Coming out of the Swinging Closet

by Chantelle Austin - 08 January 2010
For some people who to tell isn’t an issue but there are certainly things that need to be considered before you tell people about your erotic lifestyle. While some people will be in awe of what you get up to, not everyone is as open minded and once your secret is out, it’s out, there is no going back.

How Swinging Parents can manage their own Playtime!

by Chantelle Austin - 09 December 2009
If you’re a parent or considering becoming one, and you still want to swing then check out this article which has some handy hints and tips on how you can continue your swinging adventure while keeping the kids in the dark and out of your play space.

Are We Naturally Monogamous?

by Chantelle Austin - 09 December 2009 - 2 comments
Are we naturally monogamous or are we naturally swingers? Can we love more than one person at once? Or are we just stuck in old traditions that have been passed down through the generations that we’ve never questioned if they are relevant for ourselves? I have a strong opinion on this one so I suggest read at your own risk

The Secret to Dealing with Playmate Jealousy!

by Chantelle Austin - 23 November 2009
When you say jealousy in the swinging world, the first kind most people think of is the jealousy you’d find between the people in the couple, but that’s not the only place it rears it’s ugly head and it can catch unsuspecting couples by surprise…

Cheating vs Swinging

by Chantelle Austin - 23 November 2009
Swinging is almost cheating with permission but there isn’t automatic permission for everything and in this relationship dynamic there isn’t much room for making mistakes. Read this article for a clearer understanding of where that line is and what you can do to make sure it’s not crossed, after all, you want to keep enjoying the freedom of having new toys!

Explore your Sexuality through the Swinging Scene

by Chantelle Austin - 23 November 2009
The swinging scene has more to offer than just opportunities for couples to explore sex, it opens so many more doors that new couples may not have considered. Exploring sexuality is a popular door that opens for many and sometimes it’s a surprising adventure.

Could Swinging save your Marriage?

by Chantelle Austin - 14 November 2008
So can swinging save your marriage? Absolutely! Will it save all of them? Hell no, you have to work out what the problems are first and see if a little bit of sex and adventure on the side (together) is what will fulfil the needs not being met.