Teasing herself as he watches from the steamy shower

A Fantasy

Steam filled the ensuite shower as the hot water stung your naked body. Beads of water drizzled down the glass door rendering it opaque. You couldn’t clearly see out, but you felt my presence. Your rough palm swiped a clear strip to confirm your instinct.
Now you were watching me kneeling on the edge of the king sized four poster with the red Lacey g-string pulled to the side and the pink vibrator buzzing on my juicy mound.
Teasing myself, pleasuring myself, making my pussy glisten in the morning light filtering through the timber blinds.
Your soapy hands were sliding up and down your rock hard cock.
You could hear me moan as I arched my back.
You could see me squirming and squirting with desire.
You were gently rubbing your balls and stroking your shaft, gliding your hand over your knob. You were wanting more though.
You couldn’t keep your eyes off me. You urgently turned off the taps, wrapped the towel around you and walked over to my begging wet pussy.
You gently ran your fingertips over my hips and felt the silky lace of my new red g-string.
You bent down & kissed my arse cheek.
You were hard.
And I was aching for your impressive cock inside me.
Oh god, I moaned, I want you inside me, filling me up.
You teased me with your knob sliding up my soaking slit.
Fuck me, I moaned, fuck me now I demanded.
You pulled the thong across and slid your hard cock inside my tight wet pussy & I moaned.
The vibrator was still pulsating on my clit as my pussy was clenching around your cock.
You were fucking me slowly and firmly. You were slapping my arse and you thrust your cock into me.
The tension was building up for you as my pussy was clenching with each orgasm.
You were pumping deeper and faster and gripping my curvy hip . You could feel your balls aching as you were getting close.
You reached for the lube in the bedside table and squirted the gel onto my rosebud arse and started fingering my arse, I was writhing with pleasure.
Yes I was screaming, yes god yes…
You knew I wanted more.
You pulled your cock out of my pussy and gently pushed it into my arse.
Oh fuck I screamed.
Yes, oh fuck yes… You were moaning as well,
Your legs were trembling. You were pumping me slowly, my arse was pushing back into you.
You were moaning with every thrust.
“Fill me”, I screamed, “fill me“.
You pumped your hot creamy load into my arse and you moaned in desire. You held my hips to steady yourself and we both fell to the bed completely satisfied and fulfilled.