I Just Thought I Would Share

A True Story

I just had a lovely encounter and I thought I would share with my fellow deviates here on AMM.

I was out early, walking the dog at the local park trying to beat the heat on what is predicted to be a scorcher. The dog likes to search for his ball in the bushes and so there I was standing by the path in a sheltered little shady glen, waiting for him as he rummaged around in the scrub for his ball. The path through the glen is only about 30 or 40 metres long and is a commonly used path by walkers but it is possible to walk across the adjacent grassed are if one preferred. A woman appeared at the head of the path and changed direction to avoid the path and possibly the suspicious looking, possibly (definitely, actually) dirty old man loitering in the glen. She didn’t know at that point that I was waiting for my hound to find his ball but the ball thrower tucked under my arm might have given it away. She seemed to change her mind again possibly as it was broad daylight and there were plenty of people within earshot, she considered it safe enough to proceed down the path past this old guy. Up to this point I had been looking at the dog or the bushes rustling that indicated his frantic search and only perving subtly at this woman out of the corner of my eye. As she drew nearer I shifted my eyes to her. She was a big woman, a Brunhilde type (or even slightly larger) or what I imagine Brunhilde was like from the drawings I have seen done, no doubt wildly by aroused Scandinavian artists over the centuries. Viking stock definitely came into my mind as she approached. She had solid (not huge but solid) shoulders and a big chest and an average but solid butt and legs. Actually her thighs were…well solid and if I was ever lucky enough to lie between her legs I am sure she would crush me with her thighs.

What a way to go, crushed to death by a woman’s thighs like some randy doomed preying mantis. Oh, I suppose it’s not quite the same, as the (bigger) preying mantis chic bites the (smaller) blokes head off doesn’t she in order to get him to orgasm, but you get my drift. Jees, it would want to be a good root as you only get one in your entire lifetime! Can you imagine the look on his face (however briefly) as his eyes bug out from either his orgasm and his pleasure as he feels his huge load exploding out of his penis or perhaps the sensation of his head leaving his shoulders.

But I digress, despite my use possible overuse of the word “solid”, she was fit looking and her brisk pace bore that out. As she approached to within hailing distance of 5 or 6 metres we exchanged good mornings and I quickly looked from her eyes to her chest just to let her know I was looking. I don’t know when the slight smile on her face appeared as I was busy looking at her chest and indeed whether the smile was just accompanying the good morning she had uttered but I don’t think so. I prefer to think that she was rather enjoying the old guy perving at her tits.

She was wearing, cross trainers, shorts and a loose, army coloured olive green singlet top that rendered my eyes excellent access to enjoy the hint of roundness that was the side of her tit as it peeped delightfully out of the singlet top arm pit. Her breasts pushed the front of the singlet top out and forward opening the armpit hole even more and therefore exposing the side of her tit. There was a bra (there must have been, with a chest that big and I would have possibly passed out if everything was wobbling about unrestrained) as I remember a black trim at the singlet arm hole edge, but it wasn’t doing much in the way of obscuring the view but rather struggling to support these Viking melons. I was so tempted to say something like “nice tits” or “my goodness your bra is working hard” or simply “Fwoar!” but all of these were downright dangerous as one doesn’t shit in one’s own nest or dog park in this case. Maybe “thank you” to which she might reply “pardon? what for?” no, too risky. I hesitated, probably wisely in hindsight, said no more and the moment passed. I settled for a blatant observing of her tits in profile as she passed. She could see out the corner of her eye that I rotated my head to track her to look straight at her tits as she passed, looking mostly where she was going but nevertheless with that slight smile on her face. She knew I was looking at her body and her breasts in particular and neither of us cared. This whole encounter only took seconds. In hindsight I think all of the attire was to get the attention of men who pathetically can’t resist perving at scantily clad tits when the situation presents itself.

The dog, oblivious to the goings on, found his ball and pranced back to me with a big smile on his face. After a quick pee on his part we headed back home. On the way home, while thinking about her tits and how I was going to have a mighty wank to the memory of them, a woman came to mind that the buxom Viking wench from the dog park reminded me of.

I had known this woman and (sadly) her husband for some years when I was in my thirties and forties. I never really liked the husband as he was a bit of a dick and full of himself. I am told he was good looking (probably why he was full of himself) but there was nothing to stop the wind whistling through his head from ear to ear. I don’t know why she was with him. To be fair, she was no genius either but she did have big jugs (and so my dick liked her and was drawn to nestling between said jugs) and she was really fit. She flirted with most of the guys in our group openly on different occasions, BBQs, parties etc.

The years passed and one day a mutual friend told me that she had left the dickhead husband and was with another guy now. Months or possibly a year passed again and I ran into her in the shopping centre. I asked how she was going with the latest guy and a brief unconcerned non-committal “ok” was the answer. The conversation ended soon after and we parted and went about our shopping. She showed up at my door about a week later and long story short, after I chanced a quick fondle of her nearest tit at the front door she took me by the tit fondling hand and dragged me into the kitchen, where, after I pulled up her skirt and dragged her knickers off and down to her ankles, I rooted her vigorously up against the kitchen bench. I lifted her one leg up (I remember cradling her big deliciously meaty fit thigh over my arm and how much I wanted to bite and lick it but I was busy at the time) to give myself access to her twat before inserting myself and humping into her, rooting her to a screaming orgasm, hers not mine, although I did empty my balls into my condom with all of the effort I could muster I seem to remember, so I must have been fairly excited as well. She was fit, had big tits and had thighs that would crush you as I imagine the woman at the dog park thighs would have. I am making myself randy as I type this and I so wish she was around so that I could empty my balls into her hot twat again but I will have to settle for my own handjob and blowing into the kitchen sink before I put the kettle on for a cuppa.

Anyway I just thought I would share.