• Blacktowndesi Photo
    Our First Swinger Ckub Experience
    A Fantasy by Blacktowndesi
    Mia and I met on an adult site. We shared for a couple of months our deepest sexual thoughts. Neither of us was experienced but our discussions became very erotic. cheating Mia is a 34year old sexy lady. Her 40d naturals attract alot of attention no matter where we are. Long black hair and standing
  • dtecouple6000 Photo
    Club 301 - The pole room
    A Fantasy by dtecouple6000
    Lights from the mirror ball reflected in a scattered surreal spectrum from the polished pole in the middle of the room. The room was one of 5 social/play focal points within the club. Situated on the ground floor were the pole dancing stage, the sex swing bedroom and the pool room which is more of a
  • Naughty.duo Photo
    Molly’s first time at a swinger’s club
    A True Story by Naughty.duo
    Molly’s heart was pounding waiting for the door to open. John buzzed again just as a family walked past. Molly put her head down; terrified the young family would know exactly why they were waiting outside the door with a discrete sign in a dimly lit street. Finally it opened and they were welcomed
  • cockparty 6th April thanks to my cocks x
    A True Story by kinkycople69
    The night of the 6th was a horny night i was drunk and wanting a lot of cock in my wet slutty cock slave pussy. So my man my master xx organized me some hot fun. first up was some guys by them self's fucking me hard making me wet i enjoyed there cocks then was a 4 some me and 3 cocks with a guy who
  • StormGC Photo
    My first Swingers party
    A True Story by StormGC
    It was only about 2 months ago ide always been somewhat interested but never really built up the nerve to go to one by myself, but the bi ones excited me greatly but were never on when i was available. After a tough year I decided it was time to start socializing again and to try and comeout of my
  • The Camping Trip Pt. 1
    A Fantasy by BxRiffle
    The Camping Trip - Part 1 With the weather getting warmer, M and I decided to go for a long weekend of camping on the coast. We decide on a secluded camping ground in the National Park on the bay and packed for two nights. With tent, sleeping bags, lilos, camp stove and utensils, clothes and swimmers
  • wendy and tony
    A True Story by countryboy88
    christa burge One weekend my wife and another couple travelled to the city to see Christa Burge, we were staying at a multistorey hotel with views of the river and city. We called our friends on the inter room phone when we arrived and said we were going for a swim. The weather was warm and we went
  • a new adventure
    A True Story by countryboy88
    Then came Greg, I had talked at length with Greg about the pending play session. I felt totally at ease and uninhibited about our up and coming night of pure unadulterated sex. Greg was a seasoned player having attended group sessions and organised orgies with a number of couples in attendance. The
  • Loveoraltrae Photo
    My first time in the Cuckhold
    A True Story by Loveoraltrae
    My friend an his girl was really drunk. An I was going to bed after a shower an there was the most weird scary sexuest thing ever. My friends girl friend was in my bead Absolutely naked on her hands an knees an I froze.. My friend Comes in with his phone an tells me to touch her ass an walks out..
  • Dinner party
    A True Story by shelovesit158
    Hi the night started out as a normal invite to a dinner party ... but in saying that i knew there were a few people going that had form if you know what i mean lol ....so anyway i dressed up in a short skirt and heals and low top and my man in some nice gear and off we went . When we arrived there were
  • Playful.Sgl.Guy Photo
    A Playful Encounter (with a playmate)
    A Fantasy by Playful.Sgl.Guy
    We meet in a bar... drinks at the table are going well so we decide to take it to our room.. I'm nervous so I grab your leg under the table but you push my hand toward your cock and my nerves turn to excitement.... We lead the way chatting away like we are all old friends but as soon as we enter
  • Brunnication Photo
    The three stages of life
    A True Story by Brunnication
    As the story goes, when i was younger so much younger than today, I really didn’t need anybody’s help in any way. I did fine thank you very much. My legs were long and trim, rarely closed and I was always blushing. For me it wasn’t true that sex made me looser, I set high standards, made the boys
  • Her first orgasm
    A True Story by SexNkink72
    Her first orgasm #part 1 Please note this is a true story. Only names have been changed to protect the pleasured. I was a late bloomer and have never slept with a virgin. Searching for a new FWB, I happened to peak the interest of a woman (Debbie), who at 34 was 10 years my junior. We hit it off
  • In the middle pocket
    A True Story by shelovesit158
    Hi there my partner and i were invited to a swingers party last year n melb. we had trouble finding the address in the dark which was a big house in a posh street.. we walked up to the door and rang the bell hoping we had found the party... shortly after a well groomed hunk of a man openned the door
  • The green monster rears it's head...
    A True Story by hotbajan
    Having moved from the US to Australia, I was not sure what to expect given all the stories I had heard. I had left the the 10yrs and some great couples and playmates behind to move halfway around the world. Six months later I was beginning to become very disappointed with the stark differences here.
    A True Story by pony66666
    Last night I attended my first Swingers Party. Even for a massive sex fan it has only take me until now to make the move. I wish I had now done it years ago. Obviously I had pre booked and had my attendance confirmed on the morning of the day. Walking around the vicinity in the dark, it was hard
  • Funanderotic76 Photo
    The Couple
    A Fantasy by Funanderotic76
    It’s naughty, it’s dirty, but you are so turned on. Your husband sits on the lounge….watching. You are standing in the middle of the living room; stockings, suspender belt and fuck me pumps, dressed for sex. You are blindfolded you’ve seen my picture, but not what I look like in real life. Your
  • Our friends first time
    A True Story by ricjen123
    Names have been changed to protect the guilty! A few years back we were talking with a couple who were very interested in our lifestyle. They knew we were swingers and wanted to know more, the ins and outs, what happens at clubs etc. They were over our place one evening and things were going well.
  • My life in the swingers scene 3
    A True Story by startagain2
    We got ready to go out for dinner us girls got a bit daring and dressing very sexy with short skirts K.B also wearing a see trough top with no bra and after dinner we went to a club a band was playing but before we entered we planned so us and the guys weren't together to see if guys would chat us up
  • sbl2225 Photo
    Oh What a Night
    A True Story by sbl2225
    New Years Eve Swing : After attending the Couples Club three times during the year we qualified for an invitation to the clubs New Years Eve Party. We decide to spend the weekend. So drove the 100 miles to the nearby city with eager excitement. We checked in to a nice hotel and had a refreshing