The 5 most Sex-Crazed Historical Figures of all time!

by Adult Match Maker - 24 June 2015 - 17 Comments

It’s 2015 and everything from swinging to sex parties and anal beads to nipple clamps are part of our sexual vocabulary.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that today's generation are responsible for the kinky and outright orgasmic bedroom activities we enjoy so much today. 

Not so.

While these generations may have invented a few of the more imaginative sex toys of late, there’s certainly plenty of historic evidence of some seriously sexed-up characters that would give many of us a run for our money.

Here’s our tribute to five of the most sex-crazed historical figures of all time. 

1. Caligula

First things first - Caligula was a Roman emperor, the third after Augustus and Tiberius. 

While Caligula was known first and foremost for his tyrannical time in power, he is also known for his insatiable sex drive. He is said to have had nightly orgies, which supplemented his time with his four wives. Even that was apparently not enough, as he was known to commit some rather indecent acts with his three sisters as well. 

2. Mozart

Mozart is one of the world’s most famous composers. He’s even the guy behind the tune for ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. 

But before you go thinking he was all starshine and rainbows, take a look at the translation for his tune ‘Leck mir den Arsch fein recht schön sauber’. We’ll give you a hint – the title translates to ‘Lick me in the ass nice and clean’. 

‘Lick my ass nicely,
lick it nice and clean,
nice and clean, lick my ass.
That's a greasy desire,
nicely buttered,
like the licking of roast meat, my daily activity.’

3. Einstein

We all know this guy. He’s the one with the crazy hair and the incredible brain, the one who gave us E=mc2

Einstein was also married twice. While the first didn’t go so well, the second sounded much more frisky. He was already sleeping with second wife Elsa Lowenthal before they got married, despite the fact that they were first cousins. Once married, he started a new affair with his mistress Bette Neumann, and reportedly had no fewer than six girlfriends as well.

4. King Edward VII

What would this list be without a touch of royalty? Touch, being the key word here, as Queen Elizabeth II’s great grandfather was nicknamed ‘Edward the Caresser’. 

If rumours are to be believed, he averaged three new women every week. Conservative estimates suggest that by the time he was finally worn out, he had slept with more than 7,500 women across a span of 50 years. Bravo, Edward. 

When he was coronated at Westminster Abbey, they even set aside an area for his women. They called it ‘the king’s loose box’ (unofficially, of course). 

5. Marquis de Sade

Marquis de Sade was a French aristocrat and writer born into a time when showing so much as a scrap of bare skin was considered scandalous.

It’s pretty amazing then, that his name holds the clue for sadism, and his graphic novels were essentially the first form of torture porn. And although many would associate him with sadomasochism the term masochist didn't surface until the mid 1800s when the Austrian writer Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch wrote Venus in Furs which was largely inspired by him undertaking a contract to be his mistress's slave.  Check it out on Netflix, it gets off to a slow start but it's well worth watching.

In real life, Marquis De Sade kept a prostitute as a torture victim and sex slave (she eventually escaped), had an affair with his wife’s sister, kept his castle full of employees of both genders for his sexual enjoyment, and eventually was imprisoned for more than three decades for his kinky escapades. So while we might not recommend following in his footsteps, we do have to give a nod to his help ushering in S&M culture. 


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  1. qualitytime46

    More than a month ago
    the granddaughter of one of Edward's mistresses is Camilla Parker-Bowles,now the Duchess of Cornwall


    More than a month ago
    Only Queen Elizabeth II knows why allowed Charles to keep having the affair with Camilla Knowing that precedent, it's worst the late Queen mother who had Camilla's grandmother as one of her Lady's in waiting, What a family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. dangerandplay

    More than a month ago
    Sex in history...
    Good topic.
    Can't believe Giacomo Casanova didn't crack the top five.
    AMM bloggers - let's find some more obscure ones...


    More than a month ago
    Thanks for the feedback. We've included him in our latest article.
  3. sexshinecoast

    More than a month ago
    Genghis Khan slept with more women than any other man in history. He also fathered the most children. There's some statistic (cant remember the number) that says 10% -20% of the earth's population can be traced back to him.


    More than a month ago
    OK....just checked... 8% of the Asian population. Still a big number.


    More than a month ago
    I've read somewhere there are 16 million men directly decedent's of Genghis khan according to the University of Leicester I the UK, he's included in another study where they say more than 800 million of men are descended from 11 men. It means it could be true.
    Account Closed

    Account Closed

    More than a month ago
    The science tracks it back to the most children being someone from the Mongolian conquests. Romantically, if that'snot too bold a term to use for wholesale rape, people like to believe that the decendants are from Genghis, but there'snota lot to support that. Subutai, his best general would be just as and just as not likely.


    More than a month ago
    Yes, that's true. I think the statistic is that 1 in every 200 men are directly related to Genghis Khan.


    More than a month ago
    Thanks for the comments, we've included him in our latest article.
  4. lyingcheating

    More than a month ago
    Edward VII was crowned, not coronated. ;)
  5. Bartender84

    More than a month ago
    The Earl Of Rochester.....Watch the movie the Libertine with Johnny Depp....great flick and John Wilmont was a man whore!
  6. gentlemar

    More than a month ago
    In recent past, many famous woman and man have been discovered to be sexually insatiable, such as Caterina II of Russia and Queen Victoria who loved to have sex with one horse groom ,and called by him old slat


    More than a month ago
    Both of your suggestions have been included in our follow up article.
  7. notgettinenuff

    More than a month ago
    What ?? No Rasputin?? No Katherine the Great ??? Russia's most famous Satyr and Nymphomaniac, surely. Even now, two hundred years after they left us, and it's widely accepted that both were arguably the randiest individuals in Russian history.........
    Account Closed

    Account Closed

    More than a month ago
    One hundred years. Rasputin was giving medical and other advice during the first world war. He was a spectacular get about lad for sure, however the stories of him with KtG are considered by most historians of note to most likely to be propaganda.


    More than a month ago
    We've just posted a new article which includes your suggestions. Thanks for the feedback.

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