Gender Diverse Options

Back in 2016 we expanded the gender options for our trans and non-binary members so they had access to a wider range of options to express their gender identity. The difficulty was finding a term to describe these options that all members were happy with. For the last couple of years we’ve used the term Non Binary but we’ve been conscious that was not ideal or strictly correct. 

We are pleased to announce that we’ve moved to the term Gender Diverse as we feel it is the best way to describe all of the diverse options available.

You’ll also notice that when searching for Gender Diverse members and viewing the search results in a grid or list view that we now have a range of abbreviations such as T, M2F, F2M, NB, Int and Cis. The profile itself will display the Gender Diverse option the member has chosen.

And of course we are happy for trans women to register as Female and trans men to register as Men if they prefer to do so, as gender expression is such an individual choice.

You can read more about our gender and sexuality options here.