Unintended Hook up in the park

A True Story

As a sales representative many years ago, I regularly stayed near Cotton Tree on the Sunshine Coast QLD.
Often, I would walk to a restaurant for dinner in the evening to stretch my legs.
Well, this time my cock got a workout as well!

The Sun had almost set and as I crossed the road near a park a younger blond girl stumbled in high heel shoes.
She was holding several large fashion bags and was now limping back to the footpath.
I didn't hesitate to assist her, and she responded with a wicked smile and thanked me.

She was having trouble walking even without high heels as she may have twisted her ankle. As it was summer she wore a short skirt and revealing blouse.
As she tumbled again, I caught her and the sight of firm breasts struggling in a lacey bra had my cock on alert.

I suggested we sit in the nearby park and see if she regained balance.

My lady friend now was quite obvious to her predicament and now excitedly told me about her shopping spree at a lingerie shop.
And now in the park she wanted to model them for my benefit!

As it was now dark and partly secluded, she removed her skirt, blouse and bra.
She was a very petite figure and the breasts now released had me hard once again.
She modelled several garments and finally looked at me and said "I need to reward you for helping me"

She removed her panties to reveal a neatly trimmed bush.
Her inner lips were protruding, and she bent over to give me a great view.
Her final garment was crotchless lace panties and matching bra.
As I sat on the park bench, she reached for my trouser fly and released me.
Staring me in the eye she lowered herself on to my now fully engorged cock.
I was speechless but she just said thanks.

So consumed by this girl 10 -15 years my junior I forgot where we were but could hardly believe my luck either.
I groaned as she lifter off my now limp cock.
Now she sat on my trouser leg and proceeded to ''mark'' me with the mixture of our brief encounter!

I offered her a lift home which she gladly accepted.

I gave her my number and said I would like to catch up again some time, but I never did see her again.

True story from 15 years ago.