Just Another Saints & Sinners

A True Story

It's Saturday night and we are off to Saints & Sinners. I'm ready to go but I'm sitting on the couch watching TV as I wait for Vicki to finish dressing. She finally comes into the room wearing black stay-up stockings, black leather thigh-high fuck-me boots, black mesh long gloves, a black corset that leave her breasts exposed and, for the first time, she is not wearing her g-string. Her pussy lips smile at me as she walks into the room. My immediate thought was that nothing was going to slow her down tonight, so I said to her: “I want to see you fuck 10 guys tonight!”. After tightening the corset, she wrapped herself in an overcoat and we headed out to play.

We had just arrived at Saints & Sinners where we found a group of friends standing around talking. Vicki seemed to disappear as I spoke to some friends but it wasn't long before she was back and asking for a condom. I gave her one and she walked out of sight. It wasn't long before I saw her again, bent at the waist, leaning against one of our friends and smiling at me as some guy was pounding her pussy from behind. This got me so hot I put on a condom and began to fuck one of our friends from behind.

Vicki and I were sitting on a very long bench seat with another couple at the opposite end. The woman from the couple came down to us and said she wanted to suck my cock and she invited Vicki to suck her husband's cock. An innovative invitation. As the woman sucked my cock, I looked over to see that Vicki was standing on the bench seat leaning into the wall as she moved her wet pussy over the husband's tongue.

We were walking through the upper floor when a young guy came up to Vicki and asked if he could fuck her. She guided us over to the pool table and told me to sit on the end of the pool table. As I did, she bent over at the waist and sucked my cock as the young guy slid into her wet cunt and began fucking her.

Vicki was leaning over the balcony overlooking the dance floor as I pounded her pussy from behind. A good-looking young couple were doing the same right next to us. At some point the woman said she would like to suck my cock. Out of courtesy, I pulled out of Vicki and let the woman start to suck my cock. As she sucked me I began to realise that she was very talented and if I did not put a stop to this, I would come. I had a big night still ahead so I withdrew my cock, thanked her for the fun and went back to fucking Vicki's wet pussy.

The plan was for Vicki to fuck 10 guys that night. After we had finished fucking I suggested she go across the room and ask the young guy on the other side to fuck her. She looked and said: “He's with that young woman, you come with me and you can fuck her.” I told her to go on her own, I would watch from here. She went over, I saw her talk to both of them and soon she was fucking the young guy as his partner looked on. Vicki was quite pleased with her work when she returned.

Vicki had wandered off somewhere when woman walked up to me and said: “I've got my period tonight but I would like to suck your cock!” We were blocking a walkway so we moved over to where some large columns were flanking the walkway. I leant against the column as the woman got on her knees and started to suck my cock. I looked over to the column on the other side of the walkway and saw Vicki leaning against it as a guy on his knees licked her pussy. We smiled at each other.

We were walking past the dance floor when we came across Bev, who we had played with before and a guy she introduced as Peter. It was noisy next to the dance floor and I couldn't hear much of the conversation so I wasn't paying attention until I saw Bev turn around and walk away. I turned towards Vicki and saw she was standing there and Peter was behind her. It was then I noticed her feet were not on the floor! I realised that Peter was fucking her from behind and somehow he was holding her up as they fucked. This couldn't go on too long so I moved closer to support Vicki as Peter continued to slide his cock into her pussy. Later in the night we ran into Bev and Peter again on the first floor. Still turned on by what I had seen downstairs I bent Bev over the railing and slid my cock into her wet cunt. As we fucked I could see Vicki in the same position being fucked by Peter and again her feet were off the ground! Just then, I noticed a couple of real cops in uniform coming up the walkway to my left. I leant in to Bev and said: “The cops are here to make sure we are fucking properly.” She looked to her right as I kept sliding in and out of her. I said: “On the other side”, and she looked to her left and by now the lead cop was right next to us. She tried to get off my cock but I held her in place and told her there was nothing to worry about as we kept fucking next to Vicki and Peter as the cops continued on.

Vicki and I had just finished another fuck when a young guy from Brisbane walked up and started a conversation. Vicki enjoys standing around and chatting, with her breasts, and just fucked swollen pussy lips on display, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. So she was up for some conversation and I was enjoying watching the interaction, knowing where this was going to end up. Eventually, Vicki needed another cock inside her and invited the guy to put on a condom and to get to work. Later that night he found his way back to us with a woman in tow. I fucked her while Vicki rode him once more.

By the end of the night, Vicki had fucked her way through 10 guys. It was time for bed.