Holiday surprise

A True Story by Born2befilled

I walked back through the hotel lobby on the way back to the lifts after being sent to the shops by my wife to grab some things. ‘Level 13’ I heard the receptionist say to another gentleman as I walk past, thinking to myself, that is my floor, it’s a great view. I continue going to the lift and pressed…


Watching me at the beach

A True Story by RosieBloom

I like to go on adventures, get out of the burbs and get lost in nature or absorbed by forests of trees or visit gardens, but mostly I love to reset by getting in the ocean. The thrill of the cold salt water on my skin is as you know one of life’s natural highs. The other kind of high that I really…


Met Mirjam naar de Kamasutra

A Fantasy by NaughtyCurls77

Na al behoorlijk wat online voorpret is het op 24 maart dan eindelijk zover.! Ik heb afgesproken met mijn stoute AMM-meisje Mirjam om samen naar de Kamasutra beurs in Utrecht te gaan. In een comfortabele jeans en linnen shirt sta ik buiten de jaarbeurs op haar te wachten, mijn jas los in mijn hand. En…


Lunchtime meeting

A True Story by Amusedwell

This happened some years ago now. But still holds good memories. At the time I was single and one of the ladies I was seeing I worked with. We would often get lunch together and this would involve the lovely lady giving me a blowjob in her car or sometimes we’d go to her place for a quick fuck if her…

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Live stream with Anita

A True Story by readyforlust

I got to know Anita via AM, first time meet was for a cup of coffee and small talk. It ended at the parking lot, kissing and feeling her nice full breasts against my chest. My hands over her nice round firm ass… So the intro was good. After a steamy hotel date, she proposed that I could come to her…

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German hotwife

A True Story by readyforlust

This happened many years ago. I was for work with 3 colleagues in southern Germany. We stayed there for one night. After some drinks and dinner 2 went to the hotel. My buddy and myself decided to look for a bar to drink some more. We found this local pub, it was a Wednesday night and there were not…


Ex becomes voyeur

A True Story by Amusedwell

Back when I was married my ex wife and I took in a friend of ours as a boarder to help pay the mortgage. Bron was studying at uni and wasn’t particularly my cup of tea. But she was a friend of my wife so I was just glad of the extra money at the time. We would often sit around at night the three…


Putting on a show on the busiest truck route in Australia

A Fantasy by Kath37

“You’ve been a bit bratty this weekend. I think you need to show me some better behaviour.” We were packing up to go home from our long weekend away, and those words made me tingle. I thought I knew what was coming next “Take all your clothes off. I want you naked for the drive home.” The first…


Walked naked through town

A Fantasy by RosieBloom

I just woke from a very sexy dream which is the inspiration for this story… I was being walked through an old time town on a lead and my hands tied. I was naked and had caught a glimpse in a house window I was fully naked and had some dirt on my bottom and my leg where I had fallen. A man came out…


Video for a friend

A True Story by Amusedwell

To set the scene this happened about 20yrs ago. I was in a relationship with a very sexy lady, Penny. She was 5”6 long dark hair, sexy smile, DD boobs and a great arse. She was bi and had been in female relationships before as well as male ones. She also knew I had a long term friend and he and I…

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Watched by her husband

A True Story by Sutherland56

We had met at a cafe in the inner suburbs after she answered my advertisement for a married woman who needed more sexual satisfaction than she was getting at home. A short walk and conversation had been enough to satisfy her that I was the sort of man that she was looking for. She had discussed me with…


Those Eyes

A True Story by SirPumpkin

Fuck me, Wednesday night, you sat atop the new mini splash blanket, shimmied your jeans off, you new black Arliah set on, I tilt your seat back, lean in and kiss you, you nibble know my lip and let out a soft moan, my hand slides down and undoes the press stud's on your panties, you let out a louder…


Train Me Please

A Fantasy by ButterflyEvo

I was thinking about the rocking and the rhythm of the movement of the train. And you. Wishing that you were there, protective arm around me, with me resting my head on your chest, listening to your heart. One of my small hands is engulfed in your strong, large, calloused hand draped across my…

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Exploring is enriched when you watch

A True Story by KLR.Always

Naturally like most men we all say "We love to watch, we love to please" and all comments that are often true, and often used to help build the chances of a connection. In my situation its true, but this story is more about an experience I had, I enjoyed and was exciting for many reasons. I met…


ms dirty goes bird watching

A Fantasy by Cap.Slutty

Holding his hand ms dirty leads her new, young, bloke from the car park. “what’s this place?, a favourite of yours?” he asks “yes hun, i like to cum to this bird sanctuary in the early afternoon, there’s never anyone around” “bird sanctuary?” “uh-uh, there’s these hides setup, where you can watch…


Fun in the sun

A Fantasy by Strongwild1

I walked as far as I could… I was thirsty so I stopped and drained the water from my drink bottle. I lay down on the thick grass and slid off my vans. My dress flowed softly against my thigh as I lay down. The sun was warm on my skin. I hitched up the fabric slightly to expose my legs to the sunshine.…


Wonderfully Wicked and Wacky Debauchery

A True Story by Intomeic127

Wonderfully Wicked and Wacky Debauchery) In my sex life I love to play many roles it is true So now let me introduce just a few of them to you But first let your imagination loose. It's time for fun As I play all of my characters for you one by one. Firstly my 'Wild Woman' will dance and twirl As…


Shameless debauchery

A Fantasy by Intomeic127

/ Shameless debauchery Gee I love to write in rhyme I do it all the time Because when I write in verse I excite blokes with my witches curse And also I must confess my witches spell will leave you eager to address all your foibles both camouflaged and denied leaving you simply nowhere…


A voyeur is what I definitely want to be

A Fantasy by Intomeic127

Empty bed what stories do you hold? And are they secrets that can’t be told? Empty bed are your memories lost to time? And do you remember love sublime? Empty bed was the moment all too fleeting? And do you remember lips tenderly meeting? Empty bed did lovers tenderly embrace? And do you remember…


Public affection

A True Story by Atticussapio13

Mya had a lover whom she was devoted to but they had no where to go to play. So they went across the road to their local park. There was a public toliet that appeared empty so she enticed him rubbing her ass against his Crouch and her hands as well from behind. Till he got hard he got frustrated…