At what age do you have the best sex of your life?

by Eva Sless - 23 November 2016 - 39 Comments

There's a growing trend in online articles and blogs that kind of irks me. I'm sure you've seen it. Pieces that claim that the only way to really enjoy/wear/experience something is to be a certain age, and anyone of any other age attempting to do so is just sad and desperate.

Smug 20 year old bloggers imperiously decreeing that anyone over the age of 30 must never even consider the thought of wearing leggings as pants. Condescending 30 year olds espousing their wisdom on how travelling Europe can only be fully appreciated after you've left those frivolous “youth years” behind, but before you get too old and boring to enjoy sleeping in a field with 1000 other festival goers. There are 40 year olds telling everyone else they're too young to appreciate and understand “good music” or otherwise are too old and out-of-touch, 50 year olds who decree that they, and only they, make the best grandparents, and don't get me started on the Grey Brigade and how they're the only ones who could possibly enjoy a caravan/cruise holiday.

When it comes to sex and sex bloggers I see the same trend and it bugs me just the same. Yes, sex in your 20s is vastly different to sex in your 50s, but neither of them are better or worse or more superior. It's just how life works. Yes different ages allow us to enjoy and experience things in different ways. But it's ridiculous to put an “age limit” on enjoyment and appreciation.

So, as a counter, we have come up with our own version.

What's the best age to have sex?

Why, it's the age you are right now!

Teenage Temptations

Experimentation, self exploration, discovering yourself, discovering how the whole thing works... The teens really are the most unique of all the ages because it's all completely new and fresh. This is the time where you start to learn all about what makes you tick and what doesn't. It's a time for awkwardness and fumbling and trial and error. It's all so new and can be a little overwhelming at first. But it's a time of “firsts” and that's always exciting!

Plenty at 20

HAVE ALL THE SEX!!! The twenties begins to open up “real world” sex. We're not in high school any more, Toto. The sexual universe opens up as we begin to explore our adulthood and our desires, and it can all be a bit of a blur as we try and cram as much experience (not just sex) into our lives as possible. Sex in your twenties is often alcohol fuelled and party heavy, so inhibitions begin to loosen and things we weren't so sure about in our teens may seem more appealing and exciting. You don't have kids. You don't have a “career” yet... Let go! Fuck everyone! Who needs sleep?? Enjoy!!

Dirty 30s

They don't call it your dirty 30s for nothing. Especially for women. This is the age where, according to most scientific studies, women begin to reach their peak sexuality and really start to come into themselves as sexual beings. This is partly due to hormones and other chemical things, but it also has a lot to do with the psychology and head-space many women find themselves in when they reach their thirties. They are often far more content within themselves and their lives that sex and sexuality becomes part of that positivity. The 30s is where the majority of women begin opening up their experiences by attending swingers parties and other more open lifestyles. 

Naughty 40s

Ooh the naughty 40s! By the time you reach your 40s you have a pretty good idea of what it is you like and don't like. You're pretty secure in your own skin and have usually (not always) got your shit together in your life. Because of this freedom, both personally and in general, you are far more likely to be focussing on the sex more than the cellulite on your thighs or the wobbles in your belly. It's also interesting to note that, statistically, many women become single again in their 40s, and so a whole new world of partners, experimentation and self discovery can happen but this time, unlike their 20s, they have a clearer understanding of themselves, their bodies and their sexual confidence. 

Frisky 50s

Many people I spoke to in their 50s said they felt that this was almost like a recharging of the teenage years/twenties. The kids have pretty much all left home, they are more financially secure and settled, and, according to a few different studies, both men and women said the orgasms they achieved in their 50s were better than any they had experienced previously. For some women, with menopause and other hormonal changes with ageing, this time can see a drop in libido and sexual enjoyment, but please be aware that there are medical treatments to help assist you to reboot it, and it doesn't last forever.

Sensual 60s

Menopause is over! It's time to start getting back to what you enjoy, orgasms! In fact, apart from the twenties, I have found in my long experience of working in adult shops, more women buy their first sex toy after menopause than any other age. It's a time to rediscover your body and its pleasure sources, and recharge the motor that may have been in hibernation during menopause.

Sexy Seniors

Honestly, I don't think there's anything I find more adorable than seeing an old grey-haired couple holding hands and acting like young lovers. It's beautiful and such a great reminder to us all that sex, pleasure, romance and fun are not just limited to youthfulness and perky skin. Sex in your seventies and beyond is just as important and enjoyable as at any age and, according to my friend's 83 year old Nana “keeps me young and fresh! I swear I feel 60 after each orgasm!” Haha. Thanks, Nan. I promise I won't tell your grand kids it was you I spoke to.

So there you have it. The best age to have sex is the age you are! Don't go chasing memories or futures, revel in the time you are in and always remember to have fun, use safe sex, and always treat others with respect.


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  1. lollysaresweet

    More than two weeks ago
    I enjoy reading your article..thank you
    I just turn 60 last Dec. 2016 and I feel strongly connected with
    My Physical and Mental needs especially when its about Sex
    20s 30s 40s 50s now 60s I feel the same never want to lose it... As I am more relax and settled in life..and its all about enjoying life No matter what age level ..its all about FUN...and be able to fulfil what ever turns you On
  2. DDdelite

    More than a month ago
    Sex has become more fun and sexy the older I get. The freedom I now have to push boundaries, explore and try things I've never dared to try before is uncredibly liberating. I'm finally secure in my body and I can truely relax and let go.

    Since I'm now in my 40s and having awesome sex, I cannot wait to see what awaits me in my 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond!!
  3. Looklustlick

    More than a month ago
    It doesn't matter if it is sex, music, food, or whatever people say ours are better you are too old - young - dumb - smart -pretty - ugly. We all need to loosen up and get along we were all young once and made good and bad choices and if we are lucky we will get to be old and make some more choices
  4. chesswiseagain

    More than a month ago
    At any age and you have enjoyable sex is wonderful. Now I am into 70's I am still having wonderful sex but my attention is much more pleasing the woman than myself. I am very much into foreplay now to please the lady and in turn it pleases me...
  5. aine.couple

    More than a month ago
    We are just about to hit the big 5 ohhhhhh - and it is ohhhhhhhh!!!!!! The sex is sensational. The long and the short of it is where the most important sex organ, the brain, is at.

    At our naughty weeks away - our guests range from their 30s to their 70s. I can promise you, our guests who are in the older bracket are having a great time. Not only are they swinging, but it is beautiful to watch couples who are reconnecting with each other in a powerful way. Age in nothing - attitude is everthing.


    More than a month ago
    That's inspiring! Thank you for sharing??
  6. justforfun558

    More than a month ago
    As one who has always enjoyed the pleasures of sex and everything that goes with it, I can say that I was the most relaxed and had the most enjoyment when I couldn't get pregnant lol. So, I guess it was after menopause, in my 50s.
  7. HungAndHorny555

    More than a month ago
    It would be now,....if I could find someone to have it with.


    More than a month ago
    I have not read your profile, nor do I know your age but a big tip about the profile
    pix - be more imaginative. A backside shot. A chest shot or nice shirt photo minus head. You fellows put cock shots up as a profile pix. Why. You wd be surprised it isnt attracting some of us, lacks imagination and it is a given you have a one.


    More than a month ago
    Well put, lady. WHY do guys think that their cocks are so attractive? In some cases, one only has to see the profile name and photo to know that the profile's not worth reading.
    Account Closed

    Account Closed

    More than a month ago
    Sorry ladies, cant agree with you on that one
    Im not here for love, im here for one thing and one thing only
    Bring on the dick pics, the more the merrier
    I think you are on the wrong site, try e Harmony


    More than a month ago
    Thank you meetme45. Yeah, I agree, they should try eHarmony.
    I would think that evidence of a good working cock should be of interest to most women on here, but there you go, you just can't please some people hey. :-)


    More than a month ago
    I can see both sides.

    Cock v face/body pic? It's about the profile content accompanying the pic and username that makes an impression on me.
  8. friskypuz

    More than a month ago
    That's like asking how long is a piece of string?

    I have always been very sexual, have had good and bad experiences with all ages, but have found knowing yourself better as you get older, has led to some great sexual adventures.
    And still is, can only get better.
  9. FriendlyGuy1965

    More than a month ago
    Yes, I feel that sex in your 40's and above is better as you are more mature and hopefully have more respect/deeper understanding of each other's personal ,physical, emotional and sexual needs and
    try and please your partner/lover with real meaningful love and not just "Wham Bam thank you mam" For me the same approach will apply even for casual sex encounters. Either have a quick conversation online first and if we were to meet face to face, we have coffee or wine together to feel comfortable and have a chat on life, dirty talk, anything and only then if both parties agree ,we proceed to the bedroom for some fun . Cheers everyone.
  10. northofthewall

    More than a month ago
    You couldn't call it the best sex, but it was the first and so perhaps the most exciting. I was 11 and my female cousin was 9. The discovery and experimentation, totally consensual and with total trust, was awesome and remains a treasured memory for both of us.
  11. cappiek413

    More than a month ago
    my best sex life on start on my 45 know how to enjoy it alot
  12. Fitbit73

    More than a month ago
    Im in my 40s and Iv found that in time I am more content with life both career wise and financially, I have tryed alote of things , been there done that. In turn I feel liberated ;when I was young it was all about me ,know I get more pleasure in making the other half happy, Maturity to me brings experience, In my 20s it was mates drugs alchole; my 30s was house ,stress and trying to find myself, In my 40s know and finally this is me ,content and open to anything, So my 40s is the best yet, Lets see what my 50s bring
  13. two4you282

    More than a month ago
    Eva could not agree more as a 72 year male who does not get rock hard anymore i still enjoy sex with my wife of 62 by hand and mouth .Also look for local men over 50 to give her a good time as she is still a very highly sexed woman.Love watch her enjoy a good fuck and join in to give her a good time by hand and mouth.Cheers Jim


    More than a month ago
    That is lovely Jim, taking care of your wife's needs with extra help. It sounds like you two have a very loving relationship. Well done !! Cheers.
  14. Looklustlick

    More than a month ago
    It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 80 as long as you enjoy it, the fact that you have found a good lover and you're enjoying a great orgasm is all that matters
  15. downundermumma

    More than a month ago
    Well me personally had the best sex of my life in my 40's. I met my husband when I was only 19 and spent the next 22 years with him. I thought we had a great sex life, but then again I really had no one to compare him to. After I divorced I realised now I could try things we never did. And in my sexual encounters since I have found there are great lovers in bed. I also found there are lousy ones too. But I also feel when you are younger you have inhibitions. But as you get older you loose that and don't give a damn what people think so it frees you in your sexual escapades too.
    Account Closed

    Account Closed

    More than a month ago
    I was in same boat. Broke up after turning 40 and decided I wanted to head to the Lillie shop so to speak... I had a blast and met some really fantastic lovers in the same boat. I was open and honest about what I wanted in bed. I felt alive and it actually helped heel me. I met a 27 year old who seriously worshiped the ground I walked on cause to him I was refreshing unlike his younger counter parts and he made me feel sexy and sensual. 40is sex is by far the best so far for me. I totally get your head space.
  16. trusted8

    More than a month ago
    I think if you can remember all the decades (whether its 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 ) of having sex and realise that although there were times that some encounters were "just OK" and others were sensational depending on the circumstances and you made the most of it at the time. As long the experience and pleasure is enjoyed by all parties, there is no better time than another...understanding that each occasion is special and worthy of doing in the first place......and it puts a warm cheesy grin on our faces.
  17. sydneystorm

    More than a month ago
    I didn't have much sex when I was younger. Things got better in my 30's. And it's getting better still. :)
  18. foryouandanyone

    More than a month ago
    hi would have to say when I was younger , as I'm not getting any now LOL


    More than a month ago
    HAHA!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH poor you!!!! Obviously out of touch with the right moves!!!!
  19. sixnine181

    More than a month ago
    What age is the best time. To me it's any age as long as people stop defining a person by a number. Age is only a state of mind . I feel the same now as i did as a teenager the only difference now is the feelings experienced are far more intense and satisfying.
  20. SassySandy

    More than a month ago
    HAHA!!!! I was a little sex maniac from very early age, always wanted it BUT NEVER explored the real feeling of the real pleasures it brings to the body...started enjoying sex a lot more after divorce in my 30's, have NEVER stopped!!! it just gets better as I'm lucky enough to enjoy and attract the younger HOT HUNKS!!!!! we ONLY live one life, I'm doing that for sure!!!! BIG TIME!!!!


    More than a month ago
    I am now 77 and have never enjoyed sex more. My sex drive is still strong, the body is still fit and I now enjoy longer sessions than ever before. It certainly gets better with age.
  21. quivertouch99

    More than a month ago
    I think it's a case of "I've tried all the rest, so now for the best"
    It was fun to try to have sex in the back of the car, the drive-in, the beach or in a rain forest when I was younger. But as you get older it's more the mind sex that's a turn on. Role playing, fantasy talk, gentle touches and slow sex is now the best and quality rather than quantity.
    Slow sex is definitely the way to go with lots of time to share a drink and dinner, lots of foreplay, talking, touching, massaging and teasing. It's not about getting my rocks off anymore, more about enjoying the journey as well as the destination and good communication.
    Having a vasectomy takes a lot of pressure off and women who have gone through menopause are more relaxed and open to experimentation too.
    Sex definitely gets better with age and is still improving as I gain more experience and know what I like and what I don't like. Giving pleasure now is more exciting than getting pleasure.
  22. Nicegentleman4u

    More than a month ago
    It does just keep getting better and better. I am now slower and more considerate than I was 20 years ago. The only problem is to find someone who is not put off by advancing years. I spend an hour or more every day keeping fit and as long as I remain healthy and active I hope to continue a thoroughly satisfying sex life for many years to come.
  23. funlover521

    More than a month ago
    Yes well I have never considered myself a good lover when I was younger it was wham bam thank you mam. But since I turned 50 and am now 56 I have had the best sex in the last 6 years. I now go for hours pleasuring the woman I am with and I even think my penis has grown thicker and longer. I have been told that I am a great lover and such a nice guy at the same time. So I would definitely say that frisky 50's is best. The other thing is the younger women have not realised yet that older is better.
  24. pebbleb

    More than a month ago
    I started or was started into homosexual sex at 11 in 1958 and enjoyed it as a bottom with older boy and a man a bit later then at 15 I moved from country to Sydney for apprenticeship found out about Kings Cross and the beat behind Central Station called the Wall I frequented these places and clubs as I got old enough to get in met a guy at 19 and lived with him till i was 25 came home one day to find out I was being replaced by a younger boy could not complain as i had done the same went off sex as Aids started around then at 60 I retired got on this site and have had lots of partners and heaps of cock 9 years of everything except scat thankyou AMM
  25. Leolady727

    More than a month ago
    I've enjoyed sex all my life but find that, as I get older, it gets better. Mature men know the value of not rushing and they haven't had most of their sex education from porn, so they have some idea of what women REALLY want. I also think that mature women are gorgeous - a body that shows a life well-lived is much sexier, to me, than firm thighs and pert breasts :-)
    Account Closed

    Account Closed

    More than a month ago
    I agree , I am 58 and since our kids have grown and moved away , it is like being a young again , I have found I am more experienced than ever and I can please a women more now than I could back then .
    Sex in the 50s ooo yeah
  26. pony66666

    More than a month ago
    I am 42 and I remember as a teenager (my father had passed away when I was 10) I was reguarly surrounded by my mothers female friends who two in particular use to flirt and touch me in sensual ways. They use to let me touch them and seeing their bodies partially naked was the start to my arousal beginnings. We use to kiss as well. My mother sort of knew and use to say to stop teasing me all the time. Those beginnings back then has made me a very sensual man I am today. I am a very touchy and love skin on skin and the closeness it brings but also the high intensity of hot sex. I can change like a chameleon into very close and sensual 1 on 1 sex with close intimacy with one person and with another to down right hard and dirty fucking. It depends on what my sex partner is wanting, closeness or just be fucked as sex when they are sex hungry. I find I am becoming more and more sexual as I age and more and more adventurous. I am excited to what the future holds. So girls, you want to cum for a great ride on either Pony, let pony66666 know! Happy days xx
  27. pace16

    More than a month ago
    Sex does not have expiry date as long as life is in balance. Being 59 sex is better than ever because by this stage I feel in tune with my body and also feel more spiritually connected to my partner which makes our interraction more fulfiling on all levels. Just as they say, practice makes perfect! If you are not striving to learn and enjoy you may give up half way. They also say if you don't use it you lose it and for some that is definitely true. Like every good thing in life, you have to cherish it and be a giver and you will definitely receive.

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