    I'd have you bent over in front of my car with you hands tied to the bull bar. Tweaking your nipples with one hand and teasing you clit I'd build you close to cuming before stopping and letting you be to settle down... doing this 2 or 3 more times denying you orgasm before moving in behind you, Grabbing

  • bleuspice4u Photo
    national park day in the sun
    A True Story by bleuspice4u

    The National Park is a popular place for people to go walking, jogging, mountainbiking, and some of the trees in places are magnificent, and its is a place that never seems to be crowded. Its so vaste. We decided to do a bit of a hike into one of the more remote trails looking for some elusive spot

  • bleuspice4u Photo
    hot day at the beach...
    A True Story by bleuspice4u

    One hot sunny day we decided to go to the beach, and you decided to dress in a tight hot pink Bikini, accentuating your nipples and lovely figure, i was hard in an instant, and i think you could see that through my Boardies. It was hard to concentrate on the road on the drive to the beach. When we

  • I no touch you
    A True Story by Slowjoe4u

    There's a woman in our town, says she's 33 years old, who advertises that she's 'a cuddle queen' and will cuddle you for a few dollars, in her underwear, for an hour if you're a lonely man who doesn't want to pay for all-out sex. She's BBw and very soft. I went to see her and she took me to her

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    Birdie Beach fun
    A True Story by wileycoyote01

    I was heading south and planned to spend a couple of days camping at Freeman campsite near Birdie beach. I have always had a great time at Birdie the closer i got the more excited i became. By the time I arrived i skipped setting up the tent and went to the beach. I shed clothes the moment I passed