Walked naked through town

A Fantasy

I just woke from a very sexy dream which is the inspiration for this story…

I was being walked through an old time town on a lead and my hands tied. I was naked and had caught a glimpse in a house window I was fully naked and had some dirt on my bottom and my leg where I had fallen. A man came out with a warm wet cloth to wipe me clean. I asked him if he could give me some clothes. He told me “oh you need to earn those” as he wiped me so gently. I enjoyed his touch. Mmm he was very thorough as he wiped me all over and my skin was clean again.

I was pulled along by a tall stranger. Another man looked out of his window as I was made to stop at his home. He came out and asked for a kiss, I couldn’t let him kiss my face. I told him this as he seated me on a chair bench and slowly kissed my nipple so gentle and suckling on my boob. It felt good. The bare bench also felt good as he leaned himself on me. After some time I was being summoned and the nipple kisser gave me a thin dress. He helped me slip into it but it ripped slightly to get my hands in, exposing a lot of my breasts.

I walked on and a man was waiting at a shop front. He told me he would help me earn a proper dress and my hands to be free. I could see his was ready for me a small crowd was gathering now. The man leading me turned and untied my hands as he checked me - fingers tweaking my nipples, tongue probing my mouth, hands rubbing my clit then entering my pussy sliding in deep, I let out a gasp and the crowd murmured and moaned in agreement with his actions. He showed them my juices and one man told him to check I was sweet, so my handler tasted me his tongue was warm and thick, he pulled me down on to his face. Ohhhhh so nice and all these eyes watching me nearly touching me…
Yes sweet as rich honey.

Here “give her to me” said the shopkeeper. He was ready, he’d cleared his table and there many gathered around. I was lifted on to the table. Fingers and hands caressing and rubbing mmm it felt good. He rubbed my pussy delicately he could feel my moisture dripping, others were still massaging and gently touching as his fingers quickened I wanted to climax and they all knew but he changed his rhythm uhhhh I put my own hands to my clit and the crowd let out a protest, “let her come” a dear old soul called out as he gave a toothy grin and licked his lips, I turned to my handler for permission, the man between my legs was instructed to continue. So he inserted his thumbs deep and thick and I let out a jolt as he pushed inside me so firm and swift that a huge gush released in me and oh all over his clothes, I let out a scream as I was covered in fingers and kisses. My climax earned me my neck untied.

Then my handler approached me to untie me. He told me I was free. And I felt mixed emotions as I started to sit up and get ready, some men said I could stay and earn others freedom and knew I had to have my handler he was beautiful and could set the others free. “ I will do it” I said.
He turned to me and kissed me fully on the mouth as he was undressed by those around us and his beautiful cock so ready to free me, he rubbed himself along my lips, I straddled my legs around him and he teased me more as I arched my back and pulled him in with my feet. His length and breadth were filling me. The crowd supported my head and moved my hair out of my face as he penetrated me deep and each gasp there more grins and murmurs of agreement. Oh yes he was my true master. He lifted me as another man supported my bottom flickering his tongue near my hole as my juices were flowing, my handler’s cock tripping my electric button over and over. The fingers of others tasting the juices running down our legs and then a huge thrust and my handler had climaxed spurting his thick juice up into the air and raining over me on to my body I opened my mouth and caught some of his salty tanginess in my mouth. The crowd applauded. A triumph. I was exhausted and helped down and washed and dressed and returned to my girls to start our new life…