A Glory Hole Experience at Gay Icon Nob Hill

A True Story by JustOne4more

The United States of America is a country that I have loved to visit over the past decade plus. It’s unlike just about every other place I’ve ever been, but also incredibly familiar at times too. The people are fun, the cities are full of life, and it really is a great place to explore yourself. My…


Fun at Neil’s house

A True Story by MrTyler140

I made contact with Neil through a massage exchange website. He was offering sensual massages for men. The idea was that we’d meet up at his place and he’d give me a massage and I would give him one in return. I’d never been massaged by a guy and hadn’t really even touched a guy in a sexy way before.…


Finally had our Chance

A True Story by davemarvinm

John and I had been chatting for a few weeks via an adult site and both agreed we would like to see how an actual meeting would go. As we both travel for work we finally had our opportunity. We were both going to be in Sydney for a few days at the same time. We had arranged to meet at my hotel as he…


My First (real) Anal

A True Story by Man4Us

Last night, I went to the club for dinner with my wife. During dinner, I caught eye contact with an older guy, who was also having dinner with his wife/partner. This guy was about 65ish, parted grey thinning hair, stocky build... and he kept smirking at me from a few tables away. My wife and…


Girls Night Out

A True Story by SaphireTRANS76

As much as I didn’t want to go out, leaving you and our family, my friend Robin has talked me into it. Getting ready for her, I thought of the men that would try and pick us up. Putting on my lotion, the thoughts were getting racier. I hadn’t had a lover in quite some time and knowing you were here,…


My secret exposed

A Fantasy by UnMeLetsB

I find the courage to enter the bar, I had arranged to attend a meet and greet for Transgender and their admirers. I enter the bar and was making my way to the private function rooms when I hear, "Hi Tony, how are you. What are you doing out this way?" I'm embarrassed, it is the one of the girls from…


Finally my first night of gay sex

A True Story by UnMeLetsB

I was tipsy again, I put the wine away to stop myself getting drunk again. I had struggled for years to find my place and my partner continued to tell me I was just confused, there was no way I was attracted to men But the signs were there. It had been a month since I finally come out to her, and it…


Gay lust turns to love

A True Story by UnMeLetsB

He's riding me, his head back and eyes closed. I run my hands up his chest and around his neck and pull him down to me. I kiss him passionately, my dick is deep in his arse as he pushes back down against it. I slightly push him up and stare at him. I can tell he's loving it I've never fucked him in…


My friend

A True Story by Gomanrbeb

I was 20 years old, and my friend was 30 years old. He invited me on a 10-day holiday with all expenses paid. To WA. We normally spend a great deal of time together, so I was happy to have an enjoyable time together. I never expected what was going to develop on this holiday. The room he rented at…


Suprise discovery

A Fantasy by UnMeLetsB

I'm sitting through another working group, but not contributing, my mind is wondering to my next engagement, I'm going to use the lunch period to pop into the sauna on the way back to the office. As we pack up, one of the younger ladies interupt my thoughts. "Your quiet today, everything ok?". Sarah…


Straight guy turns bi

A True Story by Kinky447

Recently I became separated and my thoughts started turning towards guys whilst I love pussy couldn’t stop thinking about cock so I went to the nude beach for a day of fun I love showing off in front of people and I thought it be nice to show the boys on the rocks how sexy I am it was a beautiful sunny…


Man at the bar

A Fantasy by TopVsMe

I headed down to my local for a couple of beers and few bets. I buy a beer and take a seat, and not long after I see you during at a table alone. For some reason, I kept looking your way...but I noticed you notice me looking. A few beers later, and I head towards the men's toilet to break my…


Bush Secrets with the Unknown

A Fantasy by NewBestMateMM

Every morning, and again every afternoon, I drive past this bushy area next to a couple of service stations. There's a spot in the bushy area, where there are 2 openings that are wide enough to get a vehicle through. On several occasions in the past, I've pulled up in my vehicle, in the dark, and…


Bathhouse fondle

A True Story by Algernon88

It had been a long time since I had been to the bathhouse but when I entered, it was warmly familiar. Bodies, some slender some plump but all nude, crowded around the lockers. I undressed, locked everything away, showered and went on my way. It was nude afternoon. It’s always fun to brush past naked…


Desperate for an encounter

A True Story by Mfriendwanted

I don't know what came over me yesterday afternoon. It's been some time since I'd been with my wife, so you could say that I may have been a little horny. But it could be something else. Anyway...before I did this, I needed some liquid courage. So I went to the bottle shop and grabbed 2 long…


Giving my first blow job

A True Story by Openmnded

I was 18 at the time and starting to understand what felt good and gave me pleasure through my own self play and also had a good friend I used to hang out with who was equally as horny and exploring. When we’d hang out after school or on weekends we’d talk about potential encounters with hot girls we…


My First Anal... and more

A True Story by 4yourpleasure79

I left home for work at 6:05am this morning. I mustn't have emptied out completely in the shower, as I needed to pee. Being an hours drive to work, I called in to this public toilet block. When I parked out the front, there were 2 guys near a white work ute...one older, one younger. As soon…


My new friend

A Fantasy by Male4MFriend

I receive a message from a guy. It reads, ‘Hey, have you found your M friend yet? I’d be keen, but only you and me. You’ll need to delete your ad and let me be your only friend.’ I check out his profile, and I’m happy with what I see, especially the fact he only wants to top. So I reply, ‘Let’s meet…


Afternoon playdate

A True Story by Bicock59

After already experiencing a MFM threesome and a MM experience i was wondering what a MMM meet would be like, could i do it ? Would i enjoy it ? Only one way to find out. I placed and ad in an adult contact magazine explaining what i was looking for. The reply came via a letter, 2 local guys looking…


One night in an adult store

A True Story by Bicock59

It was a warm night in Adelaide, i had just showered and shaved my cock, balls and hole. I was still pondering on the MFM threesome i had just days before and how good it felt and tasted sucking another guy but i felt now i wanted more, i wanted to feel a toy, a cock, something inside me. I was getting…