Just Another Saints & Sinners

A True Story by Hot2TrotLeos314

It's Saturday night and we are off to Saints & Sinners. I'm ready to go but I'm sitting on the couch watching TV as I wait for Vicki to finish dressing. She finally comes into the room wearing black stay-up stockings, black leather thigh-high fuck-me boots, black mesh long gloves, a black corset that…


An orgy to remember

A True Story by Hot2TrotLeos314

Vicki and I were at Debauchery's orgy. We had just arrived and changed into our play costumes, I was naked and Vicki (V) was in her “I'm here to fuck” uniform of black stay-up stockings and thigh high black leather stilletto fuck-me boots. There was very little happening and it crossed our minds that…


Swinging on the Sunshine Coast

A True Story by Hot2TrotLeos314

Vicki and I were at a swingers' party on the Sunshine Coast with about thirty other people. We were laying on a double bed, me naked and Vicki in her “I'm here to fuck” uniform of black stay-up stockings and thigh high black leather stilletto fuck-me boots, only. Vicki was kneeling across the bed sucking…


De sleur doorbreken

A Fantasy by EV1971

"Vind jij nu ook niet dat we eentonig geworden zijn in bed?" Ze kijkt hem vragend aan met een bezorgde blik in haar ogen. "We zijn nu al meer dan 15 jaar bij elkaar en in onze eerste jaren spatten de vonken er vanaf als we sex hadden, maar de afgelopen tijd vind ik het voorspelbaar worden" Hij…



A Fantasy by thehappiest2

The first time is special, and we have to say that it was a wonderful thing to discover that we have chosen "them," our first couple, and in return they have chosen us. Why? Because they are as close to perfect as it gets. This is not said lightly. Since then we have met a few couples who have been…


A Couple at Play

A Fantasy by Treechangers

It was summer time and the couple were looking forward to entertaining near the pool finally, after the many months of winter. Their new friend Sam had just come over, and it looked like she was into skinny dipping. She walked in wearing a tiny pair of bikini bottoms that barely covered her ass cheeks.…


Wederom een reactie op mijn advertentie

A True Story by Enjoys

De titel zegt het al! Dit keer kwam de reactie van een Nederlands stel, woonachtig in Duitsland.. Maakt het wel lastig, aangezien ik zelf geen auto heb en met een geleende auto liever niet al te ver wil rijden.. Maar gelukkig was het stel creatief en kwam met het voorstel dat zij een weekendje weg zouden…


Sailing the Horny Seas

A Fantasy by Treechangers

It had taken weeks of planning and it had payed off, both couples were sailing into a trouble free afternoon. If all went really well, they all knew it would end with an erotic foursome into the evening. The day was glorious, clear blue skies and warm temperatures, with just enough wind to move the sailboat…


The turquoise panties

A True Story by SydneyRob75

*mostly* true, with some artistic licence ;-) I'd been corresponding with Tony for a while. As an avid reader of ‘ Loving Wives’ on an erotica website his stories had turned me on and inspired me; I'd seen we had a lot in common with what we liked and I reckoned there were a lot of similarities…


Een heerlijke nacht met meerdere

A True Story by Enjoys

Een spontaan bericht via de messenger op een site, was het begin van een zeer leuke avond en nacht! Na het zien van mijn foto's werd ik gevraagd die avond langs te komen, om de dame te verwennen.. De dame in kwestie heeft zichzelf het label negersletje opgeplakt.. Na een douche en scheerbeurt, mijn…


Face Fucker

A Fantasy by Treechangers

"I want you to understand that I'm not expecting anything more than this. But if there's something else, you better tell me now. Otherwise, I'll probably end up regretting doing this." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Nothing," she said. "Let's just enjoy tonight. We have plenty of time to talk about…

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My Sexy little Sex Toy

A True Story by NaughtyBoy4132

One day I was contacted by the wife of a couple my wife and I used to swing with. They had split and she had a yearning to see me as I always fucked her to orgasm after orgasm and she needed a decent session. We organised to meet at her place in a few days and I gave her instructions on how to be presented. The…

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5 In a bed

A True Story by Sahzpete

5 in a Bed, We arrived at the house of Belinda and Jon, Belinda ticked us of the guest list at the kitchen bench, they hosted swinger parties every couple of months, they are both in there early sixty’s Belinda is 5 ft 1 in very pretty lady with very large breasts and a curvaceous figure that she…


Walking into a swingers party

A True Story by Imyourbull

I was chatting to a well Known party host years ago… flirting away… Then one night I was away at a bday party and I received a msg saying I should come past, I was like hmmmm maybe and then she said oh are u scared…. Haha so I said maybe.. maybe not… Anyway it was around 12midnight I pulled up I…


Play date the boys are back

A Fantasy by 4evalookin

We start to giggle again and look up at the boys with cheeky grin on both our faces. They smile back at us and her husband asks “good to see you girls are getting on well”. Which just makes us laugh even more. We both stand up and walk over to the boys but I go to her husband and she makes her way…


Play date

A Fantasy by 4evalookin

We were giggling and watching the boys though the small window of the cabin, they had gone outside for a bit of fresh air and get some more drinks from the hotel just up the street. We had decided that while they were gone we would change in to something a bit less vanilla. As we tried on a few of…


Cougar slut wife, she luvs cock and pussy.

A True Story by Magiccock

My wife and I are mid 50s, Pattie is short, long black hair super fit, medium saggy (yummy) tits, which are pierced, shaved pussy and my favourite, her skanky mature arse MMMMM. Pattie loves cock, 3sum, 4sum moremoresum, I now know she luvs pussy. Last week we met Reece and Kayla, who have just moved…


1st full swap swinging with a couple

A True Story by Gckinkfun4all

I had my first taste of having another person join in with my partner way back when I was in my late 20’s but my wife I was with when I started swinging was just new to kinky fun play and desperate to explore all the things she had missed out on when with her ex. I planned a meeting on Sunny coast with…


A married lady with a whore’s desire…

A Fantasy by Funandwild1

Mrs. Gena Grander of Bibra Lake WA (fake name) I was taking a bus to Wollongong NSW,when I saw her sitting alone. I sat across from her and slowly struck up a conversation. I had no intention of trying to fuck her. I just wanted someone to talk to on the long ride. We soon began to talk more in depth…

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Heerlijke vrijpartij

A True Story by somethingnice0

Twee weken geleden nodigde een man me uit om bij hem thuis kennis te maken. Ik wilde eerst niet gaan, maar omdat het me spannend leek, deed ik het toch. Ik heb er geen spijt van, omdat ik me heb uitgeleefd. Hij opende deur en had een badjas aan. Ik vond het een beetje vreemd omdat het in de vooravond…