The What Why How of Squirting

by Eva Sless - 11 July 2014 - 122 Member Comments
The What Why How of Squirting

It's really only in the past decade or so, since the invent of social media and the huge influence it's had on the world's population, that certain things have become part of our everyday lives and consciousness. Like, for example, the fanatical obsession humans have with cats, or the unquestionable healing powers of bacon (you know it's true). And one thing that really seems to have taken the world by storm, or at least the sex world where I reside, is the awakening knowledge of one of the most awesome things a woman can do when it comes to sex and orgasms: Squirting.

Just like the worship of cats (Ancient Egypt anyone?) squirting is by no means a “new” thing. It is also not a “mythical” thing. It is very real, and very cool, and is actually possible for almost every single woman on the planet to achieve. Really it is. It takes a bit of patience and a bit of work but the rewards are most definitely worth it.

What Is Squirting?

Squirting is the name given to female ejaculation and I don't just mean the wetness and lubrication that comes from being turned on and orgasming. I mean actual ejaculation. Like a gush or squirt of liquid (quite a lot of liquid sometimes) that can occur when a woman has a g-spot orgasm. The liquid itself is completely different to any other sort of liquid a female produces and comes from a place not many of us women realise we have, the Skene's gland. It is located within the walls of the urethra and the liquid itself comes out of the urethra (where wee comes from) but it is absolutely NOT urine. It's clear and a completely different consistency. It's made up of glucose and prostatic acid which is pretty much the same sort of stuff that semen is made up of (without the sperm of course).

What a lot of people don't realise is that the g-spot (which is located on the front wall of the vagina about one or two inches up from the entrance), is made of different stuff than the rest of the vaginal wall. It's actually made of erectile tissue which, when manipulated, fills with blood and can swell up to three times its normal size. It has a sort of ridged, spongey feel and, when aroused and pushed, can make you feel a bit like you want to wee. It is this feeling that often stops women from experimenting further because for the great majority of people, sexy time and urination are not connected.

Let me assure you that you will not wee. You won't. The reason it feels like that is because pressure is being put on the urethra which is the same sort of pressure your bladder puts on it when it is full.

So How Do I Achieve A Squirting Orgasm?

Pressure. Lots of pressure. Unlike the clitoris, the g-spot does not respond to vibration, it responds to pressure so a traditional vibrator probably won't do much at all in the process. A lot of sex toys these days have the curled head on them which are designed to reach and push on the g-spot and, if you're going to use a toy to get there, this is the sort you want. If you are using your fingers (or a partner is) then the best way to describe how to find it is this: curl two fingers towards the front wall of the vagina, kind of like you're trying to reach just below the belly-button, find the spongey spot that is the g-spot, and push/move your fingers in a kind of hard and fast “come hither” motion. When I say hard and fast I mean it. Especially in the beginning when you're just learning how and where.

Because most sex is 50% mental and 50% physical you really do need to be in the right frame of mind. You need to relax your whole pelvic floor which can be really tricky to do in the wake of that whole feeling-like-you're-going-to-wee thing, but it is really necessary. One good way to mentally prepare yourself is to make sure your bladder is completely empty before you try. This way you can tell your brain you KNOW you aren't going to wee because there is nothing in there TO wee. When you do achieve the squirt it is these pelvic floor muscles that will contract and push and ultimately squirt the liquid.

So Why Do I Want To Have A Squirting Orgasm?

Because it's amazing. It is so strong and good and deliciously satisfying that you almost lose control. The noises, the spasms and the ultimate release of endorphins and orgasmic blissful sensations is like no other orgasm you will have ever felt in your life. It is truly primal and truly fantastic.

Be sure to put down plenty of towels before you start trying because there will be a lot (LOT) of liquid and, because of this fact, make sure you have a big drink of water near you for afterwards because it can really dehydrate you.

So relax, curl your fingers, push push push and happy squirting, my friends!

122 Member Comments

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  1. soulmates56

    More than two weeks ago
    My wife is a rabid squirter and I love it. It is so satisfying and really when she really goes off you need to wear a raincoat. Being adults who play it often takes the other guys by surprise but most guys like it. I have no issue with it and will even stay down on a lady while she squirts if that is her preference.
  2. nativxxx

    More than two weeks ago
    yes its the zennith of sexual intimacee especially wen ur saturated nd sheets wett to the brimm from pure sexual exploration nd shariin the xperience can be an all round amazzzinnng tyme twogether we change the sheets weekly... squirtinn on tapp...anywon else experiences this will now how bodees talk to eachotha..start by applyinn nd then sexploration let womban guide u along her humanscape of architectural curves...
  3. kissingmeyum

    More than two weeks ago
    My vibrator is small, very powerful and only for the clit. I squirt like crazy using it and i have not inserted it i vaginally either, straight on clit. I can squirt fr 10 minutes before I cum really hard.
    I have even had orgasm headaches where I thought I had a stoke, it was so painful and totally killed my orgasm. Thats another topic I hope you talk about soon.
  4. HornyMalayGent

    More than a month ago
    Great article & thank you very much for sharing it.
    I fully understood what it is now cuz all these time I miss understood it thinking it actually is. ...weeing which puts me off & not wanting to try it with someone. Now I surely look forward to make or do whatever it takes to make one squirts cuz knowing that one will feel satisfied etc. I've always thought to make women cum/s is only the best thing/feeling for them but now l know there's more. Wish me luck at finding one that l can experience these with! :)
  5. Sweetangelic3

    More than a month ago
    Lol personally I am a gusher, the first time I experienced this it made me cry for nearly an hour.. it was such an overwhelming sensation... I would normally get so far along and snap my legs shut because I was terrified of what the feeling was... now I love the sensation and when my partner can find the way to blow my mind like that


    More than two weeks ago
    Im a gusher too, and the feeling is out of this world. I actually squirt lots before i even cum and when i do, OMG im in fucking heaven, my clit vibrator is very powerful and I can feel it through my whole body, im shaking, jerking and my heart rate goes through the roof.
  6. Unidentified82

    More than a month ago
    I squirted last week. I was quite relaxed but I wouldn't say it was fulfilling like a traditional orgasm.
  7. Mskitty16

    More than a month ago
    I taught myself how to squirt about 3 years ago. I love it! As do all the guys!!
    I'm more of a gusher than a squirter, little tip, put a waterproof protector on your bed, otherwise it stains your mattress.


    More than two weeks ago
    Found that out the hard way lol
  8. Fiesty.Fun.Chic

    More than a month ago
    Hi Eva.
    Im a little confused.
    I gushed for the first time yesterday *yay* but the fluid did not come from my urethra. The reason i know this is because my hubby did not have his fingers inside my passage where urine comes out. I felt it gush around his hand when it was in my vagina and the gush came from behind his hand.
    Given the anatomy of a female, how can it come out the urethra when the openings are two different openings? Also as a couple of others have said in their comments they feel it around their dicks?
    Sry just confused....and intrigued!


    More than a month ago
    Hey there.
    Firstly, what he may have felt is just a lot of lubrication which can come when aroused and orgasming. Also, if it was a gush, not a squirt, it will pool around the whole area and can feel like it's coming from everywhere. Mix that with the pressure of your muscles contracting and the amount of lubrication your body makes, and it'll just feel like liquid central.
    The skenes gland which creates the liquid is offset from the bladder and the path it takes is often through the urethra or small openings that are basically side by side.
    Not all orgasms end in squirt and not all squirts come from orgasms.
    If you can get to a squirt, where it actually sprays from the body, you'll see what I mean about where it comes from.
    I hope this makes sense.
  9. HotinBrisbane

    More than a month ago
    In my 20's I experienced a couple of girls that squirted during sex and wasn't experienced enough to make it happen more often. Now however I've had the absolute pleasure of helping many lovers squirt multiple times in a play session. So horny sexy and a huge turn on for me and my fave way to spend the 10 or mins for me to get really hard again. Can leave them in a very very relaxed state after multiples.
    Ahhh, if only I'd known in my 20's what I know now (45)!! The fun that could've been had....
  10. Stacey4444

    More than a month ago
    Great can every man read it please?


    More than a month ago
    volunteers ?
  11. Bustydreams

    More than a month ago
    I have only just recently found my squirting power!!!
    I was embarrassed at first now love it!!


    More than two weeks ago
    Wow it is the hottest thing ide love to make you gish
  12. SomeSex4UnMe

    More than a month ago
    My ex is a natural squirter! And I could not get enough of the delicious tasting juices, however her ex husband had got it in to her head that she was pissing the bed and really made her feel guilty about it, so she stopped herself from having orgasms and would freeze up when she was about to ejaculate. It took me two years to convince her she was not peeing but enjoying a natural highly sort after orgasms! The only way I could was to go out and buy a porn video about a girl in her situation who sought help for her "problem", watching that video opened her eyes and her willingness to finally after nearly 20 years of insults she would let go, and we would achieve multiple orgasms for her, One night we managed to have 21 orgasms! I was in heaven! I get my greatest pleasure from giving pleasure, so the more she had the hornier I got, and the was even able to have multiple orgasms of my own, without my cock been touched! Like you said it is 50% in the mind, well sometimes it can be 100%!


    More than a month ago
    Your ex & I must have been married to the same person at sometime, as my ex also abused me when I squirted for pissing the bed, 12yrs I went without enjoying sex.
  13. maddoncurves

    More than a month ago
    Very interesting, it's a big turn on for me to make a women s wettness and squirt
  14. Whenwemeet

    More than a month ago
    84 and so very much to learn
  15. DrivenByYou

    More than a month ago
    Squirting is just best feeling, its so amazing. So guys work harder and girls just let is go. You don't know what your missing if your have never squirted before. Take a chance and go for it.
  16. LadyDragon

    More than a month ago
    I have for years in a de facto relationship not climaxed. I have only just joined this site and did not before a few weeks ago realise that my need to "pee" was what this article has informed me of. WHAT A FUCKING WASTE OF YEARS!! My recent new partner has tried to get me to do this and I still resisted. THANK YOU! Guess what I'll be doing next time. Thank you :-)
  17. Vans08

    More than a month ago
    It is a major turn on for me, the best sex you can have. I have made a few ex girlfriends squirt over the years. My last ex girlfriend used to squirt every time we made love over and over. My advise is to go and buy a water proof mattress protector other wise you will kill your bed. It is real and it's the best sex that I have ever experienced with a women. If guys can't make a women squirt, they are not in touch with their partners body.
  18. sweetbbw68

    More than a month ago
    thank you for writing this to find a man who can do that lol

    practice practice practice


    More than a month ago
    I can and I am good at it, u can call me sneaky golden
  19. bbwlady4u00

    More than a month ago
    Now I know what happens when I flood mean gush lol. It's the best feeling and sound haha
  20. rubicon4

    More than a month ago

    This makes for an interesting read

  21. allinmymind

    More than a month ago
    I'd like to squirt and reverse park.
  22. SmooninSweet

    More than a month ago
    It's absolutely heaven, magical to explode into orgasm not just once but over a three and a half hour session with some mutual friends of mine. The best workout anyone could ask for. One of my partners for the session came three times as it takes a little longer for the fellas. Us women are quite luckier on that level.
  23. ItsBrock

    More than a month ago
    Sweet. Now I just need to find a girl. Lol.
  24. Dragonfly86

    More than a month ago
    Awesome :) and well written. Very helpful. Thank you
  25. coming.out

    More than a month ago
    Thanks for this article and the tips on how to make a woman squirt. Myself and some female friends have been looking for some help on how to squirt. will def be trying this and hope the fun in trying brings the rewards. Thanks again
  26. pleasingcple

    More than a month ago
    i hope i can master this squirting,sounds like loads of fun.
  27. blueprint75

    More than a month ago
    Well i wish someone could teach me to do it!! Sounds like im missing out lol
  28. looking4some53

    More than a month ago
    lovely article, it's great to be involved with a woman that squirts uncontrollably
  29. JessicaRabbit.

    More than a month ago
    I always find it bizarre that I'm one of the only females who doesn't enjoy the feeling...

    Others rave about it but I'll pass thanks!


    More than a month ago
    I feel the same, I have never really enjoyed attempt to stimulate the front wall of my vagina. It's not a mental worry about extra fluid etc., I find that need-to-pee feeling quite uncomfortable physically. Maybe people have gone for it too early during foreplay... in any case clitoral or even better deep vaginal penetrative orgasms do it for me just fine
  30. cougarfun4me

    More than a month ago
    I learnt to squirt after joining the swinging scene in my mid is an amazing release and is different and separate to my orgasm but can happen simultaneously which is mind does make for a very wet bed but so so satisfying.
  31. leemaree

    More than a month ago
    in my experience some woman orgasm when squirting and others don't . some can squirt just with clitoral stimulation . its all good which ever way it happens :)
  32. Mindmatters

    More than a month ago
    Hi Eva, a fantastic article, love to share it with my community (with the appropriate credit ofcourse), can we link to this article to a location outside of adult match maker? Is it published on your blog? Thanks

    Mistress Aditi

    More than a month ago
    Yes squirting is absolutely real. More ladies I've been with have squirted than haven't. It's amazing to help a woman achieve this level of pleasure
  34. AMM.Events

    More than a month ago
    Wow, this is our most popular article ever! The human body is such a wonderful machine with so many unique features it's certainly fun to learn how to turn some of those switches on. While the medical jury is still out on many things (some still don't believe in the Gspot) what Eva has written is backed up by countless medical articles so we encourage you to do your own research between the pages and hopefully between the sheets.
  35. ImaSexyAngel

    More than a month ago
    I first heard about squirting 18 months ago and have been on a mission ever since to be able to learn how to do it. Thank you so much for the article I feel like it has answered many questions for me.
  36. trayway6977

    More than a month ago
    I have only ever squirted with clitrol stimulation , thou I gush big time with penetration
  37. makemesqu1rt

    More than a month ago
    I love squirting. I feel so good afterwards, quivering on the bed.
  38. Us2forFun70

    More than a month ago
    P.s. Just takin the piss,( no pun intended ) SHE is a great Reverse Parker too, just had to reference NoHarminAskin. Funny stuff.
  39. Us2forFun70

    More than a month ago
    Ditto to all the above comments EXCEPT for the hot4curves re : pissing. We too went close several times but SHE thought it was a urinating urge. Once she pushed pass that imaginary boundary and let go ...!! Giddyup..!! It was and is sensational.
    Now for the more difficult stuff... Reverse Parking..
  40. cherylann2

    More than a month ago
    An egg vib above the clit hood will make a woman squirt a lot easier than finger and easier on her

    More than a month ago
    I find the best part when a female is squirting is to be going down on her at the same time. The compliments afterwards and smile on their faces, makes it all rewarding (for everyone involved). Foreplay too, I have found is a great way to build up towards making a female squirt !
  42. micklick69

    More than a month ago
    bring it on,i drink the stuff,pure honey from the sweetest place on earth....
  43. snugglebug78

    More than a month ago
    They feel different squirting and orgasm
  44. DeliciousEva

    More than a month ago
    ellekate: The sensation can be a lot different to a clitoral orgasm, yes. Some girls experience it like a release of pressure and others like a rush of all over pleasure.
    If you can stimulate your clitoris at the same time it can really help with the all over pleasure side.
  45. DeliciousEva

    More than a month ago
    Hi, hot4curves.
    If you read the article it clearly states the gland where squirting comes from.
    It's called Skene's Gland and is the female equivalent to the male prostate.
    The liquid is not urine. Although sometimes urine can be present as it comes out of the urethra.
    The article also states what the liquid is made of.
    I am aware that some porn movies will say they are squirting when they are in fact golden showers but squirting is very real.

    Comfortablynumb, no. Not all orgasms will be squirting ones every time. However once you can do it it's easier to achieve each time

    Cheers to all comments!
  46. ellekate

    More than a month ago
    My partner has made me squirt a number of times by using his fingers but I didn't really experience an orgasm with it. Is it supposed to feel like an orgasm?


    More than a month ago
    I find the same I squirt but prefer clitoral orgasm
  47. MarsBar269

    More than a month ago
    I have been with a number of women who squirted. One X in particular gushed heaps...we always made sure we had lots of towels under her or slept in a wet bed. Funny thing it doesnt stain the mattress. Hitting that G Spot is the key and for her to relax and know its not piss and enjoy. We used to web cam and she destroyed [squirted all over] several keyboards and even hit the cam shoots a long way sometimes...and not only one problems it was fun...lucky girl..
  48. Nicksta70

    More than a month ago
    Wow. That squirting sounds intense and amazingly awesome.
  49. hot4curves

    More than a month ago
    Piss!.. if you disagree please name the organ/gland all that liquid originates from.. looks like piss, tastes like piss, is piss, not that I dont like it, just prefer the facts than convenient invention because some may be turned of watersports.. when your hitting a womans gspot you're pushing against her bladder also..


    More than a month ago
  50. oye123

    More than a month ago
    Great article there! :)
  51. BumpNGrind6970

    More than a month ago
    My wife enjoys squirting. It isn't a myth and a technique that is easily learned. Some woman are simply amazed that they are able to squirt in a matter of seconds. We enjoy showing other people the technique and have introduced many women to the joys of squirting over the past 7 years.
  52. snugglebug78

    More than a month ago
    So I've been with a few guys that argue this is urine I feel dehydrated when I squirt it makes me feel like I've been to heaven now it's just to find me a man that can remind me what I taught myself with my toys when I was single, well hang on I still am bring on the best years of my life
  53. Merman247

    More than a month ago
    it is so rewarding having a lady squirt such a turn on, it is honestly very exhausting for the lady.
  54. Curious1947

    More than a month ago
    Wonderful ! It is that intense, it blows me away for about 20 mins, I feel like a rag doll.. Then I want more !!
  55. ayoungcouple

    More than a month ago
    I love it!!! plus unlike a clitoral orgasm I can have squirting orgasms over and over!!! I go through a lot of towels!!!
  56. NoHarmInAsking

    More than a month ago

    And I heard it was little more than a weak bladder, well there you go, women learning to ejaculate, next thing you know they'll be learning to reverse park :-)
  57. mrmeaner39

    More than a month ago
    yup absolutely exists...glorious to watch...never tire of having a girl just lose it completely during a huge climax...fantastic moment...
  58. ByChance2

    More than a month ago
    Wow what a amazing article. Thank you for giving insight to this. It is awesome so try !!
  59. SnoopMate

    More than a month ago
    and so're spot on. She does gush a Niagara load!!
  60. Funforus22

    More than a month ago
    Wow! Amazing and very helpful! Thank you for myth busting :-)

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