My First (real) Anal

A True Story

Last night, I went to the club for dinner with my wife.

During dinner, I caught eye contact with an older guy, who was also having dinner with his wife/partner.

This guy was about 65ish, parted grey thinning hair, stocky build... and he kept smirking at me from a few tables away.

My wife and I finished dinner, and just as we stood up to move into the lounge area, I smirked and winked at this older guy.

Probably about 30 minutes later, I saw the older guy (and his wife/partner) come into the lounge area. He was scanning around the room, and when we saw me, he smiled and winked back at me, before sitting down.

A few minutes later, I stood up and smiled at him, before heading to the men's toilet. I stood at the urinal...unzipped my shorts...and stood there pretending to pee.

Then the door opened up behind me...

Then I felt hands grab me with good force, said "Shhhh", as I was pulled into a cubicle, and made to face away from him, towards the toilet.

He said "You want this, huh?" as he unbuttoned my shorts, and pulled my pants and undies down.

I didn't answer him, as he closed the door to the cubicle.

He kicked my feet apart, as I heard him spit, presumably onto his hand.

Then he pushed his arm into my upper back to get me to bend over, which I did. Then he slipped his finger into my arse, before removing it, quickly replacing it with his cock.

I felt my hole open up, and his cock slide in, as he moaned and held my hips. Then he just fucked me nice and hard, as he tried to keep quiet.

Then within a couple of minutes, he gave a few extra hard pumps, as he blew his load deep inside me.

Then, as he was tucking his cock away, he whispered "This will be our little secret"

Then he opened the door and left me to pull my own pants I did and quickly left the toilet.

I returned to my wife... looked across and gave him a look. I didn't smile, as he looked at me with a serious look.

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