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Exploring is enriched when you watch

A True Story by KLR.Always

Naturally like most men we all say "We love to watch, we love to please" and all comments that are often true, and often used to help build the chances of a connection. In my situation its true, but this story is more about an experience I had, I enjoyed and was exciting for many reasons. I met…


ms dirty goes bird watching

A Fantasy by Cap.Slutty

Holding his hand ms dirty leads her new, young, bloke from the car park. “what’s this place?, a favourite of yours?” he asks “yes hun, i like to cum to this bird sanctuary in the early afternoon, there’s never anyone around” “bird sanctuary?” “uh-uh, there’s these hides setup, where you can watch…


Fun in the sun

A Fantasy by Strongwild1

I walked as far as I could… I was thirsty so I stopped and drained the water from my drink bottle. I lay down on the thick grass and slid off my vans. My dress flowed softly against my thigh as I lay down. The sun was warm on my skin. I hitched up the fabric slightly to expose my legs to the sunshine.…


1/ Role Play (Wonderfully Wicked and Wacky Debauchery

A True Story by Intomeic127

1/ Role Play (Wonderfully Wicked and Wacky Debauchery) In my sex life I love to play many roles it is true So now let me introduce just a few of them to you But first let your imagination loose. It's time for fun As I play all of my characters for you one by one. Firstly my 'Wild Woman' will dance…


Shameless debauchery

A Fantasy by Intomeic127

/ Shameless debauchery Gee I love to write in rhyme I do it all the time Because when I write in verse I excite blokes with my witches curse And also I must confess my witches spell will leave you eager to address all your foibles both camouflaged and denied leaving you simply nowhere…


A voyeur is what I definitely want to be

A Fantasy by Intomeic127

Empty bed what stories do you hold? And are they secrets that can’t be told? Empty bed are your memories lost to time? And do you remember love sublime? Empty bed was the moment all too fleeting? And do you remember lips tenderly meeting? Empty bed did lovers tenderly embrace? And do you remember…


Public affection

A True Story by Atticussapio13

Mya had a lover whom she was devoted to but they had no where to go to play. So they went across the road to their local park. There was a public toliet that appeared empty so she enticed him rubbing her ass against his Crouch and her hands as well from behind. Till he got hard he got frustrated…


The fishing trip on Elm Street

A True Story by Atticussapio13

Mya, a girl whom only discovered sex at a later age was yearning for something unlike anything she had experienced before. She had the whole week to do what ever she pleased and all she wanted was to bring a man to his knees. Make him happy and beg her to please do the things she does over and over…


Walking up the hill

A Fantasy by OldEnough2Know2

The hill behind my house is a walk I’ve taken a lot, in all weather but only once did it make me hot enough to go off. I walk mid morning, when the sun isn’t hot and there is still a chill, enough to make my nipples tighten. This morning, I was walking quickly, taking great strides up dirt track,…

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Ride Home on a Bus

A True Story by CuddlyhornyBi

Jumping onto the last bus one night after a night out drinking with my new Mistress we casually walk to the last of the seats facing the front of the bus and sat down as the bus pulled away only to stop at the stop to let the only other passenger off . She always loved sex in weird places so i said…


Visiting nude beaches while on holiday

A True Story by Openmnded

Early this year I went up to Byron Bay for a holiday and googled the nude beach to go and enjoy the sun as nature intended it to be enjoyed. On my first visit I made my way along the beach and after passing the nude bathing signs started looking for a place to lay my towel and enjoy the sun. I had a…


Cinema orgy

A Fantasy by Shrek1987

We head out to the movies however it is not your typical cinema but an adult movie theatre. We grab our tickets and head on inside as we find our seats we can see a couple of other couples and a few guys scatted about the cinema. As the movie starts to progress and with each scene becoming more and more…


Let the Wind Blow High

A True Story by LivinScot

The Scenario : There are times dressed in full Tartan Regailure at competition, you forget about custom. Bagpipes playing in procession, wind sending an uplift in a fierce cold embrace, I swear all down-under had fallen asleep to natures grip. Marching proud, holding my ancestors Banner, I smiled…


The Exhibition Begins

A Fantasy by Treechangers

As she stepped up on stage a hot flush of Adrenalin, nerves and pride filled her as she paced a few steps to allow the audience to quieten. Cara turned to the audience and perfectly on cue with her opening word the wifi vibrator that had been inserted by her husband earlier that morning started to…


Caught looking

A Fantasy by Oldsalt274

I can’t sleep so I go for a walk it’s pretty late so not a lot happening, a couple of lights on here and there as I walk past your house I glance at the one lit room and I notice you walk in, thinking I might see a bit of tit as you get ready for bed so I slow my walk right down and I was right, I watch…


The shoe store salesmen a fantasy or true story you decide.

A Fantasy by on-a-top

Wife always goes out commando and wears short dresses or see-through dresses. She likes to flash salesman in shoe store and has flashed a number of times in shoe shops over the years. When trying on shoes and the salesman is fitting shoes on her feet, she just opens her legs. The salesman can clearly…


surprise fuck in park

A True Story by jemma3102

We met Jim at the park as planned. it is a soccer pitch which botders a creek with a walking path leading to Riverwood. There was no moon so the night was dark only with the playground corner lights on posts turned on.... i was sooo horny and excitef. had not done anytging like this since i was a teen.…


Fantasy or True Story you decide - does crane driver exist?

A Fantasy by on-a-top

This story is listed under True but you decide if it is Fantasy or a True Story. Let us know what you think; Fantasy or a True Story!!! We were on a 14-night holiday without the kids, we were stay in a holiday high rise apartment block in a popular beach holiday destinations somewhere in the world,…


A country town

A Fantasy by Adrien89

Firstly.... excuse the spelling mistakes It had been a few days since I had gotten into town and away from the city  it was a much needed break from life in the big city. It wasn't a small town, more of a medium size with about 9000 people living here. I had been planning this get away for a…

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Emma au naturel

A Fantasy by BarneyGumball

It was so hot and being away from the coast seemed to make it more so, the heat was oppressive. Emma decided to head to the river, cool off and laze about under the shade of a tree. When she arrived it was quite obvious that many others had the same plan, she looked up and down the sandy banks and…